Two arrested for theft of baby formula from Pick ‘n Save

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MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) — Two Racine residents have been arrested in connection to crimes involving the theft of baby formula from a Pick ‘n Save on Green Bay Road in the Village of Mount Pleasant.

According to police, the thefts occurred on Dec. 9th, Dec. 10th, Dec.13th and Dec. 14th at a Pick ‘n Save located at 1202 N. Green Bay Road.

The suspects, identified as 38-year-old Connie Andersen and 43-year-old Joseph Cotton, have been charged with retail theft. Cotton was also charged with bail jumping.

Andersen and Cotton are being held at the Racine County Jail on their related charges in addition to probation violations.


  • sandman54862

    They wanted t feed there child. they are victims of scooters job creation. the worst in the USA. the worse of 63 countries. Walker is forcing people to steel to eat. this will help his billionaire owner fill his prisons.

    • Melanie

      You are delusional. People steal baby formula to cut drugs with. Also, you have some of the worst spelling and grammar I have ever seen.

      • sandman54862

        I am not experienced like you, they cut drugs with liquid. I guess you are delusional. they are not cutting your drink. Such a silly little person officer. All you see in the mirror is evil. This is the real world. People are not all evil. the justice system is extorting millions of good people to help walkers and ALECS prison industry. Is your GOD a DOG too?

    • M1903A3

      t =to, there = their, steel = steal, If your the best MPS produced, Wisconsin needs to take MPS away from Milwaukee

  • Reality check

    There is a huge black market for baby formula. Many who steal it turn around and sell it for a discount. If all moms breastfed this would be a non-issue.

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