Barrett urges Milwaukeeans to clean up “lasagna problem”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Thousands of visitors will be piling into Milwaukee next week to catch some NCAA action. Now, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is calling upon people who live in the city to help clean the house before our guests arrive.

"I call it the lasagna problem because you have snow, then you have debris, then you have more snow, and more debris and more snow and more debris," said Barrett.

March truly is not the prettiest of months for Midwest cities. Piles of winter trash line the roads -- and aren't exactly a welcoming vision for visitors.

"I think it's just like your home. Anytime you have visitors come to your home, you want to make sure that things are picked up," said Barrett. "And we're going to have a lot of people visiting our home and we want to make sure things are picked up."

Barrett says that's why the Department of Public Works will have a special crew out next week -- to clean up the downtown area. But you can help dunk the debris too! In fan, Mayor Barrett is hoping you do.

"Youth groups, scouting groups, church groups, all sorts of groups can get out there and do get out there to help us clean up the streets and the parks," said Barrett.

Barrett says all the effort makes for a better city -- and a pristine tournament setting that could pay off in future tourism.

"Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful" will also have teams out cleaning up next week. Though officials there say it's not specifically because of the NCAA tournament -- it's just time to start sprucing up.


    • micaceous

      we need warm weather to start permanent pothole repairs. Cold patches are only temporary and usually break up again in a relativley short period of time.
      Cleaning our city is something we can all do throughout the year.

  • M

    Very good point Harvey. Again, Barrett opens his mouth and begins to speak before he thinks. It’s like having guests over for lasagna and the front steps are all broke

  • Brittius

    I’m of Sicilian heritage and highly insulted over the derogatory “Lasagna” comment. In fact, it is an outrage that the Italian-Americans might take up with Bozo during the next election cycle. Why doesn’t come out and say how much he hates Greaseball Guinea WOPs?

    • Cindy

      Hell yes , get those CONVICTS out there – they sit up there 24/7 resting – untill the day they get put back on the street to ROB SELL AND DO what ever it is they do – but for sure make the SHYTS work …

  • Sully

    Fill the pot holes with the garbage. 2 birds with 1 stone. How’s that making people pay for “extra” garbage cans working out? SMH!

  • Hooptie Pete

    The lazy ghetto filth thinks their ghetto litter disappears in the snow and then come spring it’s back… I urge Tom Barrett to quit focusing on only the inner city.

  • Stupid Flanders

    It’s a fact: people who ride trains litter 74% less than non-train riding folk. You can look it up. Now let’s build Tommy’s trains!!!

  • Grace

    The same street cement problems for years more than 10 so now they want teens and churches to help?where is the help for homeless?inner city centers to keep youth safe?now he’s given inmate duties to all,yes inmates should work but they sit on their behind getting free everything from hustling ,no thanks homey NCAA can pre pay to play in this tournament!

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