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Corey Stingley’s father, others speak on decision for no charges

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A group led by Corey Stingley's father, Craig Stingley on Wednesday evening, January 15th spoke out on a decision made by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to file no charges in connection with the death of Corey Stingley.

Stingley died following an incident inside VJ's Food Mart in West Allis that occurred on December 14th, 2012.

Surveillance video taken inside VJ's was released on Tuesday, January 14th. That video shows three VJ's customers restrain Stingley after they say they saw him shoplifting.

A police report points to the time when Stingley is seen in the video putting six small bottles of vodka in his backpack. The surveillance video shows Stingley being confronted by the clerk as he tried to pay for an energy drink. Stingley is seen reaching for his debit card and then running. In the upper part of the screen — you see a struggle as three men stop Stingley.

While most of the struggle is out of camera range, police say Stingley punched one customer in the face. That customer said he briefly put Stingley in a choke hold. Stingley ends up going down.

The struggle continues on the lower left of the screen. One customer is seen putting his knee on Stingley’s back to restrain him. Police arrived minutes later, Stingley was not breathing and had no pulse. While police and paramedics were able to revive him, the 16-year-old later died.

On Friday, January 10th, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office ended a lengthy investigation. The result — no charges for the three customers involved.

District Attorney John Chisholm says he would not be able to legally prove who is responsible for Stingley’s death. He says there was absolutely no intent to kill the teen.

“Their goal was to intervene and hold him until police arrived. They were restraining him after what was initially a violent encounter. I can’t make charges based on popular sentiment. It’s got to be based on the facts. It’s got to be based on the law and what we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If I apply any other standard, I’m not doing my job. I’m standing by that decision, and accept any criticism that comes along with that,” said Chisholm.

On Monday, Corey Stingley’s father said this was a crime against humanity -- and on Wednesday, Stingley's father and other community activists hosted a press conference at the Center Street Library on W. Fond du Lac Ave. to speak out on Chisholm's decision.

"My son was brutally murdered. This wasn't restraint. This was murder," Craig Stingley said Wednesday.

Stingley's father says Stingley was actually trying to return merchandise at the store prior to the altercation.

"These men plotted to do something, and as a result, a young person's life is gone," Craig Stingley said.

During the event on Wednesday, Craig Stingley showed pictures of his son taken while in the hospital -- and said he believes his son was violently choked to death.

On Friday, a demonstration is planned outside of the District Attorney's Office on W. State Street.

"I stand here today and say we have not been represented," Stingley said Wednesday.

One group protesting says it is appalled that the District Attorney decided not to charge the three men, saying: "These men are not Good Samaritans. These men were a self-appointed out of control posse that killed a black boy."

Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen is also questioning the decision not to charge -- saying: "This is a pressing issue for race relations in Milwaukee County. West Allis has a growing population of color, and they are concerned that this sort of action is condoned by local authorities."

The Milwaukee branch of the NAACP released this statement Wednesday:

"The NAACP Milwaukee Branch is greatly troubled by the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Corey Stingley. While no one condones the kind of wrongdoing that he was alleged to have been engaged in, the actions of the three men who restrained Mr. Stingley resulting in his death, should be thoroughly examined. We grieve for and with his family and fully support their efforts seeking a civil or federal review of the circumstances that resulted in the most fundamental violation of civil rights – the loss of life.

When a person loses his life at the hands of others, it would seem that a “chargeable” offence has occurred. If the District Attorney has determined that the traditional charge of manslaughter is not warranted under the circumstances, we believe that some other charge, under the facts as we understand them might nonetheless be appropriate. The family (and community) deserves to be satisfied that the investigation gave full consideration not only to the question of intent, but also to issues of criminal negligence and reckless disregard for life.

The NAACP has had a long history of opposing vigilantism – taking the law into one’s own hands, for obvious reasons. Former National NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous recently cautioned (in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin death) how Stand Your Ground and other similar laws license vigilantism, adding that this should be a matter of grave concern to every enlightened citizen. It is one thing to act as a “Good Samaritan.” It is another to take a life. The stand that should be taken should be one of alerting the community that vigilantism can be a slippery slope and that vigilante justice must never be applauded or condoned."

Craig Stingley has said he is asking for an investigation by the United States Department of Justice.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • Steve Loveless

    Maybe if Mr. stingley wasn’t breaking the law he would still be alive! How about putting his parents in jail for not teaching their child right from wrong!

