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Video released shows customers restrain Corey Stingley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- A tragic incident is caught on video surveillance. Now FOX6 News has the video captured inside a West Allis food mart on the day customers restrained a teenager they say they saw shoplifting. 16-year-old Corey Stingley died after that incident.

The West Allis Police Department released the video on Tuesday, January 14th. It shows Stingley in a teal hoodie in the VJ's Food Mart on December 14, 2012.

A police report points to the time when Stingley is seen putting six small bottles of vodka in his backpack. You see Stingley being confronted by the clerk as he tried to pay for another drink. Stingley is seen reaching for his debit card and then running. In the upper part of the screen -- you see a struggle as three men stop Stingley.

While most of the struggle is out of camera range, police say Stingley punched one customer in the face. That customer said he briefly put Stingley in a choke hold. Stingley ends up going down.

The struggle continues on the lower left of the screen. One customer is seen putting his knee on Stingley's back to restrain him. Police arrived minutes later. Stingley was not breathing and had no pulse. While police and paramedics were able to revive him, the 16-year-old later died.

On Friday, January 10th, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office ended a lengthy investigation. The result -- no charges for the three customers involved. That isn't sitting well with Stingley's father and some community activists who are planning protests this week.

"He's a kid. He's not a 250-pound 35-year-old man. Doing the right thing is calling law enforcement. It's not doing the right thing by putting yourself in the place of law enforcement. That's exactly what these people did," said community activist Michael Wilder.

District Attorney John Chisholm says he would not be able to legally prove who is responsible for Stingley's death. He says there was absolutely no intent to kill the teen.

"Their goal was to intervene and hold him until police arrived. They were restraining him after what was initially a violent encounter. I can't make charges based on popular sentiment. It's got to be based on the facts. It's got to be based on the law and what we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If I apply any other standard, I'm not doing my job. I'm standing by that decision, and accept any criticism that comes along with that," said Chisholm.

On Monday, Corey Stingley's father said this was a crime against humanity. He says there will be a news conference Wednesday.

All three customers who restrained Stingley denied FOX6 News' request for an interview.


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    “While most of the struggle is out of camera range, police say Stingley punched one customer in the face. That customer said he briefly put Stingley in a choke hold. Stingley ends up going down.”

    Sounds like the dude that put him in a choke hold…choked the boy to death. He may have deserved to be jail bait because he did wrong and should have went to jail, but the wannabe cop(s) killed the kid. MARCH ON Mr. Stingly!

    • Lisa French

      Shoplifters do not go to jail. At most, they receive community service. I mean how much are wine coolers worth $8. And who has never attempted to obtain alcohol as a teenager? This is insanity and the grown men who strangled this young man to death should be charged with manslaughter.

      How come people get so angry about a teenage shoplifter but do nothing about the everyday plunder by banksters and corporations. America is a country filled with cowardly, bigoted bullies.

  • Mary

    I agree. THANK YOU Eric, for addressing the ISSUE which is theft. In reference to the other post, the world would be much better if people wouldn’t make EVERYTHING about race… sheesh. Be blessed Sir.

    • cheyenne

      the ISSUE is three grown men restraining and CHOKING AN UNDERAGE CHILD to death. its not their job to restrain him, if there was video footage the police would have found them or someone would have recognized him anyways. this might not be about race, and it might be but thats not the point. at the end of the day being underage and stealing alcohol is something majority of adolescents do. we have west allis teachers, spouses of teachers, and high school laizons doing sexual assault, offering drugs to women on the streets, and having porn but yet, there still out there right? YOU ARE PATHETIC. GOOD LUCK MR. STINGLEY!!!!!

      • HB

        They had every right to restrain him, none of them knew if he had weapons on him or not and he threatened their own safety by throwing punches. Put yourself in their shoes.

        But they should have let the kid get away because so many others have done it and succeeded? Get real.

      • Choctaw Indian

        It’s sad that 13% of our population commits over 50% of violent crimes in the USA. Something is wrong. Unemployment since 2009 for non-whites has increased to over 32%. This fact doesn’t justify stealing. I am from an area where Welfare replaced work and crime has increased greatly. Men need to work. Don’t know why but where males are employed, crime is low. I think pride is lost when men don’t work. I am not white or black so I am speaking from a Choctaw’s point of view.

    • Craze Johnson

      Although I agree with this statement, I think we can all agree that no one thinks Corey should have or deserved to die. I don’t believe this was a race crime though, there’s no evidence that suggest that and the men that made an attempt to restrain him clearly had no intention of harming him. Corey also did swing punches at the men they stated, and if you knew Corey he was a pretty strong kid. Like the DA also said since the men had no intention of hurting him and were just trying to hold him until the police arrived, there should be no charges. This is indeed a sad tragedy and my sincere condolences to the Stingley Family

    • Jeanie Carr

      So Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, you have never committed a crime, never stole anything as a child, ate something in the store you did not pay for? Went over the speed limit? Everybody is a criminal or have committed some type of crime. if that were not so God would not have sent His only Son to die for the sins of the world. You people are demented and crazy!!!

      • Justice

        This person was a *child* by law only. Do not try to justify his actions. as though he had no idea what he was doing. And dont try to bring other crimes into this to help you justify it. This kid commited a crime and got caught. The outcome is most unfortunate. Accidents happen. Bottom line….if he wasnt a THIEF this wouldnt have happened!!

