Police say both victims in shoe store shooting are in custody

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a shooting that happened at Uncle Joe's Shoes and Sportswear near Capitol Dr. and Teutonia Ave. Saturday morning, December 21st.

Two men were shot during the incident which took place around 10 a.m. The victims, a 21-year-old and 25-year-old, were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

"All hell is going to break loose, and that's what happened," said Janice Banyard who was in line for the shoes. "There were over 200 people out here for eight pairs of shoes."

Witnesses say around 200 people were waiting in line to buy the new $185 Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneakers when an altercation resulted in shots being fired.

"If you wanted shoes bad enough, you should have came out here and sat all night like the others did," said Banyard. "I just think it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. They should have had a better system out here than that."

Banyard wasn't in the store at the time, but says friends told her people in the back of the line became rowdy and tried to skip ahead.

Police say the incident stemmed from an argument between two groups but would not say whether the shooting was over a certain type of shoes. The on-going investigation revealed that several shots were fired from different guns.

Both victims are in custody on charges related to the incident.

Anyone with information regarding this shooting is asked to call the Milwaukee Police Department non-emergency line at 414-933-4444.


  • Dustin Church

    What shocks me more than the shooting is that people are waiting in line to pay 185 dollars for a pair of shoes…..

  • Neb

    You seem to know alot about some people youv’e never met. The only thing I can tell from the story is that they were all idiots. But you must be some kind of prophet because you know everything, smh.

    • Mark Robles

      Hey Neb, what do YOU know that we don’t?? You can fall for the liberal BS if you want, but people, even blacks, are realizing the truth. Which is that blacks victimize blacks.

  • Francies Wade


  • kendra

    They are the ones got shot… some one shot them because they were ahead of them in line and they wouldnt let them skip… so u need to get some sense

    • Quisha

      I’m sorry , who are u??

      I’m sure they wasn’t the first two in line, why didn’t everyone in the front get shot?

  • tameka

    I dont care how much EDUCATION they have….THEY MADE A POOR DECISION TO WAIT IN LINE @ UNCLE JOES(@ that)….there shoes isn’t even authentic….. Thats a waste of money……ppl gotta do better….they are innocent but they in Jail….girl bye……I hope you teach yur child better since you defending ignorant DECISIONS

  • Quisha

    Thank God this wasn’t a homicide..

    I hope yo baby daddy bought yo baby something for Christmas, while he is out in the cold waiting to pay $180 for some shoes that came out in 1992

  • Renee

    Kendra I dnt know the guys shot and dnt care about their economic or education level. No one deserves to get shot over foolishness. a lot of comments made were very ignorant and insensitive. I hope the young men heal soon from their wounds. Best wishes to u, the guys shot, and their family.

  • Antonio RedickUlust Johnson

    The ones that’s arguing with Kendra are as ignorant as the suspects. How can you get so disrespectful for no reason? All she was doing was trying to explain the REAL story, and to correct those that were misjudging because of an assumption. And when she does, she’s back-lashed because you’re too foolish to admit you’re wrong. You’re ignorant, especially for disrespecting her when she clearly doesn’t like the terms baby mama and baby daddy. Me and my wife refuse to tolerate anyone using those terms when referring to us. People only use those terms when the parents are on bad terms with each other. So you’re saying even if they’re engaged, she’s still “babymama”? That’s not even the correct way of saying it. It’s baby’s mother, child’s mother, a child doesn’t stay a baby for long anyways. It’s very funny how ignorant people will call out on other ignorant people like they’re flawless.

    • Webster

      Antonio’s grammar “Me and” stands out more than his soapbox jive. If you are going to pull rank, be educated enough to pull it off. Dees ‘ol Babymamas ain’t gonna change nuttin’ but they’ll mans anyways.

  • Valencia

    It is a sad state of affairs that two people were hurt. It doesn’t matter what or where it happened. Two people were hurt, because of poor poor judgment. That is all.

  • Peace

    I’m just glad to read that they are ok..to many children have lost their parents over the last month over stupid stuff. Children left hurting and in pain due to the loss of a parent(s). I don’t know you Kendra, but i’m happy everyone in the story is alright, i’m happy your children don’t have to feel that pain. Hold them all close to you..love one another to no end…Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

  • Ms. Neal

    I can’t believe people assume because you wait in line for shoes you are some how uneducated! I don’t like when people assume things. Granted the whole shooting should have never occurred, but don’t assume that people don’t have food at home because they are buying expensive shoes. I am 24 and I OWN a home and have a college degree and my boyfriend and I sometimes wait in line for shoes. We passed on this pair. We do not get any government assistance and all of our bills are paid, who cares what we do with the money we have left over!

  • triplea

    This story is a reminder that blissfully ignorant people make really stupid choices. It would behoove consumers to research the production cost to retail cost ratio prior to waiting in line for a pair of over priced shoes made in china with the name of an overly idolized man’s name stamped on. Even if the shooting was not over shoes, the ignorance started with a conscious decision to wait in line for eight pairs of shoes. According to the story there were 192 people or 384 feet to many on the premises for these shoes, that in itself is a recipe for choas. Dumb folk waiting in the cold for hours together equates to a high probability of something dumb happening, and it did. Now in the future let us get this kind of turnout for promoting authentic African schools that teach a knowledge of self and self worth so that we do not engage in shooting one another over shoes that cost less than a dollar and a half to make. Also shame on MJ for profiting off of your ignorance!

  • triplea

    Please stop using college as a means to negate individual ignorance. College is an assimilation plant, a conformity school for dummies. It should be used only as a formality to dissect the mind of your foe. When one defines themselves by a paper degree, when in reality most of that which is disseminated in college is a fallacy, the outcome is a stupid person with a degree. If college or participating in college was a deterrent of ignorance, than why were college degreed individuals involved in such stupidity? Self respect is not a collegiate course that is taught, it is entirely a result of proper balance between nature and nurture. So please, in order to prevent from sounding psychologically challenged, refrain from exposing one’s pseudo academic credentials in the same statement that you affirm their participation in ignorance in. Because in doing so you validate my point that foolishness is a result of innate ignorance no matter what one’s credentials are.

  • triplea

    Since African people are still assaulting one another over material things named after entertainers, maybe we can bring about a better outcome by insisting that companies sell items named after people who made real contributions. Here are a few ideas, Lewis Lattimer, we will call his shoes the Air Filaments, Marcus Garvey, the Air Revolutionaries, Elijah McCoy’s, the Air Real McCoy’s, or the Dr. Daniel Williams, the Air Open Heart 1’s. Maybe if we named high demand products after relevant contributory persons, maybe the energy behind the purchases would be better. African people have to begin to desire to emulate real contributors to civilization, not ball dunkers, kickers or catchers. This mentality exposes the lack of proper prioritization amongst our people. We are so many light years beyond the emulation of sports figures. What about some Air Mothers or Air Fathers and some Air Respects, lets see how long we wait in line for those shoes!

  • Sneakattack

    This happens because people like the lady they interviewed for the clip, buy the shoes to sell them for a mark up up of at least $100. That lady will not wear the shoes, she just beat other people to the shoes that actually want to wear them. So you go to a store to buy some shoes, someone before gets them instead of you and they’re not even interested in them. Then proceed to give you the middle finger when they make you pay more.

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