Santa visits Frank Elementary School in Kenosha

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Christmas can be a difficult time for some families in southeast Wisconsin, but for four years now, a community effort in Kenosha has helped make the holiday happier for students at Frank Elementary.

500 K-5 students had a chance to visit with Santa and open gifts on Thursday, December 19th.

"Ten to 15 percent of our students are homeless and 95 percent are on free and reduced lunch," explained Heather Connolly, Principal of Frank Elementary.

Parents say watching their children open an early Christmas gift is a very special moment.

"I think it shows the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving and we should be thankful for one another," said Brenda Sheperd.

For adults in the room, believing in Santa becomes more than knowing he exists.

"Believing is believing in something larger than yourself or more than your immediate surroundings," said Sgt. Bill Beth with the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.

The annual gift giveaway is made possible by individual donations as well as partnerships with the YMCA, Sheriff's Department and Kenosha Walgreens stores.

This year, Walgreens donated $3,000 to help purchase gifts.

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  • Larry Grimes

    This is supposed to be a feel good story at Christmas. But, the real story was completely overlooked. 10-15% of Frank elementary school students are homeless is outrageous. This is reporting of the lowest order or the Dept. of Children’s Services is completely dysfunctional.

    It defies credulity that the number (75 students) are homeless. Where do they sleep, bath, change clothes, etc.? In alleys, on steam grates, dumpsters. You have to be kidding. I will be generous to the writer of the article and accept that the statistic is true, but I am asking for a full investigation of DCFS for letting this tragedy to exist.

    Although the article was highlighting a great effort by the sponsors of the Santa and gifts for the children, the callousness of glossing over the homeless aspect of these at-risk children should be the story of 2013 in Wisconsin.

    Fox News should be held accountable for either lazy and sloppy reporting from the writer of the article all the way up to the editors who ok’d the printing of this article, or DCFS for allowing such a condition exist for the smallest and the most powerless in our community.

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