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Two teens shot to death after altercation on city’s north side

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Two teenagers, a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, were shot to death at an apartment building near 27th and Vliet St. on Milwaukee's north side Wednesday afternoon, March 12th. A third person, a 21-year-old man, is in custody.

FOX6 News has learned there was an argument between a 39-year-old maintenance man and the three individuals. The argument escalated and eventually, one person was beating the maintenance man with a baseball bat while the other two held the man down. That's when the maintenance man pulled out a gun and shot the victims.

The maintenance man is being treated for injuries at a hospital. Police say he is cooperating with investigators.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says someone captured video of the assault and shooting. It is now being reviewed as evidence in this case.

FOX6 News spoke with Joseph Hearns Jr. -- who says he is related to the 19-year-old man shot and killed.

"The young man was my nephew's son, and (the female was) his baby's mother," Hearns said.

Hearns came to the scene on Wednesday -- looking for answers.

"I heard so many sides of it so I`m not sure what to believe at this point," Hearns said.

FOX6 News spoke with a man who heard the fight from a nearby furniture store. He didn't want to talk with FOX6 on camera, but says he ran when he heard screaming. When he got to the stairwell, he says he saw the 17-year-old and the 19-year-old on the ground.

That man says he recognized the shooter as a maintenance worker he's spoken with before. He says the man was waving a gun, looking confused -- his face bloody.

"We don`t know what precipitated the assault. We don`t know every detail of it. We do know that the maintenance man did sustain injuries and we did capture the assault on him on video. The video also captured the shooting," Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn says the investigation continues, and says this case will be reviewed by the District Attorney's Office in the coming days.


  • smashmouth17

    Maybe the rent wasn’t paid and the person/landlord representative was changing the locks and the victims didn’t like that??? So they started beating the victim not thinking about any consequence. pure conjecture of course

  • Justin

    you people are sick nobody has the right too kill somebody you don’t know the real story & the young teen is a mother

    • james

      Maybe that young mother should have used her head before taking part in the assault of another person

    • shawn

      Sick? What’s sick is two people beating someone bloody in the first place. The police should have been called to the scene prior to escalation to prevent the matter from occurring in the first place. Situations like this indicate why society has laws.

  • Praying for the lost Souls!

    Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! The Devil has so many people! Young People, Turn to God, and Get Saved Before It Is Too Late, It Could Have Been You or You, or You!

  • Mar

    Nisha …. As a whole the community is fall from heartless. The fact that you can justify a means of defense as shooting a gun in the air to scare them or shoot their foot! Their adrenaline rush will let them do more damage and continue to beat this poor man trying to defend himself. Remember it’s 3:1 and if it were you and you had a gun that would be the measure you use because you are trying to save yourself from the 3 heartless individual who have beaten an innocent man. I guess we can easily blame the victim because he should have been at home not walking the streets in a war zone where the youth are committing the senseless crimes. These individuals would likely not amounted to anything but more than aggressive criminals! The one who survived needs to count their “blessings” that they are still alive and do something more productive with their life. These individuals are pure animals. I feel bad for the families that have to live in that environment… My advice take any chance to leave and break free of their environment and never look back!

      • Mar

        Sorry for multiple typos! But I am sick and tired of the victims being “in the wrong.” He did the right thing and it was in self defense.

    • momo


  • Meghan

    You have to protect yourself at all times. Because of bull like this. Whatever the circumstances that led to this, getting beat with a baseball bat trying to fight 3 people at the same time definitely means use deadly force. Young people start using your head before you do Any and everything. Teens are out of control but now a days parents can not control their children’s every move.

  • Sheila Moyet

    It’s time for us to put a stop to the thugs and criminals taking over our streets and homes. For all of you who say that self defense shootings are wrong…you would think differently if it were you or one of your loved ones being targeted. It time for these thugs to realize they can’t just go on terrorizing people.

    • Gary D. Hamilton

      The more wastes of humanity like these two gone the better. I was the victim of a physical assault while driving for our cities transit system. It happened in 2006. I have PTSD and sustained head injuries from this. I am forty nine years old and in the early stages of dimentia because of the head injuries. I started working at twelve years old with paper routes, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, and other part time jobs. After high school I served in the United States Air Force. After the military I always worked a full time job and a part time job at the same time to provide for my family. These four thugs took away my lively hood. A day doesn’t go by that I wish they were dead.

  • milton

    There’s no reason to be shocked at this event. Men, boys, Women, girls, babies die all the time all around the world, even in the most heinuos fashions. As long as this earth turns so will the people in. Nothing happens by chance. It was not by chance these two teens fell into this situation. They chose this situation, not factoring that this could happen to them. (THINK PEOPLE! ) and walked right into it. God forgive us all, the teens who chose to beat up someone, and the man who killed those teens.

  • Hontas

    Regardless Of What people say, don’t nobody really knows what happened but the people at the crime scene. The news can tell you people anything and you will sure believe which tells a lot about people nowadays that nobody really thinks for themselves anymore. Just let the media outlets think for you so you can throw your brain away. R.I.H. My Angels Until We Meet Again!!!!

