Wisconsin 5th-largest importer of smuggled cigarettes

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KENOSHA (AP) — A report says Wisconsin is the country’s fifth-largest importer of smuggled cigarettes.

The report from the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organization, found 34.6 percent of the cigarettes sold in the state have been brought in from other states and haven’t been taxed, have been improperly taxed or were counterfeited. New York led the nation at 56.9 percent; Arizona was second at 51.5 percent.

Thirty states including Wisconsin have raised cigarette taxes over the last two years. Wisconsin’s tax has increased from 77 cents per pack to $2.52. One of the report’s authors says the disparity in price between low-tax and high-tax states is driving smuggling.

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  • Denny Dale Hoke jr

    cigarette taxes are way to high reason being is they no people are addicted and will pay the price are government are basically thieves here in Wisconsin and smokers and non smokers are paying the price.. cigarette taxes are not the only way the government has been stealing from Wisconsin residents and why is this not being investigated ??

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