Making energy-efficient, move-in-ready & affordable homes

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Instead of paying for the electricity and gas your house uses, what if you actually got paid for the energy your house creates? That’s just a portion of what Layton Boulevard West Neighbors’ “Turnkey Renovation Program” has been doing since 2008. The group is very close to finishing the transformation of their twelfth home by making it energy efficient, move-in ready and affordable. Studio A's Brian Kramp takes a closer look.


  • Mark Potochnik

    It would be nice to know where this nice home is. A Net Zero home is the only kind of home that I would consider. It is nice to know that an old home can be converted. There is also a safety aspect to it. IF there is a power outage, you won’t freeze. I would love to have batteries for at night….

  • Mark Potochnik

    Add one thing… Read the stories about people paying fortunes on propane. NEVER will happen with a home like this….. Yet Scott Walker wants to give loans for high priced propane. Add more solar and power your Electric Car too….

  • Dan Adams

    The home is located in the Burnham Park neighborhood near 33rd & Rogers. It’s a half a block from beautiful Burnham Park and Rogers Field, within 2 blocks of El Rey Supermarket, multiple quality schools within a few blocks, and only a few minutes from downtown Milwaukee.

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