Tucson officer to observe Madison crowd control

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MADISON (AP) — A representative from the Tucson, Ariz., Police Department will be in Madison this weekend to watch how officers handle the crowds following Saturday’s Final Four game.

There were no major issues for Madison police when 10,000 fans poured onto State Street after the Badgers beat the Arizona Wildcats last Saturday to advance to the Final Four. Back in Tucson, Wildcat fans clashed with police in riot gear who dispersed the rowdy crowd with pepper spray.

An officer from the Tucson police command staff will observe the way Madison police handle the crowd after Wisconsin plays Kentucky Saturday night for a trip to the national championship game.


  • Police Academy V

    The heck do we need a Tuscon officer in Madison for? Would Madison police be hopeless in a riot situation without him? lol

    If anything, Madison should be well-versed in dealing with large crowds after the whole “Occupy”/Recall Walker fiasco.

    Oh well, whatever keeps the savages in line…

    • Police Academy V

      Actually, I read the story in its entirety. The Tuscon commander dealt with the riots from the Arizona fans. I get that. What I don’t get is how Madison police would feel like they weren’t readily equipped to handle the crowds without his presence. So again, without him would Madison PD be hopeless? I doubt it, which is why I was insinuating his presence wasn’t really necessary.

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