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Man accused of fatally shooting Ronnie Dunn claims self-defense

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Rodney Manns

Rodney Manns

Rodney Manns

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 37-year-old Rodney Manns of Milwaukee is charged with first-degree intentional homicide for allegedly killing Ronnie Dunn on Thursday, March 27th.

Dunn was found fatally shot in a vacant lot near 24th and Auer on the city’s north side. Police say five 9mm casings and a machete were found near Dunn’s body.

According to the criminal complaint, Manns told police “Dunn tried to rob him at gunpoint, and a struggle ensued between him and Dunn.” Manns admitted that during the struggle, “Dunn’s gun went off, firing one shot into the air.” He admitted to police that a neighbor eventually disarmed Dunn and that “he then shot Dunn with Dunn’s own handgun, claiming he did so in self-defense.”

If convicted, Manns faces up to life in prison.

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  • WHAT!

    What was the machete for. He’s trying to do a zimmerman with another weapon at the scene, not gonna work.

  • Kc

    Crazy!!!!!! Rodney is a good person and. Very hard working he would have never killed any one!! I’m devastated!!!!!!!!! Ugh bums

    • keeshmoe

      I know this guy he is a hard working man, who had his own business and was not a trouble maker at all. People feel they can just take peoples belonging that they work hard for. this is very sad and i hope they take it light on him. this could of been anyone of us in this situation, you never know how you would react until it’s you. People need to stop being so quick to judge a person whithout knowing their character. Sad situation.

  • None yo

    True this Ronnie clearly just got out of jail,he is a nothing and was on summin!!!!!! Why is he at Rodney house!!!??? Rodney is a hard worker not a murderer….smh

  • BA

    This robbery guy already killed before during robberies. This time he ran to the wrong one. Maybe he wasnt luck this time

  • Qiana

    Free Rodney !!!! I’ll be praying for his strongest strength, endurance, peace of mind and freedom that I know he will have, no one deserves to go to jail protecting everything that they have worked hard for like this man has. This can’t be his life. In prison? Nah!

  • JWOW

    Im from the same area he is a hard working man. Ronnie Dunn already killed somebody. Rodney was protecting his-self! Free rodney

    • Patrice Brown

      He was a drug dealer…..the police know it and the people that set him up knew it……he is going down for premeditated murder….He might as well be dead too…cause life in prison is no joy ride

  • None yo

    Rodney’s a good man ! Praying for this strength and the FAVOR of God rest upon him ! FREE MANNS !!!!

  • Free Manns!!!

    When people die, they always tried to bring the good out of people. If Ronnie, was a good person what he doing in the next man yard trying to rob him? Lol..

  • Free Manns!!!

    What if it was the other way around, your cousin killing Rodney. Would you still say your cousin a good guy?

  • JWOW

    I’m glad Rodney was able to live and God protected him! God let the good one live!! Ronnie was a demon on the loose! If he was happy in life he wouldn’t be trying to take from the next man. He got what he had coming! Now he will NEVER rob any one again. #freeRODNEY

  • Patrice Brown

    Self defense would not apply here ….because once Mr. Dunn was disarmed he was no longer a threat to Mr. Manns……I see it as premeditated murder….because a chase happened and during that chase Mr. Manns had decided he was gonna kill Mr. Dunn….He took the law into his own hands……Regardless of Mr. Dunn’s past….Mr. Mann had no right to take his life……Ronnie Dunn gave his life over to God Sunday March 23 and Mr. Manns acted as the known drug dealer that he is in our neighborhood and took a life…..Rodney should be given life in prison….because he took the law into his own hands….

    • JWOW

      Thats how lies spread bc of people like u. Rodney never had a weapon period, that knife didnt belong to Rodney. Ronnie leg was never chopped off! Every one has a past. Rodney work for a living something Dunn never did. Im out the neighborhood as well. I know for a fact Rodney was minding his own buisness until Ronnie tried to rob and kill him

  • Patrice Brown

    When you go to Wisconsin Court Access….and look up Mr. Mann…he has several drug convictions….which proves the theory that he was a drug dealer….is that the hard work he does …..He had no right to take someones life…once he disarmed the guy….and the guy ran…he had no right to chop his leg off and then shot him four times point blank….

