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Mary Burke issues statement on State of the State Address

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Mary Burke

MADISON (WITI) — Following Gov. Walker’s final State of the State Address, former Trek Executive and Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Burke released the following statement:

“Scott Walker said, ‘The economy is dramatically better and our finances are in great shape.’  He may believe that, but if you spend any time with middle class families across the state, you know its just not true. Too many are worried about finding work or terrified of what they’ll do if they lose their job and are concerned about what awaits their kids as they enter the workforce or post-secondary education.

It’s also important to remember that this is a projected surplus, based on pretty rosy projections, six months into a two year budget cycle.  I don’t know too many Wisconsin families who would rush out to spend money they may not even have on new things, particularly when they’ve already racked up a bunch of debt and have other bills coming due.

That said, I’d use the projected surplus to do three things.  First, pay down the debt and bolster the rainy day fund so we enter the next budget in a stronger position.  Scott Walker has added an estimated $1.2 billion of debt to the state rolls.  We have to pay our bills before we put more on the credit card.  Second, I’d target property tax relief to the middle class.  Walker’s approach dilutes the impact for Wisconsin’s middle class by including businesses that would be better served by more families being able to buy their goods and services.  Finally, I agree that we need to put dollars towards worker training that will prepare people looking for jobs right now with the skills they need to fill manufacturing, health care and information technology jobs.
Scott Walker might think the economy’s doing just fine, but I know there’s a lot more to do to give every middle class family a fair shot.  Wisconsin has everything we need to be one of the most successful states in the country when it comes to creating jobs.  What we lack is the right leadership.  I know that Wisconsin can do better, and I know that we will do better when we start strengthening the middle class by improving schools, making job training a priority and ensuring that families have the ability to make the purchases that drive our economy.”


  • American Patriot

    Mary Burke is absolutely clueless about the middle class. She is a rich executive who had her position handed to her because of genetics. What is her plan? All she can say is I want to help the middle class…. only lip service.

  • cynic

    Ok Mary, we will just go ahead and raise taxes on all the “rich” people and businesses, that way they won’t hire anymore of your treasured middle class workers. That’ll solve the problem. It worked for IL, right? Maybe bring Trek manufacturing back from Taiwan and China, that should add a few jobs right? Oh but then that would cut into your bottom line. Can’t have that.

  • professorquicksand

    Wow another mega-wealthy “Liberal Feminist.” A liberal feminist is one who gets some dude to pay for her education, then rails on about how she put herself through college. In this case, Mary’s daddy was president of Trek Bicycle, the source of funds for her Haa-vaad schooling. She then went to “work” at her daddy’s company. Uh, Mary, what do YOU know about middle class life? You’re a millionaire, and you’ve never worked a single day in your life.

    Of course, it’s not nearly as entertaining as Hillary’s lies, like when she was dodging sniper fire while running for her life with her head down after she deplaned in Bosnia. Just another Mrs. Walter Mitty.

  • Alan Jensen

    Mary Burke just reiterated what Gov. Walker is doing except taking away the tax breaks from businesses and increasing spending. This woman is the dumbest smart person I have seen in a long time besides Obama of course, but look at the facts… More people are back to work, more money flowing into the tax coffers, unemployment is down, all of this done while her party has been throwing a hissy fit about ACT 10.

  • Kathy

    Alan – it’s NOT working. We have a bigger deficit in this state than we have ever had and the surplus is PROJECTED! We don’t need to spend money we don’t have. This loser Gov also PROJECTED 250k new jobs too. Remember that? We are less than 40% of that number with less than a year remaining in this losers term. Nov 4th can’t come soon enough.

  • jeff ircink

    @kathy – no politician should ever make the promise of so many #’s of jobs. they can’t do it. none of them can. and as innane as that sort of promise is, it’s just as innane for anyone to put stock in that promise.

    mary burke was on one school board. that’s her political background. go right ahead and vote for her…. ;)

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