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Magazine censored at Brookfield grocery store over cover

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- The most recent issue of Milwaukee Magazine is being censored by one area Sendik's store -- simply because of the photo on the cover.

The shot features two women, both wearing wedding gowns, with their foreheads touching and one woman's hands on the other woman's waist. After at least one complaint, Sendik's in Brookfield decided to place a blackboard in front of the magazine.

The March issue of Milwaukee Magazine covers same-sex marriage.

"We were sort of expecting some controversy with this cover," said Abby Callard with Milwaukee Magazine.. "Right away you see, these are two brides getting married at the Milwaukee Art Museum."

The issue hit store shelves and Callard got a call Tuesday, March 11th that the Brookefield Sendik's store had censored the magazine cover.

The store tells FOX6 the decision was made after receiving a customer complaint. A manager says it is store policy to place blackboards over any magazine reported as inappropriate.

"I don't know why anyone would see an image of two women in wedding dresses on the cover of a magazine as offensive or objectionable," said Kurt Chandler, editor of Milwaukee Magazine.

Sendik's has since removed the blackboard after push-back from other customers.

"It's kind of created an interesting conversation around the issue, which is always good," said Callard. "There is legalized same-sex marriage for a lot of states, but it's still a really big issue for a lot of people and I think this sort of shows that."

Sendik's says in the past it has covered up issues of Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan. Management maintains the policy is to cover any magazines drawing even one complaint.


  • Empowerment for Children

    We must allow our children to grow up according to how they feel loved best. To force them to love an orientation they don’t connect with is abusive and sadly creates suicidal tendencies when they don’t feel accepted. I implore you Wisconsinites, please give your children the love they deserve and let them decide for themselves.

  • Empowerment for Children

    Jane, I understand it is difficult to accept imagery that goes against the one man-one woman policy and thank you for your courage to share your opinion. Please consider the fact that according to, “highly rejected LGBT young people were
    more than 8 times as likely to have attempted suicide”. I may not be able to change your viewpoint, but please owe it to yourself and children to be tolerant of other orientations.

    • Rob H

      If you had actually rwead Jane’s comments you would have noted she isn’t pushing her views/opinons on others, they are her views, she was just stating them. If more people weren’t so intolerent of other’s views, as you seem to be, the world would be a better place. Just my view.

  • Ummmm

    Being a fairly modest person, I was more offended by the TIME magazine cover of the mother breastfeeding her 4 year old! It’s only a big deal to kids if you make it one. If you don’t mention it, they probably wouldn’t even notice and go on with their lives. Some people just have to cause problems when it really shouldn’t matter.

  • Jane

    I’m not a hater and I teach my kids not to hate, but…that doesn’t mean it’s terrible that my kids and I are uncomfortable around it. We would never treat anyone differently than we would want to be treated, but the fact of the matter is, we’re still uncomfortable around it. We just politely hide it well. No different than being uncomfortable around other things that bother us for some reason, but we’re always respectful. I don’t think people should be called haters or should have to apologize for the way they feel. I do think they should be respectful though.

    • Jane

      No both my kids AND I are uncomfortable. My kids are in college. I figured someone would comment that they learned it from me. If you asked my kids they would tell you that if anything, I’m a supporter of the LGBT community. They think that because since they were little, anytime they would make negative comments, I would tell them it’s not polite and people cannot help their orientation, they are born with it. I also countlessly discussed the effects of bullying and the suicide rate for those who have no support behind them. So Brad, you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s so easy to assume. Yes, I am still uncomfortable, but I hide my discomfort even around my children. My children have a mind of their own and have chosen to have their own thoughts. Either way, they are still respectful and that’s what counts. We don’t all have to agree with each other, but I believe we should be respectful. And…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. Also, just to clarify, I am not the Jane who posted first in the comments.

    • Jane

      Deb, apparently you didn’t read my entire post. That’s the easy way out to say, “You taught them that”. Whatever, get over it. Either way people don’t have to be ashamed of the way they feel. Now you’re telling people how to raise their kids and that’s not right. Again, being respectful is what matters.

    • chach

      You kids aren’t “uncomfortable” around it. They learned to be uncomfortable around it by taking cues from you, as you learned from someone else.

  • megan

    What is offensive about 2 ladies in wedding dresses? Younger kids probably won’t eben realize what the cover means if they even see the the magazine and think twice about. If your kids are older it is a good time to talk with them about how judgemental and unfair the world is. Just because it is illegal in our state that doesn’t make it offensive.. Would you be offended by a picture of 2 kids getting married?

  • cynic

    I’m offended because I’ve never seen a lesbian couple who were that attractive. Where’s the one with the buzzcut and tux? And the bride doesn’t even have tattoos. At least be honest with the article.

    • Alice

      Cynic I belive that you are just stereotyping but I could be wrong, me and my wife do not have any tattoo’s and niether of us have ever shaved our heads and on the day that we were married we both were wearing wedding dresses.

  • max

    And we now know why BULLYING still exists…. Thank you Jane… I’ll be sure not to send my kids to what ever school YOURS attend…

  • Kellie

    PLEASE don’t lump all Christians together! Only the people who completely miss the entire basis of Christs’ teachings would find that magazine cover offensive. People are so busy looking for wrong in other people, they forget to take a quick glance in the mirror where their nasty offensive judgment is like a huge dirt stain on their face…

    • Kim W

      You realize not all Christians believe homosexuality is a sin right? That isn’t a “Christian” belief. It is a belief some Christians have, but there is no real Biblical justification for it.

  • chach

    You’re right. It’s probably much better for them to stare at photos of Kim Kardashian with her skirt hiked up her a**, reality shows where people marry strangers, and tabloids covering thousand of hetero affairs. Those are far less offensive.

  • Russell

    So does this mean if I call Sendik’s and complain that the images on all the gun magazines offend me, they’ll put big black boards in front of them?

  • Brian Connolly

    Where can I get the video of the interviews that were done by Sendicks, I can’t seem to find it on your site.

  • chad

    JANE ROCKS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If the cover makes someone uncomfortable, they don’t need to explain why. And they certainly don’t need people telling them they are wrong for feeling that way. Talk about bullying…geez.

  • ..

    I’m straight as an arrow, i have 3 beautiful children and have been married 13 beautiful years. Love is and let live. it’s not anyones business who the next person loves and or marries, as long as they love eachother, they are good people and respect one another who cares? Why do people make a big fuss about something that is not your business? i just don’t get it…………..

  • Zippy the Lizard

    Excellent point Max. And @Rob H… I agree that people have become way to intolerant to other people’s views. This in the name of “tolerance”.

  • Scoobert Doo

    So if a white person complained about a picture of a black person on the cover then the store would cover it? You could complain about any thing and get the magazines covered – that woman’s knees offend me, cover them up! – that person has red hair, cover them up! – I have the opposite view of that article title, cover it up!

  • viki

    Before i clicked on this story,i was expecting they censored a mag with private parts showing.WoW Cesoring this?What`s the saying?Oh yes,if you do not like dont look.I really dont think this cover is harmfull!I think a uptight person saw and had nothing better to complain about that day!So The person complained about thisGet a LIfe!

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