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Gov. Scott Walker delivers 2014 State of the State Address

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MADISON (WITI) -- The state of the state is strong. That's the report from Gov. Scott Walker on Wisconsin's fiscal health. He delivered his annual address at the state Capitol on Wednesday evening, January 22nd.

The tone of the speech was optimistic -- bordering on triumphal. He is making the case that his hard-fought and highly controversial budget reforms are working -- and now, he says the numbers prove it.

"The state of our state is strong and improving everyday," Gov. Walker said Wednesday.

This was the most optimistic report since Gov. Walker's election in 2010.

Gov. Walker announced that Wisconsin has a budget surplus of more than $900 million.

"What do you do with a surplus?  Give it back to the people who earned it. It's your money," Gov. Walker said.

Gov. Walker proposed what he called "a blueprint for prosperity" for how he thinks the surplus should be used. He's calling for a special session of the Legislature -- asking lawmakers to provide $800 million in tax cuts.

"I ask you to work with me over the next few weeks to return the vast majority of the new surplus to the directly to the hard working taxpayers," Gov. Walker said.

One estimate shows the average homeowner would save about $150 under the plan.

State Democrats were critical of Gov. Walker's "blueprint," saying the money should be restored to education -- which saw about $800 billion in tax cuts during Gov. Walker's first budget.

Gov. Walker's push for tax cuts will no doubt reshape the final months of the Legislative session.

"Now is the time to pass our blueprint for prosperity, and help move Wisconsin forward," Gov. Walker said.

The surplus is $900 million, and Gov. Walker is proposing $800 million in tax cuts. Gov. Walker wants the final $100 million of the surplus to go to the state's "Rainy Day Fund."

CLICK HERE to view a transcript of Gov. Walker's State of the State Address.


  • Luanne Sobkowiak

    Is the entire State of the State Address on YouTube? I was watching it from your site after the fact and it was cut short. I’d like to see the remaining clip as my son was introduced and shown on camera.

  • shannon

    $900 Million dollar SURPLUS in Wisconsin?! How does that happen? wait, WHY did that happen?… when we have adults and children going hungry, homeless, sick and dying because they can’t afford housing, food and health care???!!!! That is criminal!

    • Jay

      The government is not there to take care of your every need. It is not a charity. It is each individuals responsibility to take care of their own daily needs. This is done through employment, entrepreneurship, applying yourself in education and effort. If someone made bad choices in their life like having children they couldn’t afford, becoming an addict, getting into a bad marriage, failing to work hard in school, it is not the fault of the government or the taxpayers who actually pay for the government, Yes, there is a small percentage of people who are born with disabilities, but there would be more than enough money to care for their needs, if it weren’t for the leeches that attach themselves to government programs rather than make THEIR OWN efforts to become responsible citizen contributing to the economy rather than only drawing upon it. Most people who claim to be victims of society, are really victims of their own ineptitude.

  • Patricia Gerhardt

    Sounds like he’s taken from the poor and average and giving it to the rich home and business owners. I had to work during the speech but I’m not surprised to hear the summary. Thanks to him I have to worry about losing my job and health ins. because I have no job security anymore.

    • Nick

      Feel free to provide evidence that Scott Walker is directly responsible for you having no job security (probably you’re fault) and health insurance (Obama’s fault). Please, please enlighten us. Stick to facts while you’re at it, not talking points.

      I’ll be waiting, Patricia.

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