Target announces plan to eliminate 475 jobs

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Target on Wednesday announced plans to eliminate 475 jobs from its global workforce.

The cuts come about a month after Target reported a major breach of customer information during the holiday shopping season. Spokeswoman Molly Snyder said the cuts are unrelated to the breach.

“We believe these decisions, while difficult, are the right actions as we continue to focus on transforming our business,” she said. “We will continue to invest in key business areas to strengthen our ability to compete and thrive well into the future.”

The discount retailer has about 361,000 employees worldwide and more than 1,700 U.S. stores. On Tuesday, Target announced it would no longer offer health insurance for part-time employees.

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  • Not You

    Thanks once again to your dictator in cheif passing unprecedented laws and raising your taxes. Remember the line….”if you make under 250,000 per year your taxes WILL NOT increase”? Remember that America? Stand up for yourselves. It is time we as a country put political correctness aside and start dealing in common sense. Does it make sense to fire an American worker to hire an illegal alien to do his job? Of course not. Then punish to the tune of thousands of dollars to every employer caught doing that.

    Does it make sense to let someone get free health care while your single, white, uncle with no kids can’t get health care? Of course not, so send the illegal away and call the police. Does it make sense to give a girl of 20 years old with no job and three kids a bigger check if she has another one? Of course not. So make a cut off and stop instigating the behavior. Is it fair that a person who has children who can’t afford it get free rent but a guy with no kids, a job (low paying) and contributes has to stay at moms. Of course not!! No stop enabling the takers and give more breaks to the givers. That will intice people to be a giver. No jobs you say. Tax foreign made goods equal to what our goods are taxed at their ports and stop hiring cheap labor and buying foreign products. These problems are not that hard to fix. Are they difficult morally? Of course. But it has taken us from the 60’s to get this politically correct and ignorant and it will take another 40 years to fix. But when I can work with my black brothers side by side and go home and barbaque with our families on our new grill made in MEXICO rather than China, so the mexicans have jobs, Americans have jobs and our kids STOP HAVING KIDS, we will again be a great and PRODUCTIVE nation. Until then we are breeding sloths.

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