NCAA visitors share their thoughts about Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Thousands of tourists descended upon Milwaukee for the NCAA basketball tournament, and many visitors are experiencing the city for the very first time. So what do they think?

"It's awesome. I love how it's a city feel but it's a little more spread out, not as congested."

"We love exploring here."

"Just the friendliness of everybody. The whole environment, such a good time. Everyone is so nice."

"We enjoy the architecture. It's really surprisingly beautiful. We really like it here."

"We had a great time. We lost and it was a bad game but with that said, we are honored that we came to the tournament. The seafood down at the market place, the seafood down there was awesome. We drowned our sorrows in shellfish."

"First time in Milwaukee and definitely want to come back."

The next round of games continues Saturday featuring Wisconsin vs. Oregon and Michigan vs. Texas. A limited number of tickets were recently made available for tomorrow's match-ups.


  • jon

    U mean to your house?? We all should feel lucky that these people are enjoying our city, not making rude comments like you. obviously there’s more to Milwaukee than the north side. We are lucky to have some awesome attractions right here in our backyard.

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