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34-year-old man in custody after five-hour standoff in Cudahy

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CUDAHY (WITI) -- Cudahy police say they have taken into custody a 34-year-old man who had fired multiple shots from a home on S. Disch Ave. near E. Grange Ave. on Friday afternoon, April 4th.

Officials say the man had been video chatting via Facetime with someone when he made some suicidal comments and showed a gun. That led to police coming to the home.

Shots were fired by the man inside and outside of the house at various times during the incident. A 29-year veteran of the Cudahy Police Department was forced to return fire to stop the ongoing threat.

The South Shore Joint Tactical Unit and Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team responded and the surrounding residences were evacuated. After tactical officers deployed chemical munitions into the home and the front door was breeched, the man was taken into custody. He was taken to a hospital with a non-life threatening injury.  No officers were hurt.



A woman who lives in an apartment building across from where this is taking place, says she heard as many as seven shots fired earlier in the afternoon.

Cudahy Middle School is just two blocks away. Students were out of the building Friday because of a teacher in-service. Staff had been alerted to the situation.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office and Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting the investigation due to a Cudahy officer being involved in the shooting.



  • Patrick

    I live on block away and I’ve heard about 4-5 shots from what sounds like a shotgun. Nothing in the last 25-30 minutes though.

  • Scott

    I can not believe that this has token place 2 blocks away from the school that I attend. I am so glad that we had off today, we could have been on lockdown for a while.

  • Geno

    Really? Armored vehicles, and tactical gear. It probably took longer to jump-start the armored vehicle, and get dressed up like turkey hunters, than the whole “situation” would have taken. You’re telling me that three guys in BP vests couldn’t have taken this guy? If I was the perp, I would sue for violation of the first, second, fourth and possibly fifth ammendments. Merika!

    • Ronnie James Dio

      Feel free to leave at any time. And take all your America-hating liberal buddies with you.

  • "Jane"

    Unless you’re law enforcement, had SWAT training on situations such as this, then shut it! These situations have to be dealt with kid gloves in order to keep EVERYONE safe, including you. You can’t just go running in there blind and shoot first ask questions later. This isn’t the military and we’re at war. Too many people watch too much CSI & COPS, and think they know how to do a law enforcement tatical situation. If you want to be a cop, please, apply for the poisiton.

    • Amy

      Sounds like the only ones watching too many tv shows is CPD. Those apartments are lucky if they are 600 square feet with no place to hide. It was by far a tactical situation. It’s Cudahy for cripes sake. I’ll bet that not one of the guys on the force is even from there. They are using L.A.-style tactics on a wannabe gangsta bohunk little town like Cudahy.

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