    • .

      According to them, he was a “good kid” My deff of a good kid must be wrong?! Good kids don’t steal, they don’t punch people that are trying to stop him from running out the door after he stole and if i’m not mistaken…good kids know right from wrong?

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      He wasn’t “killed”, he died. It is sad and tragic that he died but those who were restraining him did not want him dead, just to restrain him for a crime he is committing. When Whites shoot assaulting blacks, they don’t want to kill them, they want to stop them from hurting/maiming/killing. Blacks think this a game as in the Polar Bear Hunting/Beat Whitey Night/ Knockout Game.

      Sometimes black die because of their violence. It is sad and tragic, but understandable. We all wish they would stop, but they don’t seem to be able to do so on their own.

    • Honest Guy

      Perhaps if you were not such a violent out of control criminal race you would not be “profiled’ so much? Ever occured to you, SISTA?

    • Angela H.

      Lt grey. If you cause someone to die you kill them.
      Lt Grey and honest guy he wasn’t being violent and blacks are not anymore violent than any other race.

      Finally who said I was black. Why do I have to be black to think this was wrong?

  • Dani Rivera

    It amazes me that when someone is killed, others are in such a hurry to play the race card. Unfortunately, a majority of the minorities are the ones out there committing the crimes! Although this child, in his parents eyes is a good kid, obviously behind their back, he clearly is not! I agree with the post above, had he not been trying to steal, he would be alive today!! I do feel so sorry for the parents due to the pain they are suffering in losing their child. I also feel for those involved in this incidence. I am sure they are sorry that this happened in this fashion, but they were only trying to stop a crime in progress. May this young man RIP.

  • Jassi

    Blacks sure love protecting their image at any cost. I wonder if they understand that the entire world only pretends to have sympathy for the black criminal class simply because we wold rather avoid a fight and jail time.

    Start raising your kids better and start taking responsibility for your actions. Nobody cares, nor should they care, about the death of a violent criminal.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I don’t think this has anything to do with “protecting their image.” It’s all about money: the thug lottery. The kid was useless in life, and they are trying to obtain some value from him post-mortem. For that to happen, it would sure help if there were some person in authority that wasn’t just laughing hysterically in this failed father’s face, pointing a finger at him and calling him crazy.

      Luckily, he hasn’t found one yet.

      • Kris

        Throw hate and ignorance out in the wind, watch what evil attracts to you. That kind of hate and negativity loves the likes of people like you.

        Evil loves to lavish evil on the one who projects it.

        Good luck with that buddy.
        Your life has to be in shambles.

  • Miguel Rivera

    “The NAACP has had a long history of opposing vigilantism – taking the law into one’s own hands, for obvious reasons.”

    The “obvious reasons” are that Blacks commit an extremely disproportionate amount of crime in the US, and the NAACP cares more about protecting Black criminals than about enforcing the law or working towards a safer society.

    Of course, detaining someone you just witnessed commit a robbery is not “vigilantism”. There’s no indication these individuals went out that day with the intent of capturing criminals. They just happened to witness the crime and did what any reasonable person would do — help the store owner protect their property and livelihood.

    In the eyes of the NAACP, someone out committing crime is a poor little, innocent child and impinging their ability to steal in any way is a “crime against humanity”. The hapless bystanders who happened to be present during the robbery have now become blood thirsty vigilantes.

  • Richard Ault

    He was trying to return something? I didn’t see that in the video. Im waiting to hear that the video is edited and he did nothing wrong. Its unfortunate that this happened, but clearly you can see him fighting with the people trying to restrain him. He did this to himself. He was 16 shouldn’t have even been touching alcohol, but hes a good kid, right? The Caucasians mustve planted the alcohol on a black good kid, right? So when do parents take responsibility for what their kids do?

  • Mark Robles

    It’s easier to just point fingers and blame the world for your misfortune rather than to be honest with yourselves and admit wrong doing. I am sick of the race card being thrown around like a get out of jail free card whenever blacks are caught committing a crime. But it is ironic how those same voices are suddenly quiet whenever there is a shooting on the north side, which by the way, are done by other blacks. How many young black men have been shot by one of their own and these hypocrite voices remain silent!

    • Kris

      Boy I hope if you have kids they never step out of line and get murdered for it.
      But God forbid that ever happen to your loved one, Im sure you will still have the same ignorant, callous attitude right?