    • Scott

      Technically he didn’t steal anything. He never left the premises with anything. He gave it back at the counter. But even if he actually stole it, that shouldn’t be a death sentence. These “customers” wouldn’t have tackled and choked the kid if he were white. they might have even offered to pay for it for him.

    • kohl

      you are more than right. This kid was committing a crime. They do not deserve to be charged simply because they were trying to restrain him before the police arrived. Maybe he shouldn’t have been COMMITING A CRIME AND NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HEPPENED. CRY ME A RIVER

    • Michael Matthews

      940.23  Reckless injury.
      (1)  First-degree reckless injury.
      (a) Whoever recklessly causes great bodily harm to another human being under circumstances which show utter disregard for human life is guilty of a Class D felony.

    • Karen D.

      A young boy died during the commission of a crime, yes. I don’t think the punishment fit the crime. If, and I hope this never happens, if it were your child would you still think no one should feel sorry for him or her? Or are you just a racist?

    • Miriam

      Hmmm…wow…Blunt Truth…serious name…take it like a man. A criminal. Wow. I shoplifted a bag of Twizzlers from a CVS 40 years ago…glad I didn’t come across the likes of you and your hard core hero types. He was a KID. Lemme guess…you a white man tossin’ that blunt truth around…so your kid…lifts a chocolate bar in a convenience store, and three Black, Spanish…maybe even (ooooohhhhhh) Muslim types choke hold your little Elmer son….kill him dead…whatcha gonna cry…he deserved what his criminal a$$ got? Give me a break…shame on you and your 9 IQ

    • ashley watson

      I refuse to read any of the comments because I know some are just plan ignorant. I really try not to make everything about race but there are a certain group of people that will sympathize with this situation if this child was not a minority. No , he should not have stole or try to steal merchandise . And no the customers shouldn’t have tried to restrain him. Here we go again if the boy was out of control who could blame him; he was a criminal in one minute and became a victim in the next. The customers truly just show a black hood rather than a child. The customers were trying to be cops and probably feed up with certain situations in that neighbor hood . However, that’s the police job not ours to stop someone. I mean really in public and private schools teachers are trained to learn how to restrain a child because If you restrain someone the wrong way this is what happens. Really, jumping over a boy for something less than 30 dollars really. I wish this boy did have a gun maybe he would have the right to stand his ground. The customers should be charged for second degree murder . I am sure that boy was screaming that he could not breath or fight to breath and they refuse to get off. I don’t even want to watch the video.

  • .

    Well it’s the kids fault shouldn’t be buying alcohol to begin with you are underage and you are stealing. There shouldn’t be a conference he stole, and bought alcohol and just think if he would of got away and the kid could drive he could of killed someone on the roads if he would of got away and started drinking. Sorry the kid had to die but it’s there fault for doing two wrong things and plus punching a customer.

  • i too was 16

    A child died over an act of petty foolishness. Many 16 year old boys have done things in the past that they now regret. Now, because this one act of nonsense that was completed, he deserves to die because it was a crime? Get over yourself. He wasn’t a thug, He wasn’t a piece of shyt. He was a child who did something stupid. Stop judging what he did and judge your harsh and f’ed up attitudes.

  • John Derango

    These guys are heroes and should be given an award. If you don’t want to be restrained with the possibility of death, don’t commit a crime. One less criminal running the streets.

      • just saying

        Correst use of that word is spelled “They’re” murderers. It is a contration of They Are.
        Your use implies owenership, i.e. their house, their shirt.


        This was not a murder. There was no intent by the three customers to murder the boy. They were just holding him until the police arrived. I live in this neighborhood. The store owner is a kind, friendly man. The residents of this neighborhood are hard working people. The boy stole, then tried to flee. Should the customers just have let him run out of the store? No. This is a sad story, I feel for the boy’s family. My question is-did this boy have any outstanding medical issues? Was he ill, have a chronic illiness? Seems strange that he couldn’t come out ok after the incident.

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    The men who restained the punk did what we should all do. It is too bad the punk died. Milwaukee is going to hell in a handbasket because of those like Mr. Stingle and the ones who support him.

    • ponie

      Your ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! Milwaukee is declining FAST…..however that
      Doesn’t stop people from Suburbia from coming here to buy dope n hoes! And when one of “those people” get hurt its not THEIR fault in the eyes people LIKE U!!!!

    • just saying

      After catching my typo above it should have been spelled Correct. My bad.

      But again, I believe you ment to write “You’re a racist”. It is ALSO a contraction of You Are.

      Your version also implies ownership, i.e. your house, your shirt, etc.

  • I was 16 too and Never Stole Shi...

    Stopping theft is the community’s duty! If you’re gonna rip someone off you better be willing to pay the price. This isn’t some kid stealing a pack of gum. He wanted to drink like an adult and he was treated as such.

  • Karen M.

    Some of you people are mean and heartless. You have dark, demented, cold and evil souls. A TEENAGER stealing beer does not deserve to be choked to death. Many people make mistakes and do silly things as teenagers and even young adults. Most live to learn from their mistakes and share with others. God forbid something like this would ever happen to a child that belonged to judgemental people like you . Oh, “your children were, are, or will be perfect.”