    • EdwardK

      They said they have video of the entire incident so, there are no excuses for these POS thugs. They got what they deserved by a guy trying to protect his life from 3 thugs. Maybe if people fought back more, these POS criminals would think twice before they act as it could cost THEM THEIR life.

  • glacier1

    @ Justin
    You’re right, I don’t know the real story. But don’t come on here spilling your silly rhetoric that “nobody has a right to kill somebody”. I have the natural born right to LIFE – just like you and everyone else on this planet has that same right. That means I will defend my life against serious harm from ANYONE, at ANYTIME, in ANYWAY. Period! And if in defending my life I take someone else’s life, than so be it. Call it what you will, but I have a right to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones.

    Shoot in the air? Shoot the foot? Please stop watching movies. Or have you been listening to VP Biden? You are ill-informed. In a crisis situation, like where your’re being beaten to death, do really think your’re going to think about trying to aim for a foot? Here’s a hypothetical: You are being brutally beaten by a someone twice your size and a kitchen knife is within arms length of you. Are you going to just verbally threaten your attacker with something like; “stop or I’ll grab this knife and stab you”? I doubt it. I’m almost certain that as you battle for your life you are not going to think twice about grabbing that knife and wield it at your attacker with every remaining ounce of strength you have left. And I guarantee you are not going be concerned about whether you cut the attacker in the hand or slice his/her neck wide open. Stop fooling yourself, Nisha.

    For what’s it worth to some… police officers are trained to shoot center mass and shoot until the threat is stopped. Guess what? That’s the same way it’s taught to students in concealed carry classes…
    Don’t believe me, ask any police officer.

    It’s pretty basic folks… If you feel your life is in imminent danger, you have a right to protect yourself at all costs. If your choice of defense is a gun, then you shoot center mass and shoot until the threat is stopped. You don’t shoot to kill, nor do you shoot to wound, and you certainly don’t shoot to scare.

  • Hontas

    All these negative comments are bs like I said before just be mindless won’t you. You don’t know the real story so you shouldn’t say nothing.

  • Russ

    they definetly got what they deservred. screw these little pun bIt(hes think there tuff? if there really looking to prove themselves GO TO SCHOOL. Godspeed to the victim of this sick attack.

  • Love one another forgive

    Everyone’s so angry now and days, walking around hopeless, and acting like someone ownthem something, both sides someone could have used their wisdom and walked away at skme point, Love is what most people.need and looking for and it shows big time, everyone was wrong and everyone have to answer to someone now, the deceased now how to answer to God and the survivors have to answer to Judges its sad. Love one another, do the right thing!

    • Meghan

      Sad situation all around but from what it is written he was being held down so I guess it would of been hard to just ” Walk away”.

  • Tania

    Wishful thinking! After you get attacked with a bat by 3 people then update us if your’re alive to speak about it. I’m sure the maintenance man will have nightmares forever this was his reality not ours!!

    Proverbs 1:16 For their feet run to evil, And they make haste to shed blood. God Bless all involved!

  • Santana

    People are stupid I’m reading theses comments and y’all know that man wasn’t wrong at all 3 people beating him for real doe I would of shot to kill to its either u get me or I get u an best believe u going first people need to train their children to respect their elders instead of harming them he aint wrong and I hope the D.A see where he coming from and let him go and if the families stupid enough to wanna go there with that man if he got to shoot them to I’m just being honest period

  • momo


  • repair guy

    The poor maintenance guy was the victim. All he was doing was trying to help make their neighborhood a better place and being attacked by three thugs intent on beating him to death is the thanks he gets. I know what it is like to work in bad neighborhoods and you always are risking your life to do your job. This man is a hero. If hadn’t defended himself he would probably be dead and these murderous thugs would be looking for their next victims. He may have taken two lives in self defense but more than likely saved countless others with his bravery. May God bless him and guide him amen.

  • Scottyboy

    I work with him and know him well come to work with me on 27th and vliet Ihave to pass through 15 thug drug dealing teens to go to work

  • Scottyboy

    He went there for a plumbing inspection the thugs that just got evicted for not paying their rent for 6 months are the ones who jumped on him he had nothing to do with there situation they dident care they took out their misfortunes on him he has a permit to carry a wepon now you know why he does when someones smashing ur face in with a baseball bat with two others holding you down and you have a wepon are you going to shot in the air hmmm I think not

  • John

    “That’s when the maintenance man pulled out a gun and shot the victims.”…….If the story holds true as stated in this report the thugs who beat the maintenance man near death are NOT victims…they are simply the DECEASED. The maintenance man was the only victim here and lawfully defended himself with deadly force to defend his life……its insulting to his victim’s rights to refer to the thugs who beat him as victims. A great case for concealed carry (whether he had a CCW permit or not)….nice shots man!

  • carea

    Everyone can have a say in this incident but at the end of the day two young people are gone and one day we will all answer to a higher power for all things done on earth no matter what !

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