    • blind side

      I truly understand what your saying, and people not thinking about how the law plays out. The way they see it is he killed and he could have held him there until the police arrived. I was a very very good friend of Manns. He worked hard and played hard.. and like Pat said he still sold drugs. I wouldn’t want him in jail, but he’s a grown Man that made his own choice of murder. (Not God) he did. Yes the streets are safe from one person but there’s a thousand more in every neighborhood. My point is nobody is angel in this case. So be mad or nah… it’s up to the judge and they will look at his record too. I just hope he don’t do life.

  • BA

    Lol…let the jury deside and i bet you they going to think, what if that was one of their family member getting robbed possibly killed.

  • santana

    Who is any body to talk respect god can only judge anybody let god get justice for him respect prays for the family my men is ronnie dunn first cousins alexander o

    • None yo bizzzzzz

      Justice? Would you be saying this if Ronnie got away with robbing Rodney? Prob not,save it!

  • BA

    I m done after this. God gave everybody five senses if you put yourself in that predictedment expect the wrost. Ronnie cause his own death hand!!!p

  • Meme dunn

    Thanks ms.brown & santana ….I don’t care wat am fa say wrong is wrong he didn’t have to kill my cousin … If Ronnie was robbing him he would’ve been punished for that just like he was punished for his past doing killing somebody u jus can’t got away wit it… And like I said my cousin was a good man and he was doing real good before you died into be honest he didn’t have a reason to rob anyone so we waitin on da real story…mfas a say anything to get out sum a mess up situation my cuzn dead who knows his side only God…n if Ronnie killed him he would b wrong n I wouldn’t b tryin to go bac n forth wit his family cause I didn’t no him to say many thing disrespectful… And like I said it was self-defense why run.?

  • Aw guy

    Anyone who believes that somebody is wrong for killing a robber is crazy it shouldn’t matter if he ran all the way home and got killed on his porch in his mamas lap. and you can believe what you want but I bet he will not do any more time then what he has to do until the case is over. and you’re right only God knows the real story that’s why one man is dead and one man is still alive. God takes care of his ownr

  • Mstaniesha

    Wow, these comments are harsh. I believe that we shouldn’t be quick to judge. I feel bad for both of them NEVER know what a person is going through. I know Rodney from highschool and as a adult. From what I know he was a good dude and doing good things. I pray for the victim soul and family as well as Rodney and his family. Let justice prevail and let’s be together as a people and a community

  • clarke st 4 life

    Listen pacman killed my friend years ago and went to jail for it so I dont feel bad for him at all you can’t keep trying to take from others…The good guy won this one

  • Patrice Brown

    At the end of the day…..Rodney Manns is going to prison….he has murder on his hands….Once he disarmed Mr. Dunn….he was no longer in danger…once he chopped Mr. Dunn with his machete …..he was intending to kill Mr. Dunn…after Mr. Dunn was on the ground from being beaten and chopped by the machete. Mr. Manns is going to jail for intentional homicide….unless he cops a plea….still with his record he will wished he never chased Mr. Dunn….its a big circle here….may Ronnie rest in peace now…no one knows what he deserved especially Mr. Manns…..RIP Ronnie you will always be my nephew!!!!

    • Aw guy

      your nephew is sorry and pitiful and he got what he deserved we shouldn’t have did it. How can you be so dumb to believe that and robbers an axe murderer would not be mad and come back for revenge anybody would have killed him can you will be lookin sorry in pitiful to when Rodney gets off with zero time in prison

  • Sarah

    Mann Ronnie was a hard worker and he was very good at what he did, so what maybe in his past he might have been a drug dealer but he over came that and was getting money the right way. Everytime a black man looking good have nice things it gotta be from drug money! NOT TRUE Ronnie work was very good and the houses that he worked on looked like MILLION DOLLAR HOMES WHEN HE FINISHED soooo the man was making good money off that! I just hope Ronnie make it home real Kool Dude……

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