Parent with CCW accused of bringing gun into Riverside H.S.

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A Milwaukee parent is accused of bringing a loaded firearm into Riverside High School. The man is a concealed carry permit holder who says he entered the school forgetting he had the weapon on his person.

40-year-old John Guyton has been charged with possession of a firearm on the grounds of a school — a felony charge.

Milwaukee police officers on March 13th were dispatched to Riverside High School for a gun complaint.

Officers spoke with the school safety assistant assigned to front door security. According to the criminal complaint against Guyton, the woman told police she observed Guyton, a parent, enter the school, sign into the MPS log book and walk toward the scanner. The safety assistant told police the man then grabbed at his right side waistband area, turn quickly to his right, and run out of the school.

The complaint says the safety officer told police she observed Guyton place an object under the front passenger seat.

The complaint says the safety officer stopped Guyton at the door as he attempted to re-enter the school, and told him he could not enter the school because she thought he had a gun. The complaint says Guyton told her it was not a gun, but rather a switchblade he forgot he had.

Police were able to recover a firearm from the vehicle parked in the school’s parking lot. According to the complaint, the firearm was a black Glock .40 caliber loaded with 15 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

The complaint indicates the firearm was previously reported stolen.

Police spoke with Guyton, who said he had come to the school to pick up his daughter, and had forgotten he had the gun on his person.

Guyton is a valid concealed carry permit holder.

If convicted of the felony charge against him, Guyton faces a maximum of three years and six months in prison, and/or a maximum of $10,000 in fines.


  • Kenesha Houston

    CONCEAL AND CARRY is legal in the city of Milwaukee. This Father has a permit to carry a firearm, and admittedly forgot to leave an unseen object in the car. This Father clearly had no ill intent, as he returned to the school to pick his daughter up, after being accosted by “security”. I think that more of a story would be the fact that the man’s daughter was offered money by a “security aid”, right inside of Riverside, to keep his proposal to her, to be his girlfriend, though she’s only 15 years old. This “security aid” should’ve been more concerned with protecting this man’s child from her predatory co-worker, than trying to guess what a parent had in their possession. Especially if the parent left the school and re-entered clean. That’s more of a story, that I’d be interested in seeing the MPD take action on. This was clearly an honest mistake, on the part of this parent, and will undoubtedly be exonerated of all charges. Especially since this has happened at Riverside High before, within the past 30 days.

  • 2econd

    sounds like he was barely in the door when he realized he had it on him, went back to the car and disarmed. so whats the problem?? now the fact that he had a switch blade, which IS illegal in this state, should be the item he is going to have to answer for, if thats truely what it was. not saying that the media has ever gotten a story twisted around to make it sound more “juicy”.

  • John Oscar

    The law as it stands right now states no carry of a firearm, knife, or ammo on school grounds. It is the responsibility of the person carrying the firearm to obey all posting laws and not carry where it is forbidden to include schools, police stations, secured mental health facilities, and courthouses.
    I believe the law should be amended to allow people who have a CCW to be allowed to carry concealed on school property. I can’t recall a single school shooting where a person walked into a school like Neo in “The Matrix” and pulled an arsenal out from under a long coat.

  • Makeisha Gross

    These are the types of stiories you waste your time producing? This should not even be a discusssion. The father clearly made a mistake and when he went tried to correct it (by taking it back to the car) he still suffered consquences. If there is any issue here, it is why have the conceal to carry law if there are still going to be these provisions put in place? Also, the cops should have been arresting the security aide who was making sexual advances at the daughter instead of her father. This story is totally absurd and make FOX 6, the reporter who reported it, Riverside, and MPD look idiotic.

  • Blaine S

    Leave it to Wisconsin to turn a simple honest mistake into a life changing felony. All because of a “feel good” law that will never have any positive impact.

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