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Gov. Walker speaks out one week after release of emails

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MADISON (WITI) -- Gov. Scott Walker is speaking out -- one week after the release of thousands of pages of emails released one week ago by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. The emails were from the private Gmail account belonging to a former aide to now-Governor Scott Walker: Kelly Rindfleisch, who served as Walker’s Deputy Chief of Staff in 2010 when he was County Executive.

The emails were released following the March 2013 conclusion of a John Doe investigation into several of aides to Walker while he was County Executive. That investigation led to convictions against six of Walker's former aides -- including Kelly Rindfleisch.

Rindfleisch and another of Walker's aides were convicted for doing campaign work on county time. Six people total were convicted of crimes.

In 2011, Gov. Walker began requiring his top agency officials and staff members to sign a pledge that they wouldn't do illegal campaign work while on state time.

This started just two months after law enforcement officials raided the Madison home of Walker aide Cindy Archer -- former deputy administration secretary and former chief aide while he was Milwaukee's County Executive.

Gov. Walker said on Wednesday, February 26th, the pledge had nothing to do with the raid.

"What we have is very similar to what was in place when I first came in that Gov. Doyle had. As far as my knowledge, they did not have a signed policy. I just think they had an overall policy, very similar to what we started out with," Gov. Walker said.

Walker has always denied knowing anyone was doing illegal campaign work.

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