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Six-day-old Kayden Powell reported missing in Town of Beloit

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TOWN OF BELOIT (WITI) -- The Town of Beloit Police Department says they are currently searching for a six-day-old baby.


According to officials, the baby, named Kayden Powell, went missing from a home in Beloit, on Homeland Court.

Kayden Powell

Kayden Powell

Steven Kopp, the Town of Beloit Police Chief said Thursday the baby was discovered missing around 4:30 a.m.

The baby was reported missing by his mother.

Kopp says the baby's mother, father, uncle and great-grandmother were home when the baby went missing. None have been listed as suspects -- nor four others who were at the home in the 12 hours prior to the baby's disappearance.

One of the people interviewed was arrested in Iowa on Thursday on a warrant out of Texas. That individual is not listed as a suspect in this investigation.

Kopp says no suspects have been identified, and no arrests have been made in connection to this baby's disappearance.

Kopp says the baby's mother and father are cooperating in this investigation.

Kayden Powell

Kayden Powell

Kopp says with frigid temperatures outside, there is concern over the baby's safety.

The FBI, the WI Division of Criminal Investigation, the Rock County Sheriff's Department and the City of Beloit are assisting in this ongoing investigation.

Kopp says the home where the baby was last seen is being processed as a crime scene.

The baby is 20 inches long, and just over six pounds. The baby is African-American, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have information which might help investigators, you're urged to call 608-364-2984 or 608-758-8477.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden says law enforcement officials have received numerous leads at a very rapid rate as to the baby's whereabouts, and officials are looking into each of them.

"Law enforcement agencies are working together with every resource available to reunite this family. We ask that you keep the family and little Kayden in your thoughts and prayers," Sheriff Spoden said during a news conference held Thursday evening.

FOX6 News spoke with the baby's great uncle, who says he last saw Kayden at a home around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

"I held that baby for like 10 minutes and that was the last time I seen him or held him. I just want to find my baby safe -- just bring my baby back where it belongs to. I don't care what they do. Just find that baby alive and doing well and warm," Mark Bennett said.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • IMO

    Sadder yet are people like you who tend to live in utter denial that there ARE people that do this to children. To someone like you, if it doesn’t exist, you won’t have to do anything about it except rag on someone else’s opinion. Get a clue! The headlines are full of these stories EVERYDAY. I feel sorry for you that you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. You are already a “victim”.
    This story exudes ill-intent. I too, hope that this cute baby is found safe, but REALITY says otherwise. This is too suspicious to be anything BUT tame. Someone is jeopardizing this child’s life right now. I hope people with better “instincts” than yours will explore EVERY possibility, and not just sit their fat a*s down and adopt a “do nothing” approach like you and think the best out of these situations. Think the worst (and do something about it) until the best happens. Then we can all relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

  • ladibugz7499

    Funny- I must have hit that one on the head- person posts that the cops should check the dumpster cause people are throwing away babies lately- and mysteriously their comment is deleted….

    • ladibugz7499

      I don’t assume the worse in people right away. Funny how you can’t say anything about finding the baby safely- just want to assume the worse. I do know that happens, but I guess the well being of a innocent child is my first concern. You may not like my “rose colored glasses” but I don’t want to live in a world where I can only find the bad first. You are one of the reasons there is no hope, cause you don’t spread any.
      Fight all you want, say all you wat, I am done, and not wasting my time with someone who has such a lack of compassion.

  • Lindsay

    I just find it so odd…like most babies sleep in a basinet right next to their parents bed for at least the first month…why/how did this even happen? someone had to have had access to their house if it was locked up….just really strange…and I feel bad for them and of course the baby but its just weird…and I hope the babe is still alive and well.

  • Vlanca Vazquez

    I hate to say it but my gut instinct is that is was foul play. I hope they find the baby alive and ok, but cases like these rarely have a good outcome. *praying for the babys safe return”

    • Lu Johnson

      Federal charges to be brought later today in this case, as the baby was found 182 miles away in West Branch Iowa, at either the Kum and Go or BP Gas stations near the town’s only interchange with Interstate 80.

      So yes, it would appear to be an inside job of sorts, otherwise we would already have the name of the perp. If it’s found that the mother had anything at all, any knowledge of this, she should permanently lose her child and that child should be put in a secret forever adopted home with loving parents. End.

  • YingYang

    I hope the next news story about this brand new baby is that he was found safe and who ever did this to him is in police custody!

  • Grace

    They should check every trash in whole neighborhood before it gets picked up!alternately some one may have waited for her to deliver and had access to the house left a window unlocked?check every grate also,I hope every car tag that went by a cam gets checked from night before till disappearance.even check day before cams for cars from out of the neighborhood,I hope this baby is safe!even check if parents had some quarrel years before for suspects,I hope the FBI can enter any house there to look for the precious infant.

  • Debbie Lou

    something is just not adding up here…first of all, do you not lock your doors at night?..secondly, how do you not hear anyone in your room if that baby was sleeping right next to the parents bed?

  • Cheyenne Kay

    I know the mother very well and I understand that people have negative thoughts right away. But she would never do anything to hurt her baby, she loved him so much! And in school she couldn’t wait to see him. I was excited for her! When I felt him kick for the first time I cried!! And I look up at her she was so happy she was glowing. My good friend I pray for you. I . stand by you and your family’s side

  • sheenakayc

    I know there are so many negative thoughts and comments about this situation. But I know the mother of kayden very well, and I know for a fact that she would not do anything to ever hurt or put harms way into her baby. She loves him very much and would do anything as much as she could to help the one she loves most! She is a strong person and in school when I got to feel baby kayden kick for the first time I cried and I looked up at her and she was filled with joy, a glowing mother to be! I prey for the sake of your family that kayden is is safe warm hands. She doesn’t deserve this, she deserves happiness for all that she’s gone through I love you girl. Please know that I am here for you
    -love Cheyenne

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