Mother faces charges in case involving severe child abuse

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A 28-year-old Milwaukee mother faces seven counts of physical abuse of a child (intentional causation of great bodily harm), one count of child neglect and one count of obstructing/resisting an officer in connection with the alleged severe abuse of her 21-month-old child.

A criminal complaint in the case says that on January 5th, a social worker at Children’s Hospital was notified of a child abuse victim in the emergency room.

The complaint says the child’s condition was critical, and her injuries were indicators of child abuse and blunt force trauma.

Officials spoke with the child’s mother, who said the child in the ER is her only child. The criminal complaint says the child’s mother told officials “she was not a bad mother, and would not hurt her baby.”

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials the child’s father picked the child up on Christmas morning, and the child was dropped off at the child’s mother’s home the following afternoon.

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials the child’s father said the child had fallen, and had gotten rug burn on her forehead and hand.

The complaint says the child’s mother didn’t notice any other injuries to the child.

The complaint says the child was picked up later in the afternoon on December 26th by the child’s father’s cousin.

Around 3:00 p.m. on January 4th, the child’s mother says she was notified by the child’s father’s cousin that the child wasn’t urinating, and the cousin said “she didn’t know what was wrong with her,” according to the complaint.

The child’s mother told officials the child was taken to Children’s Hospital because she wasn’t urinating, according to the complaint.

The complaint says an officer learned that the child had been taken to a clinic on December 28th with the injury to her forehead and hand. Paperwork from that visit indicated hospital personnel were concerned for child abuse and directed the child’s mother to go to Children’s Hospital — but the child was not taken there until January 4th.

That’s when the child’s mother was arrested.

The complaint says officials spoke with the child’s father’s sister, who said she, nor any of her family members had seen the child over the holidays — saying she was unaware any family members had seen the child in about a year.

Another sister of the child’s father told officials she hadn’t seen the child since the child’s first birthday in April. That sister told officials she had offered to take the child if the child’s mother couldn’t deal with her. That sister told officials it seemed as though the child’s mother was keeping the child away from the family for some reason.

The criminal complaint in the case says when officials spoke with the child’s mother, she originally denied having any children — and then admitted to having six other children — all of which had been taken away from her by the Milwaukee Bureau of Child Welfare due to accusations of abuse.

The complaint says the child’s mother admitted to lying to officers — saying she had had sole custody of the child over the past few months — and nobody has had the child over the holidays.

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials the child had burns on her hand and forehead from the radiator heating, had scratches on her chest and leg from scratching herself, had scratches on her back from rubbing up against paint on the wall, and said the child had fallen in her room while the child’s mother was in the kitchen — saying “that must have been how she hurt herself internally.”

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials she didn’t go to Children’s Hospital because her boyfriend’s mother told her the child would be taken away and she would go to jail. The complaint says she then stated that she couldn’t get a ride to the hospital.

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials she knew how serious the injuries were on the outside, but didn’t know how serious the internal injuries were.

The child’s mother told officials she lied to the hospital because she was scared of going to jail, according to the complaint.

The child’s mother had noticed that in the last week of December, the child’s breathing was not normal and the child had stopped eating as well — according to the complaint.

The complaint says the child’s mother admitted she got frustrated and grabbed the child hard. She told officials the child backed into a cigarette and that is how she was burned.

The complaint says the child’s mother admitted to spanking the child, saying that is how the child got bruises on her body. The child’s mother also admitted to grabbing the child all over her body and squeezing her.

The child’s mother further admitted to biting the child, burning the child with cigarettes, punching the child with full force to her body, pushing the child with force against the radiator at close range, busting the child’s head open when she pushed her, pushing the child onto the floor with nails on it where the carpet had been pulled up — and spanking the child when she would get angry — according to the complaint.

The complaint says the child’s mother told officials she asked the child’s father for help, but said she had no help and would get frustrated and take her frustration out on the child.

A doctor found no medical condition that would explain the child’s extensive injuries, saying in the criminal complaint the only explanation is “severe, life-threatening physical abuse and neglect.”


  • Sheila Moyet

    What this article fails to mention is that this animal also has 6 other children who had been taken from her. At least that is what they reported on the news. Nothing but a low life breeder living off the government who should have been fixed a long time ago.

  • Concerned

    The mother should obviously have not had children in her care after the first SIX were taken from her. This is the problem with Milwaukee and Waukesha county social services. They don’t follow up an these “parents” and these parents get WAY too many chances. Hope this child is ok and is taken into a safe home.

    • Brewcitygal

      It’s not always social services giving the parent another chance. Sometimes the parents go into hiding once they know they are expecting another child and make it impossible for social services to find them.

      • Concerned

        True sometimes they do go into hiding. Although there are many instances I’ve seen personally where mothers who have had their children taken away, have babies and keep them when social services very much so know about it and of their where-abouts. It usually takes something terrible to happen for social services to do something. Just speaking from what I’ve seen.

  • Donna

    Yet CPS has NO PROBLEM taking children from mothers who truly love their children unconditionally and have NEVER abused or hurt that child in any way and not only take them but fight and fight and fight to get their parental rights taken away…this is outrageous!

