FOX6’s Contact 6 Year-in-Review 2013

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From hidden cameras to HIPAA complaints, FOX6's Contact 6 did a lot of good in 2013!

It is a new year, and Contact 6 is looking forward to helping more FOX6 viewers this year -- just like Contact 6 did in 2013.

Contact 6 used a hidden camera to find recalled vehicles being sold on car lots, expired food on shelves at grocery stores and stores suspected of buying and then re-selling stolen cell phones.

Contact 6 also tested products to see if they performed as well as their companies claim -- like the $10 self-stirring "RoboStir" -- which worked, but Contact 6 didn't see the need for such a product.

The $20 LightKeeper Pro is meant to find and fix bad Christmas lights -- but Contact 6 found it more frustrating than helpful.

Also -- Contact 6 helped a lot of people get satisfaction from companies not playing nice.

Contact 6 helped Melisa Erickson get about $500 back from a photographer who never showed up for her wedding shoot.

Contact 6 warned FOX6 viewers about a Milwaukee limousine company that cancelled Ann Gallo's nine-year-old daughter's birthday party the day of. After Contact 6's story aired, two different limo companies offered Gallo's family free rides.

Contact 6 helped Irene Hajducki reverse billing charges during a difficult time -- after her brother-in-law passed away and the family was hit with a bill for more than $15,000 for tests that were never taken.

"I was told it was protected under HIPAA -- that they can't give me any information," Hajducki said.

Contact 6 was able to get answers, and the charges were dropped.

Contact 6 helped 91-year-old World War II veteran Martin Gaudian, who spent more than 10 months trying to get a $2,800 refund from a car warranty company, until his daughter had had enough!

"She said we'll get Channel 6 on this right away!" Gaudian said.

Within a couple of days, Gaudian had his full refund.

"I'm just sorry I didn't let you know sooner!" Gaudian said.

Over the year, Contact 6 gets hundreds of complaints. We can't feature every story on TV, but Contact 6 works hard to get everyone cash back.

Contact 6's cash back total for 2013 is more than $165,000.

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  • Eddie Harris

    Dear contact 6 my name is Eddie Harris, my sister died on 12/21/2013 at the time she lived at Garden Terrace assisting living facility. When my wife and I view the building and sat down with Karen the manager, to go over the policy Karen told us about the 60 days notices that had to be done upon moving but fail to speak about in case of death that the family had to give a 30 days notice. Dot went into the hospital in Nov.2013 we paid Dec. rent, cable, and phone in the amount of $825.00. Now the facility don’t want to return the deposit of &775.00, saying that we needed to give them a 30 days notice. We didn’t know she were going to die, the doctors said that she had about 6 to 8 months top. Dot plans’ was to return home until the doctors suggest that she move with me. We paid for a month that she didn’t get to stay. That part we understood, also we moved and cleaned the apartment out with a walk through with Karen before Jan.01/2014. We went back to get more info on the situation but no luck, we also ask other residents if they knew that if they died today that they families would have to give 30 days notice they was shock the manger were standing right there saying that she inform everybody, she lied. That is something that I would have remember, I feel that knowing that we would had look at other options. We pray that you contact 6 can help, if not us maybe other families. Thank- you. The name of the facility is

    Garden Terrace
    10851 W. Donna Dr.
    Milwaukee WI 53224
    Phone ( 414) 434-0148

    I pray that I have the right link if not please forward to that link Katrina G.

    Eddie Harris
    414 861-0840 or 414 350-2483

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