      • Scott

        It wasn’t bottles of vodka. The writer of this story got it wrong. This was a food mart that doesn’t see hard liquor nor wine. If it was anything it was coolers made by a vodka company. Even though, in security, you haven’t “stolen” anything until you go pass the doorway. That shows you had no intention of paying for it. When he attempted to leave he had nothing that belonged to the store. So why did these people take it upon themselves to play Police officer? You don’t kill, or even as a by stander, restrain someone like that. Did the store clerk ask for their help? Did he inlist them to be vigilanties? I doubt it. The ones that killed this kid are the real thugs. Honestly I wasn’t surprised when they said that there would be no charges filed. That’s racist Milwaukee area for you. Not everyone is racist but the ones in the position to stop these from happening most certainly are. If you haven’t had to walk in the shoes of those that it’s leveled against, you might not recognize it as being racist but that doesn’t make it any less racist. I can’t walk down the street most days without being stopped and asked where I’m going or where did I just come from. Since when did it get to be probable cause here to walk down the street. I can just imagine what kind of thug I would be called in these post if something happend to me for walking down the street in my block which happens to be a mostly white neighborhood.

  • Karen M.

    This is about race. If this child was NOT black, if he was white, the comments would read differently. For those of you who say this is not about race, you are lying out loud. You only make things worst by perpetuating racial injustices.

  • Tim Tha Cheeze Krygiel

    I think the only reason his pop is making a big deal out of this is because he wants some money from a law suit… You never heard to much from him during the investigation, only now after the fact. Its the same old story parent trying to make a buck off their kid.

  • Crazy world

    District Attorney John Chisholm is correct!

    “It’s got to be based on the facts. It’s got to be based on the law and what we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If I apply any other standard, I’m not doing my job.”

    FACTS are what matter! If Mr. Stingley wants charges pressed against the men, HE has the burden of proving these men killed his son on purpose, but from what i and everyone else can see from the video and what we have read, it was young Cory that took it to far. HE was the thief, HE is the one that threw a punch and the man had every RIGHT to protect himself and they had a right as citizens to help this store clerk in need. I’m not happy the young man is dead, i think it’s horrible, but Mr. Stingley will also lose in his federal battle as well, he has NO proof the men did anything wrong. If not for young Cory stealing and trying to hit people, he would not have been in this situation.

  • ponie

    I know what a Good Kid is, I have 3!!! 3 outstanding young men raised in The Core of the city….they were Very Good Kids but they weren’t PERFECT…..Nobodys kids are, this was not a reason to use EXCESSIVE force and MURDER this young man for something that DID NOT BELONG TO THEM!!!!!

  • Jack

    One less criminal on the street. I’m sure this was not the first time he stole something but I’m certain it’s the last.

    • Scott

      But he wasn’t armed. He wasn’t driving. He didn’t leave the store with it. What he did do was die because 3 fat grown men killed him over someone elses cheap merchandise.

  • Mike Johnson

    and also no one is saying this kid deserved to die for what he did. if the “customers” intention was to kill this kid then charges should be filed but that was not the case, therefore there is and will be no charges filed. it was the kids act of foolishness that started the chain of events of occurred that day. there was no negligence on the customers behalf as the law states you can defend yourself and also gives citizens power to act in the event of a crime when law enforcement is not present. all laws were followed in this case… well except for the kid who was stealing from the store

    • Scott

      It doesn’t have to be intentional homicide. Have you ever heard of manslaughter. Involuntary Manslaughter? But Nothing is a slap in the face to all.

  • Jeanie Carr

    The world would be better if people would call a spade a spade. Y’all acting like he was committing armed robbery. I watched an episode on What would You Do? There was an African American boy(actor) fidgeting with a bike. The police were called 6 times in 15 minutes several onlookers tried to stop the actor. but when a White women admitted she was trying to steal the bike several White men tried to help her steal the bike. it is not about making things about race, IT IS ABOUT RACE!!!!!!!! Look the episode up on youtube. Be informed people. White men are intimidated by Black men period,

    • Edward Thomson

      Yes, white people are intimidated by black men because the first thing they do when mugging someone or confronted is pull a gun and shoot. They have no regard for human life and people are sick of it. Watch the news any morning you wish. All you ever see is another story on a thug shooting and killing either another thug or an innocent person during a robbery.

    • Scott

      I saw that episode. Now here is a true one for you. After coming out of a dance club on Farwell and North ave (which is no longer there) I caught a white guy in the act of stealing my new bicycle that I had purchased only 2 weeks prior. He had cut the chain and was riding away. I caught up to him on foot and began to try to remove him from my bike. This became futile when 2 or 3 passersby began to fight me while the thief got back on the bike and started to ride away. They ignored my telling them that that is my bike not his. In seconds a Patrol car pulled up and they threw me to the hood of the car. I explained to them that the guy is stealing MY bike. If you just stop him and check the registration you will see that it is mine. I was ignored by them as well. They ran a check for warrents on me and found none. I continued to express my desire to file a report for the theft of my bike to which I was told ” if you say it again we will give you a citation for wanting to file a false report” I continued because I know I am not filing a false report so even if they were going to I felt that I would win that in court. So they wrote me a ticket saying that the chinese star on my necklace was a conceald weapon and confiscated my necklace. I went to court on that ticket. When they brought oiut the “evidence” the chain that the medallion was attached to was missing to enhance their theory of weapon. I showed them the metal loop that the chain was through ( they weren’t smart enought to get rid of that too) and proved to the judge that it was being worn and was not in my pocket as the cops claimed. That ticket was thrown out but I was still out of a new bike and a days pay to go to court.

