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Residents of trailer court forced out scramble to pack up

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The city of Milwaukee says it will help residents kicked out of their trailer homes connect with new, safer places to stay. Residents of the Evergreen Trailer Court near 27th and Howard have said they're being kicked out, and now, we're learning they may have some help available to them.

Residents of the Trailer Court on Monday, February 3rd were busy packing up their belongings. Some received notice to vacate by Monday.

"Just constantly packing, packing, packing. I ran and got my friends who don't drive and brought them over here to help us pack," Kitty Wuerl said.

The city owns the space, and some of the trailers -- thanks to a recent tax foreclosure.

"They started to do inspections and found a number of the units have serious life safety defects," Todd Weiler with the Department of Neighborhood Service said.

On Friday, January 31st, the city warned residents that some of the units were not fit to live in. That meant some got stamped with orange eviction signs on the spot, and officials were back on the scene to evaluate other units on Monday.

"You have sewage spilling out onto the ground. You've got people that are using space heaters to stay warm in a very thinly insulated mobile home. That's a huge fire risk. We've seen bad things happen from that," Weiler said.

The unsafe conditions meant some residents were anticipating being told to move out and spent the weekend scrambling to get ready.

Volunteer movers heard their story and showed up to help out on Monday morning.

Many of the Trailer Court's residents say they don't have anywhere else to go, and given the time of year, some worry that being barred from their current home will take them from one unsafe situation to another.

"I'm going to try to find an apartment today or tomorrow and I'm going to sleep in the van," one resident said.

Not all of the trailers in the complex are affected by this. City officials were only going through 10 units.

The place has space for up to 42 units.

The city had housing counselors on the scene Monday to help connect the affected residents with possible places to stay.


  • nic

    Looking at this whole thing a bit closer. The City of Milwaukee knew that they were going to take control of this property. They then lowered the taxes by more than half, that is more than a 30 thousand dollar reduction. Also the bigger fact is they have not put anyone or any agency in place to manage. This is a trailer court and trailers freeze up in bad winters. Good management
    knows this and are more than prepared. Just some heat forced under the trailer for about an hour.
    Most of these trailers are being heated with propane and the price right now is out of control.
    At $5 to $7 per gallon if you can even get it. Yes I live in the City of Milwaukee and I use propane. This November I was running out and Ferrillgas had a problem were they could not deliver for almost two weeks. I used the same small electric radiator type space heater to heat my home and it is a UL listed appliance. There wasn’t any sign of being unsafe.
    I am also faced with running out of propane this winter because of the length and extreme cold. I have weighed my option and electric space heaters are the cheapest thing I can do.
    No I don’t live in a trailer and have paid my property taxes. But are these punks going to come to my house and say “its unsafe” Well I carry a very big stick and am use to the cities Nazi tactics.
    I have also checked the cities web site. They have been harassing this property with frivolous complaints and orders. It is a joke, I have never seen such a long list like this.
    I love the one with the Old Lady that has Duct tape on her storm door, how would any one even know the window was broken.
    This all boils down to what everyone knows that lives in the City of Milwaukee.
    These moochers that work or elected for the city are all about money, power and when they can get out.
    So lets just pick on some less fortunate people that live in crappy trailers. nic

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