DONATE food items for the second-annual “Defeat Hunger Bowl”

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FRANKLIN (WITI) — Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones has teamed up with Walmart, Sam’s Club and FOX6 for the second annual “Defeat Hunger Bowl.” Now through February 9th, people can donate non-perishable food items at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Wisconsin. All of the food will then be donated to Feeding America food banks.

The giving spirit was strong at the Franklin Walmart store on Saturday, January 11th as the second annual Defeat Hunger Bowl continues.

“There’s still a need to feed hungry people,” Gina Styer with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin said.

Styer says with the holidays behind us, food banks often see a drop in donations — making the Defeat Hunger Bowl essential.

“Our shelves tend to get a little bit bare this time of year,” Styer said.

Bins are available at more than 100 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the state.

“You walk into the store, you pick up a pre-packed bag for you — anywhere from $2 to $4 — pay for it at the register and put it in the Defeat Hunger Bowl bin,” Styler said.

Shoppers can also select their own items to drop in the donation bins.

“Our members are getting used to it. I think our members are giving people, as it is, so they’re gonna wanna be a part of it, so we’re gonna see a lot more participation,” Aaron Marshall with the Franklin Sam’s Club store said.

“It’s feeding people who really need to be fed, who are hungry, who are very down, and the food will help them bring their spirits up,” Garin Griebel with the Franklin Walmart store said.

CLICK HERE to visit the “Defeat Hunger Bowl’s” Facebook page.

CLICK HERE to visit Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s website.


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