  • Jeanie Carr

    Besides that a child died over some Vodka, whoever choked him knew that he was killing him because the CHILD’S body language would show it! and don’t think for one minute your White kids are not shoplifting they just don’t get watched or caught because they are WHITE!!!!!

  • non-biased

    Everyone is being very biased toward the man who restrained Cory, which is understandable considering he ended up dying as a result, and obviously no one wants to hear that a teenager died over some liquor. I am deeply sorry for the family who lost their son, and I know it’s not an easy thing to deal with, but you can’t let it control your anger. what you need to think about is what would have happened if Cory had gotten away with the liquor? (ever see spider man?) I’m not saying that he would have killed someone, but he easily could of especially with 6 bottles of vodka (I wonder how much the 6 bottles cost?). I think what we need to learn is that you shouldn’t steal,(1st grade lesson right there) and go take CPR classes, because as much as i would have advocated to restrain Cory, I still think it’s a huge issue that no one even attempted CPR or any other kind of life saving maneuver after it was obvious he was unconscious. I don’t believe the restrainer should be convicted, but he should have to at least take a CPR class. Too many people are over reacting about this particular case; 1) because he’s a teenager, and 2) because he’s black, idk what his ethnic background is, so I don’t say “African American”, I can just see that he has darker skin. so i guess for that reason some people think he deserves more attention, because he’s different. (calling it as i see it here) Wasn’t that the whole point behind MLK’s speeches and protests; to bring equality to different races and religions so we can all share a society in peace and happiness without the need to segregate. Equality isn’t always a good thing, it just means you will be treated like anyone else regardless of your appearance, no more, no less. we all have a bill of rights that are given to every single citizen within United States of America. If you think our “Rights” aren’t fair, move to North Korea, Russia, or China, or India, or Africa, or Cuba, etc. and you will realize your “Rights” are more of a joke compared to the people of the US. Nothing is perfect and never will be. pretty soon this will all be a distant memory. let time run its course and our fates will be met, nothing more can be done.
    And please I welcome well educated, and non-biased responses.
    if your reply is very uneducated and very biased, you should expect to be replied to as such.

    • Corey's family

      I can appreciate someone with a sensible comment whether I agree or not. Both of Corey’s parents are very well educated and live their lives by the rule of God. They did teach all of their children right from wrong. I know Corey’s father and the type of man he is. Had He found out Corey had stolen anything from that store he would have marched him right back down thee made him return the items and made apologize to the owner and take away privileges as punishment. Let’s not be naive no matter what our parents teach us there comes a point where they start making decisions based their own needs and wants regardless of what they’ve been taught. You can go to any college campus in America and find underage drinking and I bet their parents told them that was wrong but kids do it anyway. Would it be ok for something similar to happen to them? My point is that adults are held to a higher standard and should exercise more restraint in situations like this. They could have easily restrained him without choking the life out of him.

      • joan

        Maybe people are just sick and tired of blacks stealing, murdering, etc. Of course whites do it too but not to the extent blacks do. Show me a nice black neighborhood. Go ahead, find ONE out there. They are all crapholes. Look at the entire city of Detroit. You people have a rep and people like Corey live up to it. Change yourselves and incidents like this won’t happen. People are simply fed up, and it’s going to continue and get worse. People are starting to fighting back against black criminals, get ready. it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Paul Congo Faber

    honestly they should have let him leave with the police on the way and maybe follow him on their cell phone they, escalated the situation and a boy paid for a soda with his life, if i had done that(the restraining) i would have been arrested and charged with something till they could add more charges later(like unintentional manslaughter)… a person backed into a corner fights 9 times outta 10 weather on the good side or bad, grab me im fighting i dont care who or what the situation, it is a threat to my life and i will fight to survive. they attacked the boy assault on a minor, they had no right to attack him then he attempted to defend himself and was overpowered in a manner that resulted in his death, they overstepped their bounds…… if an officer/s did the same thing to the child i would say the same except its their job but if the results were the same then i’d say the officer/s crossed the line and should still be held accountable. a crime was committed 2 men attacked and killed a boy not an adult man and should be prosecuted did they intend to i dont know does a drunk driver intend on crashing no but if they do they have committed a crime weather they are over the limit or not, intent is not the issue they didnt accidentally restrain the boy, it seems pretty clear to me and the video shows enough i would find them both guilty the guy that started behind the counter really wasn’t involved in the “restraining” but may have instigated it yes they will feel pride or shame for the rest of their lives and for their souls sake i hope it is shame … this life’s loss was preventable and avoidable and the 2 “restrainers” caused the boys death both are responsible both acted, if he didnt shoplift it never would have happened yes …. but he still could have walked out of the store alive if not for those mens actions plain and simple

      • Corey's family

        Paul it’s interesting that you mention the missing 8 minutes, what you don’t see is the first West Allis police officer arriving on the scene and placing Corey’s lifeless body in handcuffs before checking his vitals. It took other officers and fire and paramedics arriving a substantial amount of time later to get him breathing again, but by then the damage was done. He was brain dead by the time he got to the hospital.

  • Brittany

    some on the comments on here are so mean. I bet this are parents of bullying children. what if it was one of your kids would you still feel the same? I bet not. all kids do dumb stuff as did we as kids. he didnt deserve this. I hope there is justice. these people shouldnt have been policing the situation.

  • J.S.

