Restaurants to donate to Humane Society in honor of “Hank the Dog”

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Wisconsin Humane Society

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — In honor of Milwaukee Brewers “Hank the Dog” and in support of local stray and unwanted animals, Sobelman’s Pub & Grill (1901 W. St. Paul Avenue, Milwaukee) and Pizza Man (2597 N. Downer Avenue, Milwaukee) will each donate $10 for every Brewers home run in the 2014 season to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

While home runs were down last season (due to injuries and the loss of Ryan Braun’s bat for much of the season) both restaurants expect the Brewers to hit approximately 200 home runs in the 2014 season making their approximated total donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society $2,000 each; both Sobelman’s and Pizza Man hope for even more home runs and will be cheering for the team to break their all-time single season home run record (231 in 2007)!

The purpose of the donations is to support and raise awareness for local stray and unwanted animals. “Hank the Dog” has captured the hearts and minds of many Brewers fans and people across the country and it seems his destiny not only to fit in as a Brewers “team player” but also as an ambassador for animals such as himself prior to walking onto the field in Maryvale…lost, alone, unwanted, unloved.

Both Sobelman’s and Pizza Man hope other local animal-loving businesses are encouraged to join in the campaign, to benefit either the Wisconsin Humane Society or MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) in honor of “Hank the Dog”.


  • More free advertisement for Sobleman!

    Has the thought EVER crossed anybody’s mind, that this dog MIGHT just belong to someone? Anybody ever think of returning it to it’s owner, or are we going to milk this story for all it’s worth, despite the fact that your star player lied to us about steroid use?

    • Jay Lemere

      Chill out. They’ve been looking for the owners since they found him. Plus this story has gotten a ton of media attention. If the owners wanted the dog they would’ve already gotten him. So relax

    • Bridget

      a responsible OWNER would have had the dog microchipped or would have had a collar and tag on the dog.
      Good for Sobelmans and Pizza man for helping our community shelter with the care of it’s unwanted stray dogs!

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