  • TJay Bernhardt

    I am so sick of these parents saying that their kids aren’t doing anything wrong. Even when they have them on tape stealing something. And than they have to come out and say this is a race issue. To the father if your kid wasn’t trying to steal something he would still be alive. So if you would teach your kid right from wrong he would still be alive. Instead of being a racist yourself just keep your mouth shut. I am just so fed up with this kind of behavior from parents with kids that want to act like thugs.

  • Denise

    When is Sharpton & Jackson showing up? If you ask me he got what he deserved. So sick of the black population screaming the race card. He got what he deserved! We need to speak up and keep speaking up. So tired of the race card!

    • Kris

      Published studies show that people with Conservative ideologies tend to have prejudices and low IQ’s.
      Denise you sure validate the studies findings.
      Have a great day!

  • Fred Patterson

    It’s unfortunate that the teen lost his life, but the fact is that he was caught engaging in a criminal act. If he had not been stealing, he would still be alive and have nothing to worry about. Sorry, but the race card is simply not applicable to a situation such as this. It rarely if ever is and we all know it. The black community has been zealously “crying wolf” with claims of racism for so long now that those said claims have finally become meaningless. Do they not understand that no one cares anymore? Do they not realize just how much the whole PC façade has crumbled and cracked? Mau-mauing doesn’t work on anyone who possesses the gift of rational thought. Dear God how I pity them.

    • Angela H.

      Right and let’s start killing people who jay walk their criminals for breaking the law. How about we kill all those teenagers that shoplift from the mall. Those criminals need to be punished. You know what while were at it let’s kill those law breaking criminals who run redlights, don’t stop at stop signs and go faster than the speed limit on the highways. Kill them all right. As long as they broke the law we can kill them right. Listen to yourselves. The fact is a 16 year old boy died for no reason. Running away because you don’t want to get caught for shop lifting is not a reason to be killed. He didn’t try to hurt anyone and wasn’t threatening anyone with violence. Should he have been shoplifting NO. Should have have been killed for shoplifting NO. The racism part comes in when you believe that a person should be punished for shoplifting but not for killing a person who wasn’t threatening them nor anybody else.

  • Kim

    Shame on the dad for even believing this was a race issue. Get over yourself. You are the reason racism exists. Knock it off. It’s an unfortunate circumstance for everyone involved. Not just your son. Stop playing the victim card. I do pray for healing for you though, even though the race card is annoying.

  • Hank

    Typical black blaming whites. When is the black community going to realize the entire reason they live in the conditions they do is OTHER BLACKS. The whites have given, and continue to give, the blacks EVERYTHING they ask for. Section 8 housing, EBT, grants for education, affirmitive action, political seats, BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars in grants for “community projects” the list goes on and on. They were even given multiple cities to run. Cities that were well established with a great economy. What do they do? They elect more corrupt blacks, bankrupt the city, ask the whites to bail them out after saying it was the whites fault. How? Because the whites left? Can you blame a white for not wanting to be knocked out, robbed, raped, or stoled from? Can you? THE WHITES HAVE GIVEN THE BLACKS EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ASKED FOR AND MORE.it is time the blacks realize the truth. The truth is it is your own race that is opressing you. The black on black crime rate FAR EXCEEDS anything the whites have done to the black race EVER. Grow up.

    • Tolololol

      It makes me sick to my stomach knowing I share this city with people like you. I feel sorry for you. You have such a closed mind. And you’re going to grow old and die a miserable miserable human being. Maybe you “whites” who are “so superior” over every race in milwaukee should recognize who really has the upper hand here. Who’s running your country for gods sake?! An African American man. Haha. Open your eyes. Oh and by the way white people use 69% of the governments benefits. Nice try.

  • Unchained

    America in 2014 is utterly racist.

    The racism is unmitigated, brutal and never spoken of.

    Look up these victims of Ameerican racism, if you have the guts.

    Jonathan Foster (you will weep)
    Evelyn Norell
    Layla Malone
    Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton
    Jennifer Kocsis

    • renegade

      every time something happens to a black person the first thing played is the race card and mostly thats nothing but BS.All you freeloaders try to get something for nothing by using the race card.wise up get a jod,oh wait! you might have to get off the couch.sorry i mentioned it.

    • Wednesday

      Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom
      Antonio Santiago
      Nancy & Bob Strait
      Anna Laura Fowler
      Zelma Cutler
      Dorothy Gudger
      Rosaline Lee
      Delbert Belton…

      You want to talk racism? really?

