Arrest made in shooting death of George Webb employee

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Police Department has arrested the 28-year-old male suspect believed to be responsible for the homicide that happened at a George Webb restaurant early Friday morning, December 20th.

The shooting took place in the 2900 block of N. Oakland Ave. just before 2 a.m. The victim has been identified as 21-year-old Reginald "Reggie" Evans.

According to police, Evans was attempting to remove a group of disorderly customers from the restaurant. The suspect, described as a career criminal and convicted felon, left the restaurant and returned a short time later with a handgun. The suspect shot Evans in the chest then fled from the restaurant. Evans died at the scene.

“Today’s tragedy, it hurt in my heart,” said Curtis Fisher, who used to coach the victim. “I kind of just put my head down, prayed and had some tears.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the crime, in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood, is a shock. Barrett vowed to increase police presence in the area and bring the suspect to justice.

Authorities say the suspect was arrested Friday night in a home on Milwaukee's north side.


  • Mark

    What could this presumably innocent victim possibly have done to deserve a cowardly, senseless, evil execution? A 21 year old man lost his life. For what? Questions only the devil himself can answer.

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Great job liberal judicial system for letting the career criminal and convicted felon back out on the streets!

  • Ed Zachary

    I lay responsibility for this squarely at the feet of the Milwaukee Police Dept. Restaurant employees all over the city know that calling 911 for unruly customers or disturbances is a waste of time. The police will not respond. That’s why the staff had to remove those people themselves. That’s why that thug shot the cook. He was doing something that was properly the job for police officers. I believe Chief Flynn and Mayor Barrett are both good men who sincerely want to do a good job, but the truth is the truth. I’ve heard it from managers of more eateries than I care to count. They will not call the police. MPD will not respond until someone gets killed.

    • Maggie

      Shouldn’t the blame be placed directly on the criminal who shot this man? The police cannot be everywhere, especially in a city where they are kept busy with this kind of thing around the clock. It is a tragic, sad event, but the person who pulled the trigger is to blame, no one else.

      • Ed Zachary

        Yes, the thug who pulled the trigger is to blame. However, I think there’s a shared responsibility here. If the Milwaukee police would respond when initially called for disturbances like this, the restaurant staff would not have felt they had to handle the unruly crowd on their own. Dont we always tell employees, “Call the police. Dont confront criminals”? Well, what if the police don’t show up when you call?

  • YouKnow

    I went to high school this man, and was a good friend. he never did anything wrong to no one. Shot for doing his job, i honestly can say i am ashamed of milwaukee

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