Opening Day a national holiday? 100,000 signatures collected

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(CNN) — Baseball fans have stepped up to the plate — collecting the necessary 100,000 signatures for a campaign to make Opening Day a national holiday.

The deciding signature came from a person in San Marcos, California.

The petition kicked off less than a month ago, with Budweiser and Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith.

The White House will have to make a decision on this matter, which could take a few months.

Opening Day for the 2014 baseball season is March 31st.


  • Sharon Devitt

    What a joke. How stupid can you get? It’s just a dumb game most of us can’t even afford to watch except on tv. With all that can be honored, don’t waste any time on such a biased propaganda campaign.

    • Cheri

      THIS!!!! I came here to say the exact same thing. Thank you, that’s exactly what most people who are SANE are thinking right now. Next thing you’ll see is some jock idiots creating a “Packers” holiday and lighting patron saint candles to them or something. It’s SICKENING!

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