    1st of all, all of you that say “most kids steal”.. if you truly believe that you are as much a part of the problem because you DON’T TEACH YOUR KIDS RIGHT FROM WRONG!!! This would never have been my kid because he has been raised better than that. If you want to blame anyone, blame the parents of this kid for not having the decency to raise their children better than to shoplift. I would hope, that no matter what the circumstances that as PEOPLE we would be able to help each other. Which is exactly what the three men that restrained him were trying to do.. trying to HELP THE STORE OWNER! Sure, it’s a tragedy this kid died. It’s also lucky for these three men who restrained the kid that the kid didn’t have a gun. After all, he’s clearly a thief, how far off would getting a gun be? A child died, sad but true. Three men tried to assist a store keeper by catching a VIOLENT THIEF and holding him for police. Every one of you saying they shouldn’t do that would be PRAYING for someone to catch this kid in 3 years after he’s broken into your house and run off with your possessions. “oh if only someone would have seen him and held him for the police!!”. It’s not a race issue, the only people making it an issue about race are the racists themselves. Moral of the story.. RAISE YOUR KIDS UP TO BE BETTER THAN THUGS AND THIEVES!

  • Jos

    If you actually watch the video closely, which I doubt majority of you did, he stole “Smirnoff Ice” not actual bottles of VODKA. While this does not excuse theft, it shows that this was nothing more than a petty crime. Those men stronger arm that child like he was an armed robber, which was unnecessary. Black life means nothing in Wisconsin! If this was a white boy and 3 black men subdued him, these comments would be different! I’m so sick of racists hiding behind keyboards

    • Crazy world

      Lets be honest, black life don’t mean much to black people either. They are killing eachother in the streets over very stupid things like money, women, gangs and drugs.

      • Corey's family

        Hmmm, I guess those were black kids taking guns to school and slaughtering their classmates in various incidents all over the country??? IMO we can go back and forth about these types of things and at the root of the issue are boundaries and accountability regardless of intent. If you can’t be sure you’re not going choke someone to death while being a good Samaritan than maybe you should take a different approach.

      • This is wrong in so many ways!

        Look Crazy World, it is apparent you watch too much television and believe how the media portrays black people. Based on your and others’ ignorant comments, you do not have any African American friends or associates. I am confident you and many others commenting work hard to make sure that IF you have to see black people, it is only on television.

  • Edward Thomson

    The point is, this would not have happened if he would not have been stealing, would not have started running, and didn’t start fighting. He brought it on himself and I do not believe any of these guys meant to do ANYTHING except restrain him. Watch the news any morning you wish. All you ever see is another story on a thug shooting and killing either another thug or an innocent person for 5 dollars.

    • Scott

      I see your quick to use the word “thug” and I see this happen so often. But when you get a white kid that goes into a school in New mexico or Connecticut the word thug is never mentioned. You want to use word like “sick and mental” you are a 2 faced hypocrite. When you steal cable or the next time someone gives you too much change or when you lie on your taxes you should be choked by 3 big fat men till you die. you POS. He threw the punch because someone grabbed him. touch me and you’ll get the same. I bet those 3 “concerned citizens” would have pissed their pants had it been a grown man that could defend himself.

  • orville

    Well the crime in Milwaukee is overwhelming and out of controll so why is it that some one does a crime and gets cought and paid the price but somebody thinks its not good so then we have to load up are prisions with parasites and keep paying for them again and again to get out in 10 years just to have him do it again .If you are going to play that game then be ready to accept the outcome

    • Michael Matthews

      940.235  Strangulation and suffocation.
      (1) Whoever intentionally impedes the normal breathing or circulation of blood by applying pressure on the throat or neck or by blocking the nose or mouth of another person is guilty of a Class H felony.
      (2) Whoever violates sub. (1) is guilty of a Class G felony if the actor has a previous conviction under this section or a previous conviction for a violent crime, as defined in s. 939.632 (1) (e) 1.
      History: 2007 a. 127.

  • PJ

    When I worked in retail, it wasn’t a theft until the person and the product were out of the store. I was surprised to see in the tape that the clerk was searching the backpack, which must mean that Corey Stingley gave it willingly, more or less, and then the boy grabbed his debit card and tried to make a run for it. I don’t think he deserved to die; however, I also don’t think we should jump to the conclusion that it was a “lynching.”

  • Sammie

    I went to school with Corey as far as him being a thug or a punk Corey was far from it he was in track, football and had good grades everyone loved him he always there to give someone advice or listen to them. So as far as yahll who call him a thug or a punk prey wasn’t even ghetto at all cause he’s black he’s a thug? I’m white so what if I was in his spot that makes me a thug? Or a punk no it makes u human if we weren’t human we wouldn’t make mistakes ya it’s wrong to steal but so is killing RIP COREY STINGLEY WE LOVE YA AND JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.!

  • Corey's family

    I’m one of Corey’s relatives and none of us are saying that he did not deserve to be punished for attempting to shoplift, but when did shoplifting become punishable by death. Any grown man, either in horse play or competition, knows what it feels like when someone gives up or is no longer resisting you. I have no doubt that none of these men woke up that morning and thought today is the day I’m going to choke the life out of someone. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by asphyxiation. He didn’t choke himself to death! If the police had choked a suspect to death the situation would be looked at differently. This was a perfect storm of what could go wrong did go wrong. By your comments is it ok now for any security guard or any other citizen to choke someone to death for shoplifting, so long as they can prove that they didn’t wake up in the morning looking for someone to strangle? Where’s the accountability? So what’s next a death sentence for littering or jaywalking? If this were one of your teenage relatives or loved ones I bet you’d want things to turn out differently. And I can hear you now saying none of them would do anything like that (shoplifting). Get your head out of your rear end and think, did the punishment fit the crime!

