State warning of fake eviction notices that come by email

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- If you rent an apartment or a home, you better know your rights! Landlord-tenant laws in Wisconsin are meant to protect you -- but fear of eviction is getting people in trouble.

Melissa Erickson shared her story with FOX6 News in September because building inspectors were evicting her and another family.

The building was deemed uninhabitable.

The landlord claimed to be unaware of the problem -- and then didn't show up when inspectors had requested.

This is a rare case -- one that makes the news.

FOX6's Contact 6 doesn't cover landlord-tenant issues, because there are just too many.

Instead, Contact 6 gives folks numbers to contact building inspectors.

When a tenant says they are being unjustly evicted, Contact 6 tells them to get all of their information together, and present it to a judge.

But now, the state is warning people about fake eviction notices.

They come by email, and claim you are going to be kicked off the premises "due to multiple violations."

The email then prompts you to click on an attachment to see the details of the violation.

FOX6's Contact 6 says don't do it!

The link has software that will infect your computer.

Eviction notices never come by email -- and it's an empty threat. Don't let your fear invite thieves into your personal information.

If this has happened to you, you're urged to file a complaint with Wisconsin Consumer Protection.

CLICK HERE to access the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's website.


  • jimmy

    what about the citys false fines!!! dns has been fining my property with out telling me… there web page says they must let me know whats wrong with my property before they fine us!!!! well they dont.. they just put on my taxes??? they have no prof of the fines but still want me to pay or ((( they will take my property for not paying fines…??? i pay the taxes but will not pay fines!!

    they said i have a vacant building?? its my house and work shop as the land is zoned sc special commercial property!!!!

    i had a date for inspection of vbr property.. I called and said i have be occupying this property for a year now!!! he asked to see inside.. i said no. this property is not vacant!!! your not going in my privet property!!! he said then they will just fine me… i said you cant im here for this meeting.. ((( even tho i didnt have to )) property is not vacant!!! its privet!! he said that he will fine me anyway even tho the letter said if im not there then i will be fined?? so he says if i dont pay they will make me pay from my property tax!!! ((( thats extrotion ))) making someone pay for sevices they didnt ask for!! im having more problems then this!! this is against my right as a home owner.. harasment/extrotion… i need help!!! this dns has a scam going on taking houses from owners because of non payment of fines on taxes!!!! something needs to be done about this… i will be suing worker privetly and then the dns!!

    I NEED HELP this is not all of the problems were having!!! pleases help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well i know you wont take part in this but thanks for reading this any ways!!

  • Michael Brown

    I’m hoping to get some kind of assistance I’m suppose to be under a legitimate 1 year lease I’ve payed first month & security deposit & I also gave them the rent for April in advance it’s April 5th and they have just handed me a 29day notice to vacate I spoke with Elijah Mohammad Rashaed today & he doesn’t have any explanation as to why me & my son have to vacate please email me some kind of information that will help regarding my situation Thank you & may God bless us all.

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