      For the record, I’m not posting this for all the white readers who haven’t woken up from the racism racket yet.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I think Jonathan Foster is a kid that I will never completely stop weeping for. Killed on Christmas Eve, this 12-year old was tortured to death with a blowtorch. The evil savage who killed him wasn’t charged with a hate crime- because the racism in our society, especially in Texas, where the crime happened– is so pervasive.

      Some of the others I am not familiar with, but I get your drift. It’s shameful, but true: when you read a story about a hate crime, either it’s called a hate crime but it’s just a hoax, or it’s censored drastically so you can’t tell it’s a hate crime unless you know the racist newspeak code words.

  • Disagree

    I think the criticism is a bit harsh but agree with the race card. Everyone has options. If the father‘s disagrees with the DA’s decision, how about suing the DA? How about suing the individuals involved for wrongful death? But that’s not free….

  • renegade

    cry me a river,the little crook was stealing.Lets hope it sends a msg to other kids.I have no sympathy for anyone,black, white or rainbow colored when it comes to cime,which is exactly what he was doing.The father can whine all he wants,the kid learned from him so whos fault is it.maybe the cops should look in to him for bad parenting policies.

    • Danielle Walter

      Check out the father’s record on CCAP. He owes money from multiple judgments against him, a whole page of eye-opening reading. He is no angel.


    Black people have a long history of being victimized for trying to return property. Remember how Bernard Goetz gunned down four innocent black youths who were soliciting for charity on a subway? If you look closely at the video, you can see young Corey, a mere 12 year old like Trayvon Martin, was actually performing a “rap” when a mob stalked and lynched him. He was another aspiring rapper trying to make something of himself, that was his real crime.

  • Unchained

    Angela H
    Tell me if these people deserved to die:

    Jonathan Foster
    Evelyn Norell
    Layla Malone
    Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton
    Jennifer Kocsis

    As for the the crook killed while committing a crime? Stingley died as a result of his criminal behavior. He was not a good kid, not misdirected, not going to be a future asset to society.

    He did it to himself.

    No tears for the guilty.

    And wow! What an indictment your link is. Artificially constructed reality versus the five dead I listed. And thousands more I could list, never discussed by anyone, never acknowledged, simply ignored by you.

    You want thing to be outraged ? Check these out.
    Jamie Vester
    Robbie Gibson
    Marilyn Erb
    Kelley Erb
    Christina Eilaman (the police are your friends)

    Tell me what you think, Angela. This is actually real, not the construct of a director and tv show that demonstrates what people still know to be true, as to who you should not trust. You look at that clip and are outraged?

    Tell me what you think about Jonathan Foster, Evelyn Norell, Layla Malone, Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton, Jennifer Kocsis.

    What do you think should happen to their killers?

    • Angela H.

      Their killers deserve to be put on trial just like the killers of this young man. It’s not a about race don’t you get it it’s about right and wrong and frankly I don’t see us putting the death penalty on the table when somebody is tried for shoplifting. This boy was not violent in anyway. Video shows that when he was caught the owner looked through his bag the boy didn’t do anything. When the owner found the bottle this young man grab his ATM card and tried to run out the door. He didn’t use violence he didn’t threaten to shoot anyone. Whether these men intended to or not they killed someone. Not in self defense either. In this country I believe the law is if you kill someone without intent it’s still manslaughter. Do you think it would be ok for Jonathan Fosters killer to say I killed him because he was stealing? I’m always outraged whenever people are killed for no reason regardless of color. This boy didn’t do anything to warrant someone taking his life. He did not pose a threat to anyone nor did he even attempt to harm anyone. He didn’t strangle himself. He didn’t cut off his own air supply or blood flow to his brain. He was wrongly killed and his killers need to at the very very least stand trail. Like Jonathan Fosters’, Robbie Gibson’s, and the other peoples killers are.

      Also Richard Trenton chase! Jeffery Dahmer, Albert fish, Dennis Rader, Ted Bunddy just to name a few. Trust me I know who I need to be afraid of.

  • Stupid Flanders

    So this is racist but ‘The Knockout Game’ – which is almost always groups of black youths attacking unsuspecting and defenseless white adults (who haven’t committed a crime) – is not racist. Got it. Thank you for the hope and change, mister Obama.

    • Angela H.

