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Robbery suspect shot, killed by police officer near 58th & Custer

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating an officer-involved shooting incident near 58th and Custer.

FOX6 News has learned a uniformed Milwaukee police officer shot an armed robbery suspect who was armed with a handgun.

That suspect succumbed to his injures at the scene.

Sources tell FOX6 News police initially came to the scene for a report of a robbery of two beer truck drivers.

Melanie Williams was outside for a smoke break outside a nearby barbershop when she witnessed the incident.

"I was watching this young man. He looked suspicious," Williams said.

Williams says the man was wearing a black mask and black clothes -- and was walking near a row of shops and a beer truck parked out front.

"He was pacing back and forth, back and forth," Williams said.

Police say two suspects were attempting to rob the beer truck drivers. When police arrived, the suspects fled the scene.

Officers caught up with one suspect, who was armed with a gun in a backyard down the block. That's when a fight ensued.

"During the struggle, the suspect reached into his waistband and pulled a loaded, semi-automatic black Glock pistol. The officer, fearing for his life, pulled out his sidearm and shot the suspect," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

The suspect died at the scene.

"This is a circumstance where there was literally no alternative, and the officer had no option but to defend his life," Chief Flynn said.

That officer is a nine-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department. That officer has been placed on administrative duty, which is standard after an incident like this.

The suspect has not been identified. The weapon and money have been recovered.

Police say the weapon has been identified as a stolen weapon from another state.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Mike Johnson

    another one bites the dust…. wheres the dead guys family saying how great of a person he was and how the officer was wrong for his actions. oh wait give it a few days.

  • Paul H (PH)

    Don’t worry the relatives and friends will come out of their holes, and complain saying he was a good kid or the officer shouldn’t have chased him, or the officer shouldn’t have fired at him blah blah….

  • Jhervon

    Regardless if he was wrong or not he still was a YOUNG man who lost his life, for people to sit up here and talk down on him and have no idea who he is shows the ignorance that’s within you. And for people to down talk his parents is extremely shameful, you can give and teach your children everything under the sun and it still doesn’t mean they will follow the direction you lead them. People are so quick to judge until you are in the situation they was in. I never knew so many people had the job that God has, leave the judgement up to him. God have mercy on that young man soul…

  • Stupid Sexy Flanders

    Exactly ill stay behind my screen, zero chance of getting shot or leaving in a body bag. No protection needed here. Haha, and it begins.

  • MeMe

    First of All, you can’t believe everything you hear/see on the news. They always fail to tell everything. I don’t care rather DayJohn was wrong or right, he is still a human. That off duty police officer had no business pulling out a weapon, shooting and leaving my little cousin dead. Wasn’t none of us there, so we can’t say exactly what happened. I know for a fact, my cousin wouldn’t ever up a gun, and aim to shoot someone. How do you go from scuffling in the grass, to pulling out a gun shooting him. When I first seen this on the news, I had no idea this was close to home. Some of you should watch what you say, because you never know when it can be your Son/Brother/Father/Uncle or Grand Father.

  • Dianna Byrd

    First, my heart goes out to the family. It is a shame that someone who has never met this young man can make comments so heartless. I know this family and I knew this young man. He definitely made a bad choice to engage in such a crime if the details are correct. At this time we should be embracing his mother and not blaming her. When our children get to a certain point in life we are not their only influence. Be careful not to judge.

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