All animals seized from Pleasant Prairie farm in April have been adopted

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) — Pleasant Prairie police say the last of the animals seized by police this past Spring have been adopted. The horses were seized from a Pleasant Prairie farm back in April due to animal neglect.

23 horses were rescued, and 55 more were found buried in mass graves at the farm.

Now, FOX6 News has learned the last horse — a 20-year-old Pony of the Americas, named Maximus has been adopted.

Maximus required a little training before the adoption so he could assimilate with people and other horses.

He received the training during the last three months at First Class Horse Complex in Bristol at no cost to the Village of Pleasant Prairie.

Maximus was adopted by Dr. Pedro Rivera — a veterinarian, and his wife — owners of The Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Sturtevant.

Maximus will be used to teach veterinarians and chiropractors equine spinal manipulation techniques in classes taught by Dr. Rivera.

Pleasant Prairie police say the 23 horses, along with 20 ducks, eight cats, seven sheep, four chickens, three geese, three goats, three rabbits, one turkey, one peacock and one bull.

All have now been adopted.


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