      That’s President Obama first of all. He’s earned that title twice now. Secondly where did you here anybody saying that the Knock out game was acceptable. No one said it was ok to randomly go around punching anybody. So what does it that even have to do with this. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You want to be outraged by the knockout game but not the killing of a boy. You want change should take a look in the mirror. You should disregard the race of the victims and be outraged by both. That’s the only way things are going to change.

  • Todd Karutz

    I cannot believe some peoples comments. While the kid should not have been shoplifting,he didn’t deserve to die.The color of his skin has nothing to do with it. I guarantee you half the people commenting have “white” children who have shoplifted before.To imply that he deserved this is absolutely ridiculous. They say he was briefly choked but obviously there’s more to it than that. You don’t lose consciousness and die from being briefly choked. Peoples reaction should be that of sadness and sympathy yet half of the people commenting believe he some how deserved this? I’m not saying they intended to kill him but they obviously used excessive force

  • Paul H (PH)

    Why does the father have to make it out like the white guys were out to get his son? Like they went into the gas station that day and expected to lynch someone….. I mean come on? I agree with the DA there is NO way you can prove the guys intentionally set out to harm the boy……

  • Tracy

    All you people are assuming and evil! How can you say he deserved it? If you have never done anything wrong ever you are lying to yourself and everyone else! I knew him personally and he was a typical misguided teenager, but was also a great friend, a 4.0 student, and an amazing athlete! The anger you people have is the reason this is going in the direction its going. The men who did this have been quoted saying racist comments, I wonder if that will ever come out? Would it be ok if it was a white kid stealing and 3 Black men attacked and choke him out? Bottom line is no one has the right to take the law into their own hands. He was leaving without any stolen merchandise! If they wanted to do the right thing, then they should have called the police and / or followed him. If you were attacked by 3 grown men are you telling me you would not throw a punch and try to get away. The store manager knew Corey as he lived a few blocks away. ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS the horrible things you all have said about Corey and his Family. My heart breaks for all of them! If it was one of your family members that stole, or made a bad decision you are ok with them “accidentally” getting killed! As a parent you can only do so much, you cannot be there every second. I don’t believe any of you have the right to judge until you air out your own dirty laundry! Do you believe someone who gets behind the wheel after drinking plans on hitting and killing someone, NO but they are still punished for it. This is the same with or without race being an issue! Craig and his family are amazing people! When his son was in the hospital dying he was there counseling the numerous friends of Corey’s and helping them to not be angry with what had happend. As his son lied there dieing Craig was there for his friends. Let go of all the hate! A 16 year old was killed!!!!!!! IT IS NOT OK, so they did not intend to kill him, but still should be punished by the law.

    • Angela H.

      Tracy I’m sorry for loss. You should be healing instead of reading these ignorant comments people are making. Deep down they all know this was wrong and denying it only bitters their own souls and makes the feel better about their own sad lives. Don’t let them rile you up. Racist people need to be racist because in their minds it makes them feel superior to somebody else. If they have that then they can say well my life is bad but at least I’m better than xyz. So don’t even waste your time on these ignorant people expressing the insecurities about their own lives.

  • Richard Ault

    I make racist comments all the time. My step dad is african american and we have an excellent relationship. Then again ive been told that im racist against everyone. So i probably shouldnt be involved in anything, the comments i made may get used against me.

  • Angela H.

    Their killers deserve to be put on trial just like the killers of this young man. It’s not a about race don’t you get it it’s about right and wrong and frankly I don’t see us putting the death penalty on the table when somebody is tried for shoplifting. This boy was not violent in anyway. Video shows that when he was caught the owner looked through his bag the boy didn’t do anything. When the owner found the bottle this young man grab his ATM card and tried to run out the door. He didn’t use violence he didn’t threaten to shoot anyone. Whether these men intended to or not they killed someone. Not in self defense either. In this country I believe the law is if you kill someone without intent it’s still manslaughter. Do you think it would be ok for Jonathan Fosters killer to say I killed him because he was stealing? I’m always outraged whenever people are killed for no reason regardless of color. This boy didn’t do anything to warrant someone taking his life. He did not pose a threat to anyone nor did he even attempt to harm anyone. He didn’t strangle himself. He didn’t cut off his own air supply or blood flow to his brain. He was wrongly killed and his killers need to at the very very least stand trail. Like Jonathan Fosters’, Robbie Gibson’s, and the other peoples killers are.