    • Kelly Accola-Sager

      He should not have died PERIOD! This is very disturbing as my son knows of him from school.My heart goes out to his family. The people who did this to him for a few bottles of alcohol are the ones who need to be punished. 3 people to restrain a 16 yr old boy? I would rather have my things stolen then see a young boy die, The owner of the store should pay for this and everyone else who touched this boy. I will never go into this type of a ghetto store. To the people who think a young boys life is worth a few bottles of alcohol – – YOU ARE ALL SICK!

    • joan

      Corey’s Family is correct. How dare white men put their hands on a black boy. That is NEVER supposed to happen. Don’t you know every black person is INNOCENT of EVERYTHING. EVER! RIP Corey.

    • betty roberts

      Nice that there is a thief in family and it is not anyone’s fault for holding him..he was probably on drugs and that’s what made him steal and pass out and pass away..sorry for your loss…maybe a little parental care would have prevented this..where is the parent by the way and how is their life????

      • SayWhat

        Betty, how can one person make so many ignorant comments? I’ll pray for you and people like you. The world is the way it is because of hate filled racists like you.

    • Alphabet_Soup

      The accountability lies directly with the criminal here. He chose to break the law. He chose to violently resist detainment. He is quite literally the architect of his own destruction. Accept this and move on.

    • Tom

      Look at what happened to the cops in Fullerton who killed Kelly Thomas, he hadn’t even committed a crime! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, if he hadn’t been committing a crime he’d still be alive, let that be a lesson to the rest of you.

  • just saying

    Well, you also don’t see the Milwaukee County D.A. prosecuting all the “parents” who roll over and smother their children claiming “co-sleeping”.
    I believe there were about 13 of those in 2013. 13!

    Where were these community activists when that happened on an almost monthly basis.

    If the Milwaukee County D.A. didn’t pursue those cases, why he/she pursue this one?

    • Corey's family

      The DA should peruse this case because you can restrain someone without choking the life out of them. As adults we are held to a higher standard and must know our limits and when we are taking things too far.

  • Corey's family

    You’re right this shouldn’t be about race but more about accountability. Have you ever heard of accidental death or involuntary manslaughter Why couldn’t three men restrain him without putting him in a choke hold where there was the possibility of severe harm coming to him or anyone else. Sorry Mary but you seem to be taking a simple minded approach and view of this situation.

  • jakem

    You wouldn’t throw a punch if 4 people jumped on you it doesn’t look like he would have gotten out of there anyways why not just keep him inside instead of ever one jumping onto him and trying to be a hero

  • Shynita

    If someone is stealing it’s for the police to handle!!! He was a kid who made a stupid decision… Some of you people on hear act like he deserved to die!!! That man should have never put his hands put him!

  • HB

    I had a confrontation with this kid in the past and he was pompous and had the attitude that he could do what he wanted without any consequence; far from the sugar and gum drops others are making him out to be… He played with fire and got burned.

  • Yaya

    This is very sad news… I feel like those men over reacted and caused this young man to lose his life… Although it’s very easy to say that this wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t a thief– there was a fine line that those men crossed. Those men were not being threatened with a weapon, they didn’t have a gun pointed to their head. Violence clearly was not the answer to resolving this young mans poor decision.. Sad because in the end he lost his life.. Those men should be charged with something though. If not heavy charges, at least some kind of charge.

  • BRinMilwaukee

    I hope none of the people who restrained the THIEF have any psychological damage from the experience. It certainly was nobody’s intent to kill the THIEF… just restrain him. People act like it was an execution, instead of an accident. I think there’s a level of acceptance of thievery in the black community that needs to be addressed. I’m an Obama-loving Democrat, and the only thought I had when reading this story: I’m glad there’s one less THIEF in the world.

    • SayWhat

      To all you psychics who seem to know that the 3 large, grown men who murdered a child had “no intent” to kill him, i say BS! There are vigilantes everywhere waiting for an opportunity to teach someone a lesson. Judging by many comments here obviosly IT IS ABOUT RACE – IT WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT RACE. Take a minute and review American history…racism in America…hate crimes. The rampant ignorance and denial is sickening.

  • Jessica Amber

    Hey Mike you are obviously an idiot. Every kid I have ever known has stolen something at some point in their life. Most learn their lesson when they get arrested and get a ticket…not when vigilantes take the law into their own hands. I guess cause you are white that your kids never did anything wrong.

  • Marq Pointer

    Mike your obviously white. I don’t care about it being a race thing but don’t try to sound all high and mighty and brush this off. No matter what a kid died for a mistake that the majority of us have made as a child. Stop making it a race matter and don’t try to downplay it because you think it’s ridiculous. My heart goes out to Corey Stinglys family and I wish them the best.

  • Concerned Citizen of this World

    People absolutely disgust me.
    I also know that the unintelligent hard-headed monsters
    that believe this boy deserved death have no interest in
    my opinion, or anyone else’s but their own, because the
    world must revolve around them. So I am going to simply
    just ask that someone please post information about the
    protests, and how someone can be a part of it.



