Police say four-year-old shot near 45th & Locust is in grave condition

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police now say a 4-year-old child shot near 45th and Locust on Milwaukee's north side is in grave condition at a local hospital.  Police previously said the 4-year-old died Wednesday evening, March 19th, but an updated release from the department shortly before 11:00 p.m. that night listed the child in grave condition.

Police believe a group of juveniles were playing with a handgun when the four-year-old was shot. They believe the shooting was accidental.

Police do not know whether the shooting was self-inflicted, or whether another child shot the four-year-old.

One adult woman was transported from the scene by ambulance. It is believed she is a family member overcome with grief after the shooting.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

The shooting happened shortly after 5 p.m.

Police have recovered the handgun involved.

"I don't know if you know the family or say prayers for the family, but I'm sure they would appreciate it at this point," Jutiki Jackson with MPD said.

Tracey Dent is a community activist who lives near the shooting scene. He came by on Wednesday evening to offer his support to the family.

"It's heartbreaking. If they need a vigil or they need a pastor or any other kind of resources, I'm their go-to person," Dent said.


    • Dana

      Really kind of u just to take time out of your busy schedule to of your concerns Thank you for ur support I’m not and family member but I do live in Milwaukee and I have six grandchildren and pray that we and them make it through this madness if I had one wish it would to move out of this state but how could u when you do even make enough money to even consider so with the pray of stars that’s show me that you as a person have a big heart

  • ..

    Ummm why were juviniles playing with a gun in the first place? why were juviniles playing with a gun around a 4 yr old? Where did the juviniles get ahold of this gun? where was the supervision in that house while juviniles are playing with a gun? Hope CPS takes a good hard look into that house hold and i hope the little boy makes it through this….

    • naquida moffett

      I’m his sister for one thing it did not happen at his HOMEEEEE so there for you people that’s have foul things to say can just shut up. thanks for everyone who’s praying

  • jb

    How much longer before we do a better job of keeping the youth out of harms way with guns??! Too negligent of providing the proper safety for the kids. No way there should be gun access to a 4 year old child. Unfortunately, this will not be the last incident of a child harming themselves with a self inflicted wound with a gun.

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