Wisconsin schools may see longer days, shorter years

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MADISON (AP) — A bill that would allow Wisconsin schools to extend school days and shorten school years to save money is up for a vote in the Senate this week.

The bill would get rid of the requirement that schools teach for 180 days or lose state funding. Schools are still required to teach the same number of hours under the bill.

Another change under the law allows the state Department of Public Instruction to fund remedial courses and interim school sessions. The package is being viewed as a cost saving measure for districts that have seen state funding decrease in recent years.

Three Democrats joined the bill’s Republican sponsors, and DPI and other education groups have voiced strong support for the proposal.


  • Steven

    wow another COMMON CORE great idea, wow how much lower on the education list can we slump….guess we will see soon enough

  • Meg W.

    Classes are already 7 hours per day. Plus most students have 1-2 hours of extracurricular activity after school (band, sports, forensics, etc.). Add in at minimum 1-2 hours of homework, and you are at an average of 9-11 hour days for those students. Not to mention many high school students work afterschool jobs or are required by their parents to partake in daily chores. When is a kid able to find the time to…just be a kid?

  • Linda L

    10 hours in school? That is rediculus! Kids can’t concentrate that long. A 10 hour day is long even for an adult. Don’t take adult problems out on children.

  • christine

    I don’t think its right .What will there summer be .How will a 5 yr old handle being at school longer.Are these schools going to push out snacks for them cuz they decided that they need this .They have already pulled so much away from schools to the point where 4k no longer gets lunch to the point where parents have to buy printer paper and other things for the school on top of school supplies .

  • Sarah

    What are we doing? This is not solution! Our students will be fried. Come on! How about we find a country that has a successful educational system and observe what they are doing.

  • Christine

    Where are they reporting a 10 hour school day? I was unaware of this fact. I work in a school and think adding minutes, not hours, to our day would benefit kids and teachers greatly. This would not necessarily mean shorten the school year, but there is not enough time to teach kids everything that is required in the first place. Giving kids the time to learn is important rather than rushing through to get to summer. Our school goes through the middle of June and I do not mind at all. Summer in Wisconsin does not even begin until the end of June anyways. Adding an additional 30 minutes or so to each school day can significantly increase the amount of potential learning and hours upon hours of valuable education. Adding three hours? Not practical.

  • Linda

    hope they plan on using that extra time for snack time because my 5 year old is starving when she gets home!! these kids dont need longer days they just need quality education in the time they are there. why do the need a longer summer break? Parents already are scrambling to find care for their children for the summer.

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