    • betty roberts

      They can do this because he is a thief..who knows if he had weapon and who cares..who wants to find out..take him down and he was probably on drugs and that’s why he died

      • stop judging

        Betty how is he a thief if he didn’t leave the store with anything? You have to take the merchandise out of the store to be a thief. You seem pretty judgmental. I hope when you meet your maker you have the answers as to why you committed all the sins you committed and let’s not forget no sin is worse than the other. Just make sure to keep that in mind. Oh and fyi my mother was a great mother, but one of my sisters just wanted to act out no matter what was done or the punishment that was given. She stole, lied, and cheated and put my mother through hell sometimes kids just do stupid stuff. Thank God she grew up and is nothing how she was as a teenager. As you can see he wasn’t a thug he did very well in school and sports he just had a moment where he didn’t think every thing through and now he can’t make up for that mistake Why? because he was killed!

  • betty roberts

    I so agree..they always killing people on north side…let em go…I am far far away from that and would never want to be in that neighborhood and feel sorry for people that are innocent there

  • Brian

    I don’t care who’s at fault. Vigilante justice should not be tolerated, no matter what race either party is, as long as there is no immediate danger to anyone around. These men were trying to be heroes when a hero wasn’t warranted and he wasn’t violent until they were.

    Not defending the kid. I’m just afraid of the slippery slope that we’d be running towards if we allow citizens to enforce the law.

    That’s the real issue here.

  • kohl

    I also guarantee that if these men didn’t end up stopping him, and just standing there that people would be asking right now “Why didn’t they try to stop him” Ever think of it that way?? If he was living hed have tickets for multiple reasons….no one would feel bad for him than. Now would they?? He knew he did something wrong obviously if he snatched his card and tried to run out.LOL! Also no one was trying to murder him, more like trying to help out. HELLO PEOPLE!not like they knew he was going to be in the store.

    • Corey Washington

      There was no need to restrain Corey. They had him on tape. They could have put it on the news and he would have been picked up at home or turned himself in. Clearly, many people in that area knew him.

  • Taylor Pav

    I cannot believe my eyes to see how cold hearted some of you people are. And the worst part is most of you are adults! If your child (who you thought you raised to be the sweetest angel) stole something petty and got killed by not only one but THREE grown men who know their own strength, I guarantee you would fight until justice was served for your kid. Put yourself in Corey’s parents shoes. The reason the world is a dark place is because of looney toons like you! God doesn’t measure sin by how big or little. All sin is equal, and we ALL sin. Get off of your high horses and quit making assumptions, unless you KNOW he was on drugs and you KNOW he was a trouble maker, then keep your opinions to yourselves.

  • Chrissy Brennan Ewerdt

    “District Attorney John Chisholm says he would not be able to legally prove who is responsible for Stingley’s death. He says there was absolutely no intent to kill the teen.”

    I’m sorry, Mr. Chisholm, but people aren’t judged by our intentions, they are judged for our actions.

    Can drunk drivers that inadvertently and unwittingly commit manslaughter while driving impaired use the “it wasn’t my intention” defense?

  • RealisticTaxpayingGrownup

    Everyone keeps saying that three grown men choked and killed a 16 year old kid. Let’s get this straight. That 16 year old kid was stealing alcohol. Two crimes there. Stealing and a minor in posession of alcohol. So now the family is going to turn this criminal into a wronged young man. They will say that he was a model student, he always went to church and that he was a joy to the community. I have heard this before and I am just about fed up with listening to the bollox.

    If his parents were doing their job and parenting, this 16 year old kid would not have been stealing in the first place.

    And so what if three grown men restrained and choked him to death.. One less future prisoner for all I care. If we keep pretending that these 16 year old criminals are just kids, then we are dooming ourselves with cleaning up their messes in the future.

    Good ridance to bad rubbish. And thanks to the three heros for taking it out.

    • This is wrong in so many ways!

      Well, Realistic …NOT SO MUCH! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Many people for centuries as teens commited petty theft as a joke, game, and being immature. They also grew up to regret those dumb mistakes and became hardworking, realistic, taxpaying, productive citizens.

      The young man did not deserve to die. The crime of stealing beer does not weigh the same as the crime of taking a human life.

  • GG

    The last I heard, shoplifting is not punishable by death. This is a case of three over-zealous, grown men jumping one boy and suffocating him, plain and simple.

  • Just_A_Thought

    Let’s look at this from a different angle, he walks out of there with all 6 bottles undetected, goes home, goes to a party, gets drunk, decides to drive, and kill a dad, mom, and their kids in a drunk driving accident. This is a perfectly plausible scenario that happens frequently, and I have had the misfortune to try and resuscitate someone because of this exact scenario. What would his family say then I wonder? Truth is, this little thug wanna be was doing something illegal, and unfortunately he paid for it with his life. Cry all you want, but maybe the good lord was looking out for that family so that they didn’t die because of a no good thug wanna-be.

  • Ryan

    These two crimes are not mutually exclusive. Stingley is responsible for his theft. The men who suffocated Stingley are responsible for his death. All parties were wrong. End of story.

  • SN

    I am white and believe that no charges were filed because he is black! How many people have accidentally committed a murder or done something that they didn’t intend to do and get time?….ALOT those men need to be held accountable for killing him point blank period. Have any of them even tried to apologize to the family? Where is their sense of remorse? I wouldn’t restrain a shoplifter unless he hurt someone badly. He got caught stealing yes it’s wrong, but how many of you as teenagers stole things or did things that were out of character for you? I can bet probably every single one of you did. These parents lost a child and I know personally I would die trying to get my child justice if he was murdered!

