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Loaded gun discovered in restroom of Elmbrook Church

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- The Brookfield Police Department is investigating an incident where a loaded gun was found in the bathroom of a church -- all while a program for children was in progress.

A church worker discovered the gun in a stall in the women's restroom on the main floor of Elmbrook Church on Wednesday, March 26th.

According to a police report, a female employee came out of the bathroom after finding the gun, and carried it to a volunteer worker at the front desk. The report indicates the woman was not practicing good muzzle control and asked the worker if the gun was real.

A supervisor overheard the incident, seized the gun, unloaded a full ammunition magazine and removed a live round from the chamber.

Police say this all happened while there was a program going on for children in first through fifth grade. They would have had access to the bathroom the gun was found in.

The teacher of a concealed carry class says he will now be using the incident to illustrate the importance of gun safety.

"It's a huge responsibility to carry a firearm if you go through proper training. I don't understand how someone would leave a firearm if you're carrying it safely in its holster or in a purse," said Pablo Valesquez. "If it's in a public place and children will have access to any bathroom stall or whatever it may be, and they get a hold of this firearm, of course something tragic could happen. I'm glad it didn't."

The police report indicates the gun owner called the church about 30 minutes after leaving the building, realizing she had left the gun. The woman was at the church for a bible study and allegedly told authorities she carries the gun on a clip in her waistband and took it off in the bathroom stall. Police say the woman was upset and indicated she could not believe she had done this.

"If you are going to be using a bathroom in a public setting, there has to be a way you have to consider where to put this firearm to be considered safe," said Valesquez.

Elmbrook Church released the following statement: We take the safety and security of our members and guests very seriously and believe that our internal protocols were followed and served to protect those in attendance that morning. No children were in the immediate area at the time of the incident.

The report indicates the woman was able to get her gun back from police. Police say it's now up to the District Attorney to determine if any charges will be filed.


  • Steven

    not really a stoy here, some woman who was legally conceal carrying removed it to take a dump, then simply forgot it in the stall, please do not act like the church and esp. brookfields finest stopped some mass shooting suspect….

    • Professor Frink

      umm yes it is a story. a loaded gun left in an upscale church bathroom by a licensed c&c while a program for children is going on? and those kids had access to this bathroom? and another person who doesn’t know if it’s real picks it up and carries it around while ‘not practicing good muzzle control’? yeah, it’s a story.

  • it's slinky!

    Have you ever seen that church? It’s ridiculous. I bet they have their own SWAT team. What would Jesus say if he came back today and saw all the suffering, homeless, starving people in the world and then saw this palace his SUV-driving ‘worshipers’ built? He’d smash it with his own 2 hands.

    • Jason

      You judge a place on it’s size? Really? Did you know it’s one of, of not THE biggest missions church in the U.S.? They didn’t build that big of a building to “show off” but to be able to accommodate their growth. This is no Joel Olsteen prosperity gospel church. It’s a missions-centered disciple-making church. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Jesus and how He lived should’ve taught you that if you’re actually a true believer.

  • Juls

    What the heck? She had a live round in the chamber? What is the purpose of that? To comment by it’s slinky, what exactly do you think Jesus say about your own heart? Clearly you know the heart of Jesus so well that live us oozing out if you.

    • patti green

      Here’s what Jesus would call all you gun toting, Lexus driving ‘followers’: phonies and hypocrites.

      • Jason

        Read your Bible and study who Jesus is before you make a fool out of yourself again and mis-represent Him. Not that it matters, but I attend there and I drive an early 2000 stratus with 300,000 miles on it. Your comment is null and void.

  • Crazy Johnny

    Every time a firearm is mentioned in the phony news media, oh, it is evil! No wonder why people along like me are getting fed up with BS media! And happy the phony media is losing advertising revenue! We are tired of the BS! SO WHAT A LOADED GUN WAS FOUND, SO WHAT IS THE POINT? United States has got the dumbest people in the world! Especially, the dumb down sheeple who watch controlled TV.

    • VL53081

      yes, i wish they would report all the non-evil gun stories in the news like… umm… let’s see… uhhh… gee there’s just so many unreported gun stories that have happy endings to choose from… how about sandy hook? oh wait, no that was evil…

      • 2econd

        there are many stories where peoples lives were saved because some dirt bag criminal was stopped dead in his tracks, but then again, that wouldnt fit the liberal agenda. as far as the leaving the gun in the bathroom, BIG mistake, luckly no one was hurt, there have been stories of this after a law enforcement officer left a bathroom. unfortunatly, it does happen from time to time.

  • Sandra

    Is there a reason a woman needs to carry a loaded gun to Bible study of all places? Yes this is a big deal, what if your child was one attending this church?? America is becoming a place where insanity is the norm.

    • 2econd

      ummm, sihk temple ring a bell? criminals tend to make their move in places they feel will be the least threat.

  • Terri H

    It could be her job that requires her to wear a gun, as for wearing one, sometimes it is hard for a woman to wear a holster that clips to the waist of the trousers, As for the reason for having it at the church can be because she just got off work, and did not have time to go home, And with all the thefts from vehicles, it is not appropriate to “leave it in the glove box” as years ago. The only reason it made a big deal about, it the factor of the children that were in the building at the time.

  • Believer

    I’ve attended that church since I was a young girl and I now have young children that attend there. Unfortunately better judgement was not used by the carrier. The first thing I would have felt for was my gun when I walked out of that stall. And Elmbrook is not only attended by high falutent Brookfield residents. I live in the city of Milwaukee and because of Elmbrooks mission to all walks of life I am comfortable there.

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