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88-year-old man walks into wife’s hospital room and shoots her

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(CNN) — An 88-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder after shooting his wife in the chest at a Nevada hospital, authorities said.

William Dresser was being held on $225,000 bail and has been put on suicide watch.

He allegedly walked into his wife’s hospital room in the rehabilitation ward at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center on Sunday and opened fire, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting occurred Sunday with a recently-purchased small caliber semi-automatic handgun, the sheriff’s office said. The woman’s name, age and the motive of the shooting were not immediately available.

Her injuries are considered life-threatening and she has been transferred to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno.

Dresser does not have a criminal past, according to Sheriff Ken Furlong.

She was hospitalized because of a previous injury. Authorities did not consider her injury suspicious.


  • Gwen E Mugliston

    The Semmich Theory is truly one of the most ignorant and insensitive posts I have read in awhile.

    This 88 yo man with no prior history of wrong doing, probably had an agreement with his wife to “let me die” rather than be a vegetable lying in some forgotten nursing home. She had the same agreement. I have that agreement with my loved ones, too. He did what he promised but he erred and she lived and most probably she can’t speak for herself or for him in any clear and articulate terms.

    This is a tragic story. And is yet another example of how little regard we have for our elders.

  • Amber

    Well, ‘go make me a sammich’ guy; you’re answer is far worse than his which means you’re a shabby excuse of a Republican. At least his answer is justifiable.

  • Swapnil Mehta

    Hello. My name is Swapnil and I stay in India. Cane across this sad and tragic news about an 88 year old man shooting his ailing wife in a hospital. This incident again puts in perspective the question of liberal gun laws in the USA and the resulting aftermath of a shooting incident? Don’t you think it’s about time now to introduce extremely strict and tough gun-control laws do that no Tom, Dick and Harry can just waltz into a Gun Store, Buy a Handgun/Shotgun and then start firing indiscriminately killing scores of defenseless and innocent victims?

    • Gwen E Mugliston

      There is much in your post that indicates 1) you don’t want to discuss in a careful and judicious manner how our elderly in the US are treated as they approach or are in end of life situations. India has the same or worse problems. What do you know on a factual basis about that?

      2) your comments about guns are equally ignorant. Our forefathers, the ones who developed the Constitution which laws we live under, were very clear about the dangers of uncontrolled government. They developed the 2nd Amendment to help us, the citizens to keep government under control by use of rebellion if necessary and they saw the need for an armed civilian force to do that.

      Anyone who owns a gun in the USA should be compelled to have completed a gun safety course. Also our background checks are insufficient to weed out the mentally unbalanced. It is hard to define mental illness and that contributes to the problem of having inappropriate people buying and owning guns.

      We own many guns in the USA. Millions of people own and shoot guns responsibly. We also have mentally ill people inadequately identified and care for…The percentage of gun owners v people who kill with guns is very, very small but gets huge press coverage. Cars and drunk drivers kill far more people yet we let anyone drive who can pass the drivers test.

  • Fantasia

    NOT CONDONING THIS, but maybe he can’t afford the hospital bills that keep coming in….insurance doesn’t cover EVERYTHING. Probably at his wits end seeing his nest egg dwindle over medical. Get your pencils out pupils……this is your future.

  • Swapnil Mehta

    Hi Gwen. I think you’re quite right. Elderly people in most parts of the world including India as well don’t really get the respect, care and attention to which they are rightfully entitled to or which they sorely need. That’s a universal problem and a part of the solution is to have a better family/society support system so that they don’t feel alone or isolated all the times. Also, a better social welfare and security system would help them immensely.
    Coming back to the second issue of guns falling in wrong/inappropriate hands. Well, that again as you had mentioned is quite a complex issue. Maybe the State or the Federal Govt. can designate some medical institutions / centers where the applicants have to mandatorily undergo psychological evaluation/sanity tests before they are issued gun licenses.

  • triplea

    NO need for over analysis, just a prime example of the increase in old gangsters. Lol, watch how in the near future some statistical data surfaces about old folks and mercy killings in hospitals. How about accepting the reality that this is just another example of an old white crazy man acting innately barbaric, all these excuses of mercy killings and prior arrangements are just rhetoric in order to hide from the reality.

    • Gwen E Mugliston

      Bwahahaha=ha=ha=ha=ha!! I’d like it better if he was a believer in reincarnation and posted that on a placard over his wife’s still beating heart.
      Seriously, I doubt he was overridden with debt. I notice the older I get the less worried I am about that sort of thing…not that I can afford anything expensive any more anyway..
      I do think he couldn’t stand to see her suffer anymore even if the hospital didn’t know or care if she was or did.

    • gem170

      Grace, I think the explanation is far simpler. A really good look at internet articles on murder of elders by a partner might suffice to provide motive.

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