  • Choctaw Indian

    It’s sad the young man died;however, he started the series of events by stealing. When you break the law you never know what will happen. I am guessing if he had purchased the merchandise, this wouldn’t have happened. As a non-white living in a white community, I have never been harmed, but then again I don’t break the law. Praying for the family.

  • This is wrong in so many ways!

    Three men, all bigger than Corey, had NO BUSINESS triple teaming him. Who doesn’t know that putting a lightweight teenager in a continuous tight choke hold while three MEN sit on his chest and legs would’nt kill him? Idiots, monsters, murders!!! MANSLAUGHTER at minimum for ALL three dummies. Problem is that they did not care if they killed that child. If he had been a white male or female, those guys would not have used excessive force. Probably would not have even gotten involved.

  • This is wrong in so many ways!

    @Choctaw Indian, where are your sources of reference? “Choctaw’s opinion” is wrong and has no documented facts to back it up. Really?!?! WOW.

    • This is wrong in so many ways!

      @Choctaw Indian, I apologize for responding inappropriately to your comments. I am so bothered by the situation and outrageous and insensitive comments that I misread the point of your comments. I now understand what message you were relaying. However, I still believe any data that shows African Americans commit 50% of violent crimes is skewed. African Americans do not commit an unportionate amount of crimes, the truth is that others, in particular, white people are given a full pass or a slap on the wrist, reduced charges/sentences, and most times not even considered to have commited crimes, especially violent crimes.

      Anyway, Corey was just being a knucklehead kid …nothing related to being a violent criminal and did not deserve to die at the hands of self-made superheros.

    • Michael Matthews

      The second-degree reckless homicide statute requires both the creation of an objectively unreasonable and substantial risk of human death or great bodily harm and the actor’s subjective awareness of that risk. The circuit court’s refusal to instruct the jury about the effect of a parent’s sincere belief in prayer treatment for their child on the subjective awareness element of second-degree reckless homicide, did not undermine the parents’ ability to defend themselves. The second-degree reckless homicide statute does not require that the actor be subjectively aware that his or her conduct is a cause of the death of his or her child. The statute and the jury instructions require only that the actor be subjectively aware that his or her conduct created the unreasonable and substantial risk of death or great bodily harm. State v. Neumann, 2013 WI 58, ___ Wis. 2d ___, ___ N.W.2d ___, 11-1044.

  • Michael Matthews

    Elements of the Offense

    Three elements must be satisfied in order for someone to be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter:

    Someone was killed as a result of act by the defendant.
    The act either was inherently dangerous to others or done with reckless disregard for human life.
    The defendant knew or should have known his or her conduct was a threat to the lives of others.

    Charges of involuntary manslaughter often come in the wake of a deadly car crash caused by a motorist under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. While the motorist never intended to kill anyone, his or her negligence in operating a car while impaired is enough to meet the requirements of the charge.

    Activities that are entirely legal can also result in involuntary manslaughter charges when carried out irresponsibly or recklessly. For example, if the operator of a dangerous carnival ride recklessly fails to ensure that all passengers are strapped in and people die as a result, a prosecutor may decide to bring involuntary manslaughter charges against the operator.
    – See more at:

  • rakasha

    Choctaw Indian. That is actually 6.5% of our population that commits 60% of violent crime. Also makes up 25% of our serial killers, commits almost half the rapes annually, including 30,000 rapes against caucasian women. Most of the robberies and represents the highest numbers of alcohol and drug overdoses by FAR of any group. Incest, both intentional and unintentional are also MASSIVELY over represented. Trust me, just go to NewNationNews,, for the straight facts. You are in the right Choctaw Indian, the internet is rapidly spreading racial realism. We are seeing the knockout game. The Knoxville horror, the whicitaw massacre, the christmas burning of jonathan foster, the horrors of South Africa. It is all rapidly coming to a head.

  • cw

    The crime against humanity is the fecundity of the black underclass. If the first thing your progeny is going to do is steal and commit assault, well darwin will rule the day. Go to stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot and learn the truth about america today.

  • Kelly Brown

    Wow, white people will use any opportunity the get to play a hero. It doesn’t matter if they have to murder somebody. They knew they were suffocating that boy, thats not restraining. Of course there are no charges. They’re white. We all know white people dont go to jail for killing black people.

  • Mike m

    Have any of you ever stole anything as a child and gotten scared when caught? I guess not because by your logic you would be dead right now ic you had. He was a child doing what some children do- misbehave.. That destves death?

  • mina

    This country is going to HELL. 16 year olds are children. It has been scientifically proven that a childs brain is not fully developed at 16. HE WAS A CHILD. Those who so easily dismiss him are the same ones who sit on the front row in church on Sunday. Whether or not the men Meant to kill him or not, apparently excessive force was used. They will have to live with that. This child wasn’t killing anyone, hadn’t hurt anyone, it was something”MATERIAL” that he allegedly stole. It can be replaced, his life can’t. This is tragic, sad and even more pathetic based on some of the comments here.

  • crazyworld

    Wow… cold world with cold comments smfh! … i own a clothing store ..and if a shop lifting occur I can’t apprehend a suspect until he leaves the store with the items .. This is clearly murder .. no gun no weapons unarmed! … so u can’t kill regardless

  • Bill

    Corey was this way at highschool, he picked on kids and one day I defended a kid from being thrown into lockers and he threw a punch at me. I took him down and he got suspended, which I believe he did this when he was suspended

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