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20-year-old woman charged in 2011 robbery of Q-Mart in Sheboygan

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Carrisa Lewis

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — A woman from North Dakota has been charged in connection with the 2011 robbery of the Q-Mart in Sheboygan.

20-year-old Carrisa Lewis of Minot, North Dakota faces the following charges out of Sheboygan County:

  • theft from a person, as party to a crime (a felony)
  • obstructing an officer (a misdemeanor)
Carrisa Lewis

Carrisa Lewis

Sheboygan police officers on December 21st, 2011 were dispatched to the Q-Mart gas station on North Taylor Drive in the city of Sheboygan for a report of a robbery.

A criminal complaint in the case says Lewis was the gas station attendant at the Q-Mart at the time.

Lewis told officials she had been preparing to close the Q-Mart on December 21st, when she heard the audible tone which indicates someone is either coming in or leaving the gas station.

The complaint says Lewis told officials that with her back turned, Lewis told whom she assumed was a customer she would be right with them.

The complaint says when Lewis turned around, she noticed an individual standing near the front of the cash register counter wearing all black, with their face covered, wearing sunglasses where the lenses had a blue tint to them.

Lewis told officials the person yelled at her to get behind the counter, before taking off a backpack the individual was wearing. The complaint indicates Lewis told officials the individual was yelling at her, ordering her to open the safe and put everything in the bag.

The complaint says Lewis told officials the individual was yelling at her, telling her to hurry up — and that she only had one minute.

Lewis emptied the contents of a lower safe into the backpack, along with the contents of the registers, per the individual’s request, according to the complaint.

Then, she says she was ordered to stand in front of the counter as the individual fled from the Q-Mart store. After the individual fled, the complaint indicates Lewis told officials she locked the doors, pressed the panic alarm and dialed 911.

Officers questioned Lewis as to how much money was taken — and she told them there was $1,205 in the safe, and an unknown amount in the registers, according to the complaint.

Officers spoke with the Q-Mart’s store manager, who allowed officers to view surveillance footage. At this time, police were able to determine the individual who entered the store on this night was female.

The complaint indicates that multiple squad cars were dispatched to the area in an attempt to set up a perimeter and locate the suspect — but a suspect was never located.

The complaint says Lewis provided police with a written statement, and was adamant she did not recognize the female voice.

On February 3rd of 2014, police arrested a 20-year-old man for armed robbery in a separate incident. That man confessed to the robbery, and provided information about his co-conspirator.

The complaint against Lewis says that 20-year-old man told police he had information about the Q-Mart robbery — saying he did not do the robbery, but that he knew who was responsible. The complaint says the man told police two females told him they had done it.

The complaint says the man told police he was hanging around with Lewis and another woman — and says they told him on several occasions they had fabricated the robbery. The man told police Lewis was on duty at the time of the robbery, and the other woman was the individual responsible.

Officers visited the apartment of the woman whom they now believed to be responsible for the Q-Mart robbery (who happened to live with Lewis at the time of the robbery). The complaint indicates police spoke with that woman, and told her there was a significant amount of evidence indicating that she was responsible for the Q-Mart robbery.

The complaint says the woman was crying as she told police she was scraping for money at the time of the Q-Mart robbery, and told police the robbery was Lewis’ idea. The woman told police Lewis said they could rob the Q-Mart to get money to pay rent.

The complaint says the woman told police she was living with Lewis, and had nowhere else to go. She says it was getting near the end of the month, and Lewis was threatening to kick her out of the apartment if she didn’t find a way to come up with the rent money.

The complaint says the woman told police she chickened out on doing the robbery once, but on another night, she finally did it.

The woman told police that after completing the robbery, she had a man from Sheboygan waiting for her in a nearby cul-de-sac, who drove her home. The complaint indicates the woman told police that man has been in jail in the past for a robbery.

The woman told police that in advance of the robbery, Lewis told her to come in on a Wednesday – saying it was one of the least busy days for the Q-Mart. The complaint says the woman said Lewis told her to come in just before closing.

The complaint says the woman told police the amount of money obtained in the robbery was somewhere between $1,800 and $3,000.

The woman says she “basically got nothing out of the deal” because $100 went to the driver, and the rest went to Lewis, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the money was stored at the driver’s home, and she believes he may have taken some of it, as some of it went missing.

The woman told police Lewis is “crazy” — saying she once beat herself over the head with a full large bottle of laundry detergent in an attempt to fake an assault to get out of work, according to the complaint.

The complaint says that on February 7th, police spoke with the “driver” in this case. He says he was going through a “rough patch,” and says the girls “threw him into” the robbery. He also told police that they “blew the money” obtained in the robbery.

The complaint says the driver told police the robbery was planned a day or two before it occurred, and that afterwards, the money was split between he and the girls.

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