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Four Germantown H.S. basketball players arrested for possession

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GERMANTOWN (WITI) -- Four Germantown High School basketball players were arrested on Thursday, January 23rd for illegal drug violations.

The incident happened around 10:30 a.m. when a Gemantown police officer stopped a car near Mequon and Goldendale Roads for a traffic violation.

The officer detected a strong odor of marijuana inside the car. Six people inside the vehicle were arrested. Five were issued municipal citations for possession of marijuana, booked and released.

One person, a 17-year-old female, was arrested for possession with intent to deliver marijuana, booked and transported to the Washington County Jail.

All six people involved are students at Germantown High School, including four who play on the school's basketball team -- Dearionte Hudson, Brian Bearden, Lamonte Bearden and Lamont Williams Christian, all 18-years-old. The other two students are 17-year-old girls.

"I've known Coach Schowalter for close to 10 years through AAU basketball and I'm sure he's devastated by this and I know he runs a very good program," said Paul Sherburne of Whitefish Bay.

The incident did not occur on the school campus. Germantown High School has started an investigation as related to a potential violation of the school's activities code.

The incident comes just weeks after the Germantown High School basketball team broke the state record for consecutive wins. Coach Steve Schowalter is an officer on the Germantown Police Department.


  • Bud

    Devastated? Investigation? Hmm let’s see a cop who I believe still has a son on the squad has no knowledge until yesterday that at least 1/3 of his roster are stoners..Yeah he’s devastated that he’s not making a run at another state title. Looks as if it has and is a win-at-all-costs situation out there in G-town.

  • Paul

    WOW.. Bud do you think the police officer had this all planned out. Dumb kids thinking they can do what ever they want. Out driving on the main road in Germantown mid morning during school hours.

  • Chris Church

    Let’s just see what the school does, wouldn’t be suprised if these boys get a little slap on the wrist! It’s a joke, just like the boys who said they were flashing three point signs and not gang signs. There are a lot of good children who would like to play sports but can’t because of these talented trouble makers. Get rid of those and let the ones that work hard and stay out of trouble play!

  • Ja_kakin

    Although students in high school should not be smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, or using tobacco it is obvious that many students and student athletes partake in these activities. It is important to note that the team recently broke the record for most consecutive wins for a men’s basketball team in WI. Therefore, I will infer that marijuana use makes people better at basketball. Now, in all seriousness it is time to reconsider the policy and attitudes toward marijuana, which are changing now at a fast rate. A WI lawmaker recently initiated a movement to legalize marijuana in WI, following the examples of Colorado and Washington which reflects the changing attitudes of the state, evidenced by the young student athletes in this article.

    • The Ghost of Otis Redding

      awesome response Ja_kakin. No joke, this story proves yet again that pot makes everything better.

  • Jay

    Legalizing marijuana, win at all cost attitude, jocks, talented troublemakers, etc… Wow, all of this from this incident. These are young people that made a foolish mistake. I am willing to bet that at least one of them(or maybe more) was just a long for the ride. I hope this continues to teach students to make smart choices about the people they choose to hang with and to weigh the consequences of using illegal substances. A coach cannot be around his players 24/7. These things unfortunately will happen.

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