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Child walks two blocks with bloody face after falling on school bus

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 10-year-old child injured on the ride home from Beam Elementary School Monday, December 16th got off the bus covered in blood while the bus driver, his family says, did nothing.

Marquis Little's family tells FOX6 they are shocked the boy's school bus driver let him walk home two blocks after falling and hitting his forehead.

"I was about to get off the bus and I slipped on some water and then I hit my head hard," said Little. "He just let me off the bus, then blood was dripping on the snow and it kept dripping."

The family says the first aid kit on the bus was never opened.

"The bus driver allowed him to get off the bus with his head all bloody, didn't offer first aid or try to call his mom or make sure he made it home safely," said Little's aunt, Marland Henderson.

Little's family took him to a doctor to be examined. He suffered a deep cut, but doctors said he will be fine. His family, however, is still concerned over what could have been.

"I just hope this doesn't happen to anyone else's child. That if they injure themselves on the bus that they have enough respect and empathy to call their parents to ensure they get home safely," said Henderson. "He could have passed out in the snow and had no idea how severe his injury was."

Corporate headquarters for the Durham Bus Company says if a child is injured on a school bus, the policy dictates the driver should radio dispatch and a supervisor should come to evaluate the situation. In this case, the company says, the driver has been pulled from all routes pending an investigation.

Little's family say they have notified the transportation officials at Milwaukee Public Schools, who are also looking into the situation.


  • Carla

    same thing happened to my friends 6 yr old son.. fell on the bus and he didn’t do anything to help him. He needed staples to close the wound… really ticks me off! The bus driver just dropped him off without even giving him a papertowel to hold his wound.

  • Sharon Devitt

    Suspend the driver? F I R E that driver. Stick ’em in the unemployment line. What else has occurred that was never reported or never caught? I doubt this is the first or only time.

  • Tasha

    My sons ride the a bus from this company and their bus driver has been dropping them off 5 blocks from their stop so that he can get back early

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