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39-year-old Oak Creek man arrested for 6th OWI, pursuit

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OAK CREEK (WITI) — 39-year-old Timothy O’Keefe from Oak Creek was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence and leading police on a short pursuit on  I-43 near Ryan Road early Tuesday morning, January 28th.

According to police, O’Keefe was stopped for driving 10 m.p.h without his headlights on. Officials say O’Keefe was also weaving all over the roadway.

During the traffic stop, the trooper informed O’Keefe that he wanted to perform standard field sobriety tests. At that time, a Milwaukee County deputy arrived on scene to assist — and while the trooper made contact with the dupty — O’Keefe fled the scene.

According to the authorities, a short pursuit ensued.

Officials say a trooper was able to successfully conduct a PIT maneuver on the vehicle.

The pursuit ended with a property damage crash, involving the pickup truck O’Keefe was operating, and the State Patrol squad car.

There were no injuries.

O’Keefe is being charged with felony OWI 6th and felony eluding


  • doug

    The one thing i never hear you guys say about dui’s and owi’s is driving is a privilege not a right. So when you hand these people an occupational license to keep there job you are now making driving a right not a privilege so follow the drivers hand book page 1 driving is a privilege not a right.

  • Josh P

    Why do our laws allow for someone with this many OWIs to be on the roads? The third should carry a mandatory jail sentence of at least ten years in prison. Enough is enough. If you can’t learn your lesson after two OWIs, you should be jailed to protect the public from your reckless behavior.

  • triplea

    No immediate photo, I am going to assume O’Keefe is Irish, no color no photo typical media keeping Casper hidden. Smh

    • Tapper

      Hmmm people like yourself are the ones that make things in this country a race issue. Why do you have to go and post something and assume that it is “Casper hidden”, It could be a black person as well. Maybe you should think about what your gong to type before you type it. Typical stereotyping of people by people such as yourself will never make this country any better.

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