    Also Richard Trenton Chase, Jeffery Dahmer, Albert Fish, Dennis Rader, Ted Bundy. Trust me I know who I should be afraid of.

  • Hank

    Hey tolololo…nice name.
    Obviously you are not educated enough to realize that the real numbers, not the numbers you blacks always default to, are readily available.
    Let me save you some valuable time and spell it out for you in terms hopefully even someone of your IQ may understand…
    It’s simple math. There are 38.8% of the white population that are on some sort of welfare and 39.8% of blacks that are on some sort of welfare.
    Here is the really tricky, hard to understand part so you may need to sit down. In America, the white population comprises approximately 77.9%. The black population comprises approximately 12.2%.
    Now, I will leave the rest of this simple arithmetic for you do solve. You obviously are delusional to who is really running this country. The president has not had control of this country in a long, long time. Nor would i want this one to have control. The limited control he does have has gotten us trillions upon trillions more in debt. You need to get a real education.You may want to start with a publishing by Rushton & Jensen (2005).
    You are typical of a black trying to skew the numbers. You are so off base that there simply isn’t enough time to take you by the hand and show you what is clearly right infront of your face. You just don’t want to see it. Nice try indeed.

  • Miguel Rivera

    “The color of his skin has nothing to do with it.”

    “It’s not a about race don’t you get it it’s about right and wrong”

    The deceased boy’s father explicitly invoked race and made this a racial issue at the press conference. The individuals posting here are merely reacting to the family’s use of the “race card”.

    “Bottom line is no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.”

    Tracy, American jurisprudence has long recognized that (1) citizen’s arrests are legal, (2) retailers have a right to detain shoplifters, and (3) individuals have a broad right to protect their property and their life.

    Why is it that you’re so deeply troubled by individuals who lawfully protect their property, but you don’t seem to be troubled by the fact that this teenage boy was out committing crimes? Why do you heap scorn on individuals who were trying to stop a crime in progress, but you don’t seem to hold any judgment for the parents, peers, and community members who clearly failed to provide this young man any kind of moral compass?

  • Tracy

    Thanks Angela, I appreciate your intelligent comments but there are so many hateful, ignorant people out there! Miguel, race is always an issue and how can it not be when a 16 year black child was killed by 3 grown white males. I would expect the same if the tables were turned. It has been over a year his family and friends have been trying to make sense of the situation. I know it is wrong to steal and he did as well! As I can guarantee his parents explained over and over how wrong it was to steal. I am sure his parents wish they were tougher on him or keep going back in their heads of what they could have done different. I “heap scorn” on individuals who go too far! He returned the items and was scared so he ran out of the store. 3 men went after him; he did not attack them he was just trying to get away. If you were tackled by 3 men you would throw a punch as well. The one man said he put him in a “brief” choke hold, the bruises on his neck do not show brief. When his body went limp which it had to as he was unconscious that would be a sign to stop. The autopsy proved his death was a homicide! That’s all there is to it, no other explanation is needed. Those men weren’t trained to take down “criminals” so when they decided to do it, they should also take the consequences of their own actions. He was not leaving the store with any merchandise, the owner has cameras, he would have been caught by the police, people who are trained and authorized to handle these situations. How do we explain this to our children? My son and his friends (900+) students at Corey’s high school, that it is ok; Corey was killed because he was stealing? It is not ok; the DA said they can’t say beyond a reasonable doubt, he also said there was no intent. Fine, Corey’s family was not looking for Murder charges, but for them to be held accountable for going too far causing the death of his son. Over a year later and there has been nothing done, you would be desperate for some sort of Justice as well. The boy that was killed by the parking structure falling by Summerfest was not intentionally killed but a life was still lost and a jury will decide blame and it will be very costly. What do you expect his father to do, give up, when they won’t charge these men with anything, the next step is Civil or Federal. They need to be held responsible to a certain extent. In the end it doesn’t matter how much I explain or others argue their points. It is a sad horrible situation and I wish he could have survived and been able to play football his Senior year (he was a great running back), and be graduating high school in the spring with his class, RIP Corey, I hope your family can find peace, you will always be remembered!

  • Kris

    Wow I moved from West Allis back in 2008.
    Glad to be out of there, I cant believe how the city has declined. So many racist and bigots with single digit IQ’s.
    Good riddance to that hell hole.

  • jamal jenkum

    Oh well, he was resisting a lawful citizens arrest after committing a felony and he tied. Tough luck. I’m surprised he even knew who his daddy was.

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