Ezra French charged in death of Julian Noblin last November

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Ezra French

Ezra French

Ezra French

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 27-year-old Ezra French of Milwaukee was charged on Wednesday, January 22nd with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of Julian Noblin.

Noblin was shot in the back and died near 35th and Fairmount on Milwaukee’s north side on November 16, 2013.

According to the criminal complaint filed against French, Noblin was with his brother outside of a club in a car when a man, later identified as French, approached the two of them with a gun in hand. The complaint says the suspect “stated to both of them, ‘Don’t get out of the car.'” The complaint indicates Noblin knocked the gun out of the suspect’s hand — and began to run. A moment later, the suspect fired a shot at Noblin, striking him in the back.

Investigators took DNA swabs from the outside of the car door that matched Ezra French.

On January 21, 2014, Noblin’s brother was shown a group of photos of possible suspects in the case. He “stated that he was pretty certain that Mr. French was the person who shot his brother.”

If convicted, French faces up to 60 years in prison.

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  • YingYang

    What a waste of space! Hope he gets all 60 years. He killed a man because he tried to save his own life by running,..He’s a savage, do society a favor and throw away the key once he is behind bars. No pity parties over how hard his life has been, who cares. Judge him as he did the man he killed, with NO pity!

    • TomTom

      I hope you are all right. I hope the wrong man isn’t being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. It seems to be the case these days with the police pinning murders on innocent black men.

  • Triston Noblin

    This was my family member i can say this i know you people say forgive but i will never forgive an man that can shoot sumone in the back waste is rite dont waste my money by letting him have 3 meals a day i wish this was texas so he could fry in hell EZRA FRENCH

    • La Tia Noblin

      I know right thank God for revealing this man.. Our lives will never be the same without my brother…RIP JU

  • Felicia

    Well to all you who wished death on Ezra he will not serve a day for the murder. Innocent I can’t make this up ccap him God has the last say so

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