  • Jolene

    Ok I’m sorry this woman didn’t know any better are you kidding me???? My father was EXTREMELY abusive to my whole family until I was 12 and my mom was more afraid to stay then to leave it wouldn’t have taken that long except my dad is from England and always said if she tried to leave he would take me and my 2 brothers back to England and she would never see us again anyway I grew up like that and I have 5 children and 2 stepchildren and would never hurt my kids because I know it was wrong and I know what my childhood was like yes I get angry and frustrated but the worst I do is yell because know better and could never hurt a child and that was how I was raised but I still know better

    • riverme

      I agree with you. If she didn’t know what she was doing why would she hide it from the police. PLEASE I bet someone would say that the person who was stealing formula is poor and not able to afford it. UMMMM stop making excuses for the CRIMINALS because they don’t give a S**T about who they hurt. They are filled with anger and rage. they do things for thrills and I hope they throw the book at this woman. As far as Social Services they cant do anything much except if they witness or have overwhelming evidence. I have been dealing with this and my drug addict sister. They cant do a thing. So its not their fault its the person who causes the abuse fault. You don’t teach people accountability they will just do what they want and blame in on a bad childhood. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  • jennifer

    Are you kidding she didnt know any better ??? Even my 12 year old knows not to burn someone with a cigarette. I just dont understand these people who abuse children how could you hit a child like that. I hope she gets what she deserves. I feel sorry for the kids breaks my heart.

    • Kells

      TRUE! However, SIX KIDS AT THE AGE OF 28 YEARS OLD!!!!!! That alone brings up several reasons for her to be “Red Flagged.” And what happened to the follow up after the first child was removed due to accusations of abuse by the mother? Hence another “red flag,” did the mother make any sort of attempt to fight for her child, display any kind of remorse, compassion, regret, LOVE for her child? Did she show any sort of concern or care enough to make an effort to regain custody of her child? Prove her innocence? Obviously NOT! =grounds for the abuser to also be put into custody (mandatory), along with a mandatory mental health eval. I could go on and on and on….

  • Jessica

    Honestly I could not even read this hole article with out wanting to vomit! How in the world could you do that stuff to your child or ANY child for that matter. This chick needs to be put away and treated the same way she treated her kids. Gosh, what the hell is wrong with people. Those poor babies :(. Breaks my heart.

  • Nana

    I tried to purchase a cuddle toy from the hospital gift shop for this little girl but without her last name was unable to do so :( I don’t want any info about her…I just want to brighten her day a little. Anyone know how I could do so?

    • Kp

      Try to call the hospital social worker, the one in the child advocacy center there. She can’t give info but you might be able to drop it off to her for her to deliver it. Just be as descriptive as possible about who it’s for. As a cps worker myself, I think that is the best way to get ot to her.

      • Nana

        I wonder if she would still be in the hospital? I have not stopped thinking of, and praying for this little girl. I would foster her and/or adopt her in a heartbeat! I keep fearing the mother will get out of jail and get custody of her again.

  • aah and adh

    i was friends with this woman 11 years ago when she lived in wausau. when I read this in the paper at work I threw up in my mouth and had to leave early. just picked up my daughter from school and am hugging her for dear life. PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE CHILDREN

  • D. gruender

    It’s true what you said, but there comes a point when people in these situations need to break the cycle. Staying is school, furthering educating, and BIRTH CONTROL would be a great start

  • Bobbie

    I truly believe that this woman should be taken somewhere and everything she did to her children should be done to every day of her life. whether it is putting a cigarette out on her punching her full force and making sure there are nails on the floor splitting her head open. This women should be fixed. I don’t get this world there are so many wonderful people out there that want children and are unable to have them but then you have someone like this? What is she looking for sympathy for her? Because the father wouldn’t help her? So she says! So lets take it out on someone that can’t defend themselves. I would love to meet this lady in person. I really would

  • Laura

    Poor child, my heart beaks every time I hear stories like this.
    I wish I could afford to adopt every unwanted/abused child.
    I was not blessed with any girls, I have 4 boys… Wish I can
    Console this little angel when she’s going though all this pain.

  • tiara

    Some of these things In here are not true u can’t always believe what the media says. Look on another website they have totally different stories

    • nanajami

      They are true and as a matter of fact..there are even more disturbing details that aren’t even mentioned here. The criminal complaint and charges are public record. This woman needs to be locked up and pay for her cruelty! AND even if only part of it were true, it’s WRONG & inexcusable!!!

  • tiara

    Some of The bruises n things that they say are true like the carpet burn but they jus made up the other things I kno this lady and her kids didn’t get took because of child abuse or neglect she signed them over to their father and four of them are signed over to their auntie the newspaper does not always tell the truth if they don’t have a story they will make one up

    • Becca

      She admitted to abusing and neglecting her child. Face it, your friend is a low life. A child doesn’t end up with life threatening injuries and illness from just “carpet burns”! She deserves to have the same thing done to her.

  • Carrie Buchanan

    Why is there only one source in this story? This is the lowest form of “blame the victim” journalism. No other sources contacted or quoted, just a police complaint that may or may not be true.

  • Shananigan

    It mothers like this that should have cps involvment, cps does need to be able to decide which kids are abused and which are not. They take way too many children , that arent abused.

  • macy peyton

    she should’ve just put her child up for adoption instead of hurting it or she shouldn’t have did what she did to have a baby.

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