Boy, mother could face charges in alleged abuse of six-week-old puppies

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FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- An eight-year-old Fond du Lac boy and his mother could face charges in a case involving the alleged abuse of six-week-old puppies.

Fond du Lac police on Saturday, February 22nd were alerted to a puppy found doused in bleach, inside a garbage bag in a dumpster at an apartment complex on Martin Road.

Officers discovered two additional puppies and two adult dogs inside an apartment there.

The three puppies discovered on Saturday are six-week-old American Staffordshire Terriers.

Officials with the Fond du Lac County Humane Society say its phone has been ringing off the hook since Saturday -- with folks looking for an update on the puppy named "Ike" -- the only puppy not injured in this incident.

"He seems to have avoided this incident altogether," Shelter Manager Renee Webb said.

Ike's sister's eyes are swollen. She has ulcers in her mouth and on her tongue.

Her brother is in worse shape -- with similar injuries and chemical burns.

"At any point, either one of their lungs could just quit," Webb said.

Webb says Ike's brother and sister were doused with bleach.

FOX6 News spoke with a woman on Monday, February 24th who says she was watching the puppies for her ex-boyfriend.

She says she believes her eight-year-old son was bitten by a puppy, and splashed what he thought was water onto the dogs.

The boy then placed one dog in a bag, and threw it away.

"We're talking about bleach, which is caustic. It's's not good," Webb said.

The injured puppies, Ike's brother and sister, are currently receiving near constant care at a foster home -- but it is unclear whether they will survive. Humane Society officials say the next five to seven days will prove critical for these puppies.

The Fond du Lac County Humane Society says it has fielded at least a half dozen calls from folks looking to adopt Ike.

Additionally, Humane Society officials say folks have stopped by to drop off dog food -- and officials point to at least $1,500 received via online donations on Monday alone.

"It has everyone absolutely touched. Thank you. Thank you very much," Webb said.

CLICK HERE to access the Fond du Lac County Humane Society's website.


  • Janis

    Let the 8yr old watch the puppies as they go through this ordeal, and if the puppies die then he’ll know the torture that he put the puppies throw.

  • Jack

    Not really, I hope it sincerely. The defenseless animals have no advocate and give nothing but love and this is how they are treated? AIDS for all animal abusers.

  • Jack

    I have seen what it does and that’s what they deserve. However death would be better, and cheaper for the taxpayers (us).

  • Meg

    Why does an 8 year old have access to bleach? Who supplied the garbage bag? This story doesn’t make any sense. Abuse is abuse and charges should be made.

  • colleen

    What? These people didn’t know this pup was missing and the other had bleach on it…crazy…who let’s a eight yr old play with bleach!! I’m not sticking up for this child but, who is teaching this I always say you get out of a dog what you put into it (love)…this also so can be said about children!!!

  • Missy

    I’m sorry the little puppies have to suffer through this ordeal. I hope they heal and become the great dogs that they can be. This little boy needs to be checked for mental health disorders or maybe even anger/rage issues. Maybe CPS could check into how this young man is being raised as well?

  • lorilou

    Serious mental health is right, and his parents are just as much to blame. These poor little pups, they depend on us, and trust us. In this case, if they do survive, it will take a lot to trust again. I am hoping and praying that they will be OK. This is very very gruesome, and those people should be charged!!! The other dogs should be taken away also.

  • lorilou

    all comments above are absolutely right on. They should be tossed in jail, and the boy should be given to CPS for evaluation. Get the older dogs out ASAP, and get the people in the jail cell immediately. There is absolutely no reason for this, unless of course, they do not know better. If this is the case, get them the heck out of a house, and into a place where they cannot EVER hurt another thing………… !!!

  • lorilou

    That poor little guy, but lucky little guy, IKE. He is prob. wondering where he is, and why he is all alone. This is just hearbreaking, and sickening…

  • blk920

    Release the name of the mother !!!
    Also, I would hope the dogs would NOT be returned to the owner who clearly didn’t leave them in very safe hands.

  • Laura Long

    I hope they get a stiff penalty!!!!!! what the heck of a thinking man these people are just idiots these days you just puppies for crying out loud !!!!how would you like it if someone did that your kid, oh you probably would not have minded because you’re stupid idiot

  • Rae Andreini

    I would like both of them 2 suffer like those poor puppies!!!!They should both be charged with a felony!!!Can we say serial killer in the making at 8.

  • Jennie

    This story is too fishy. No one “mistakes” bleach for water. No one. There’s something seriously wrong and these people need to be punished for what has happened.

  • sara

    This story truly saddens me. What I don’t understand, woman says the kid thought it was a glass of water, who leaves glasses of bleach lying around? Smh & if it wasn’t just lying around, someone had to pour it…even my 4 year old niece knows that white bottle means only adults can use it. This is a lot for one person to do, so where were the kid’s parents when this was going on? Every one involved should receive some serious counseling & help.

    • sara

      And seriously, if those other dogs aren’t/haven’t been removed from that house, who’s to say the people living here won’t take out the anger of all this on the animals again? When/if the animals attack on self defense, then they’ll be on the news Monday morning crying “idk what happened”.

  • Leslie Keyes Cash

    We’ve all had kids who have been angry & done something stupid to vent their frustrations and didn’t know any better, so it became a teaching moment for us. I truly don’t believe he really knew what he was doing, nor did his mother

    • John

      The kid does not know what he is doing wrong. This is probably normal to him because the mom is whacked, and the mom’s parents were probably whacked..

  • Minks

    Jeffery Dahmer started hurting animals when he was young and look at what he grew up to do!! That child needs help!!! Poor defenseless puppies! He and his Mother need to be held accountable!

  • Cedric

    Douse that kid and his mom in a perpetual shower of seething bleach. I’m sorry, people who deliberately harm animals are a lame excuse for the human race. And to those who are giving him the out because “he didn’t know what he was doing!” stop kidding yourselves. If he was three years old, maybe then he wouldn’t know what he was doing, but when you are eight years old you should have the head to not pour bleach on a defenseless animal. Kids like this will eventually kill.

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