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Former Mukwonago officer arrested, suspected of bank robbery

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MUKWONAGO (WITI) — Former Mukwonago police officer, 44-year-old Alvin Brook, was arrested on Wednesday, January 22nd and charged with armed bank robbery.

Alvin Brook

Alvin Brook

The arrest was in connection with the June 15th, 2010 armed robbery of M&I Bank at 730 Fox St. in Mukwonago.

After determining that a former employee of the Mukwonago Police Department was a suspect in the robbery, officials requested the Milwaukee Division of the FBI lead the investigation and agreed to full cooperation.

The federal complaint in the case alleges Brook stole $54,000 during the robbery.

Brook remains in federal custody.

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    • James

      Pssh, this guy wasn’t a good cop for years. Between playing favorites with students while the high school liaison officer to falsifying his girlfriend’s mandatory breathalyzers,..I’m not surprised one bit. I knew back in 2004 when I first met him that he was scum.

  • sandman54862

    here is no such thing as a good cop. they are trained to lie and steal liberty and justice for The state a subsidy of ALEC. They have all been trained by Correction Corporation of American to kill first question latter. One in thirteen shootings are police yet police deaths are at 1880 levels. 33 officer did in the line of duty last year. Over one hundred children died from shopping cart accidents last year, The right wing media does not tell you that. they push the fake police fear factor

      • sandman54862

        Travon was killed because his killers daddy was a exjudge. He had got him out of trouble two dozen times before he was so out of control he murdered. . if not for double standards hey would not have any. he was a victim of out of control son of a judge.. That is why he got away with murder. Not because of hold your ground laws. Double standards have made ALL cops convicts and trained liars. Nothing MORE.

  • duckhntr

    He worked for the village of mukwonago, and for you ignorant people saying all cops are trained to lie or cheat have probably gotten arrested before for being a dip sh*t. One of my best friends is a police officer in the town of mukwonago, you would be lucky to have him in your community.

    • sandman54862

      I actually did get a ticket in Mukwonago back in 1972. iI got a ticket for doing 40 iin a 25. I had a 65 chevelle and was young. I was going about 23 miles per hour. the dishonest officer was out for his quota. This is a FACT. I forgot about until you mention I may have needed his help. I would never called a dishonest cop. please post something truthful. This has always been a criminal regime.

  • getyourfactsright53147

    @sandman: Quota’s are illegal in WI. Here’s the statute to prove it

    (2) No state agency or political subdivision of this state may require a law enforcement officer to issue a specific number of citations, complaints or warning notices during any specified time period for violations of traffic regulations.

    Just sayin’…

  • Gracie Lou Free-Bush

    Sadly he is my new friemds father. I am sorry for her and she has had a rough life. It is bot her fault and she started crying about it today. I feel bad about it even though i shouldn’t , and i don’t know how to make her feel better.

  • Arianna Brooks

    My dad was a good person, no matter what anyone says ya he made a stupid mistake but I love him.

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