Wrong-way driver arrested after crashing on Hoan Bridge

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a Cudahy man early Saturday, December 21st for driving the wrong way on the Hoan Bridge.

Around 2 a.m., deputies were dispatched to the bridge after a call from a construction worker indicated the wrong-way driver had crashed into a wall. When the deputies arrived on the scene, they located a white SUV wedged upon the barrier walls.

Department of Transportation video shows the vehicle that had crashed had entered the freeway southbound in the northbound lanes at Lincoln Memorial Drive. The driver drove the wrong way for approximately 2.3 miles. The DOT plans to release that video.

Edward Deshazer

Edward Deshazer

Officials identify the driver as Edward Deshazer. He apparently refused to take a breath test at the scene, but later tested a .18 on the breathalyzer machine.

Deshazer was cited for DUI-1st and Reckless Endangering Safety, which carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

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  • Terri H

    I bet he won’t spend no more than up to a year in jail if that. Wisconsin need to toughen up with these laws about DUI’s. I think people need to let the state know that we don’t tolerate this any more. This guy was lucky that he didn’t hit anyone head on, this time. Let’s don’t let him get another chance.

    • Barb Wewers

      I agree with you, Terri! It is just ridiculous that so many people are being arrested for their 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even higher DUI offense! They should be arrested, jailed, and kept in jail for at least a year, on their very first conviction, and five years for the second, ten years for the third, and so on. And, those punishments are for those that don’t even crash or hurt anyone!

    • Neb

      Even if he does only get a year, hopefuly it will be enough of a slap in the face for him to stop doing it. If he gets caught again, Double it. And so forth, till we won’t have to deal with him anymore.

  • LeAnn

    This idiot was 2seconds from killing my daughter coming home from work. Book him for a long time so he doesn’t succeed in killing someone.

  • 2blueyes

    There have been a lot of wrong way drivers on the freeways lately. Maybe the redesigned entrance ramps are confusing people aside from them being intoxicated. ???

  • Armani . Chambers . Danbury

    I know this man to and he’s not as innocent as he looks..and the truth of the matter is we all do make mistakes but this one could have been prevented he could have taken some one life or his own he stand before god on Sundays preaching yet u a drunk driver n his job requires him to look after children..and what charity could he have been at that serves that much alcohol

    • Anne

      Apparently he is a higher-up at the school above. He needs to make better choices. Yes we all make mistakes, just not all of them others’ lives in danger.

  • Rachel Eide

    I wonder how his daddy (Rev. James Deshazer) will spin this to his congregation. not the first time this entitled kid has publically humiliated his family. Such a good role model for the students…

  • parent

    I just have to say that I know this man… If u dont know the actual story dont be so quick to judge him.. thats Gods job!! I do not condone drinking and driving however everyone makes mistakes what matters most is that u learn from them and u dont dont make the same mistakes twice…. this is his first dui offense and Im sure itll be his last

    • please

      Please….don’t spin BS like this. We do know the story. He got hammered and didn’t even know he was on the wrong side of the highway for 3 miles.

      I don’t know the kid personally but have mutual friends of his who do all say he is a good kid. People do mistakes, no doubt….hopefully he learns from this. I’m sure he didn’t intend on doing any of it but he did. He could have not only killed someone else, he could have killed himself.

      However, get off your righteous “you don’t know the story” BS regarding a DUI and a guy crashing on the wrong side of the highway. You have to be absolutely hammered to not only get on the wrong side of the interstate but get on the wrong side and DRIVE for 3 miles on a friggin bridge over the lake.


    Do you people realize just how dumb this guy is? I mean geez with all of the news lately about wrong way drivers and this idiot decides to do it anyways.WOW! He didn’t just drtive the wrong way either.He drove drunk and smashed his car as well. And then all of you are so forgiving when this dude is straight up malicious man. Whats a matter with you people? I guess you want him to get a slap on the wrist so we can read about him killing an inocent family A few years
    FROM NOW?????

  • Mike

    Maybe you all should have watched the video before passing your judgements. He was clearly on the right side of the road as you see other vehicles passing him. Still an idiot for driving drunk but not on the wrong side of the road which is what people are bashing him for.

  • karen818

    He is clearly on the correct side of the road… sad how the media just wanted to create a good headline. It also was slippery that evening so honestly this could have happened to anyone. Obviously he shouldn’t have been driving drunk but the headline is completely ridiculous.

  • Mary W.

    I guess now I’m confused after watching the video. He is obviously on the right side of the road because the cars are driving past him. I am very against drunk driving but this video clearly doesn’t align with the story the media is portraying it is. This guy really made a VERY STUPID decision and should be punished but not as what it’s being told as.

  • Adam

    Actually he was driving on the wrong side of the road. The video above and picture above are from after he had crashed. Here is a link to the video of him driving on the wrong side of the road as well as entering the freeway via the off ramp. This man is far from innocent. The fact that people are actually sticking up for him makes me sick to my stomach. Regardless if the news made a mistake or not, which they didn’t…..to stick up for him is almost condoning drunk driving. I hope this man gets jail time and I hope for once Milwaukee will actually do something about this issue since it’s happening far too often.

    Here is the actual video of him driving in the wrong direction before he spun and crashed his car.


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