Senate approves bill to create mental health board

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Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex

MADISON (AP) — The Wisconsin State Senate has approved a bill that would take control of the troubled Milwaukee mental health complex away from the county board and give it to a group of medical professionals, patients and family members.

The bipartisan proposal passed unanimously Tuesday, March 11th comes after six patients died at the facility in 2012.

Opponents to the bill, including the union that represents nurses and workers at the complex, say control should not be taken away from elected local officials on the Milwaukee County Board.

In addition to creating the new board to run the facility, the bill would also require an extensive audit be done by Dec. 1 that would consider whether the state should take over operations.

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  • Ted

    Why do all of these articles breeze over the fact that Walker perpetuated these problems as county executive, including trying to stall the investigation of a death of a resident as he was afraid of the political fallout?

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