Disappointed Badgers fans spill onto State St. in Madison

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MADISON (WITI) -- Wisconsin Badgers fans poured on to Madison's State St. late Saturday, disappointed their team was not able to pull off a Final Four victory.

Most fans watched the game against Kentucky with friends and celebrated a season of achievement -- leaving peacefully in a stream of red and white.

But as alcohol mixed with adrenaline, some took their frustration and anger into and above the crowd, climbing trees and street signs.

Law enforcement was prepared for anything that might ensue. While it was clear some Badgers fans were being taken into custody, Madison police have not yet released numbers on how many were arrested or cited Saturday.


  • sandy

    I understand you fans are sad but you should be there to still let our team know we are so happy they made it this far. Were vrry proud of them and good job that they all did as a team. We all need to keep our heads up for them and show them we are happy for them of all there hard hard and effort. We love you guys.

  • Hooptie Pete

    Pride is awarded for a championship, not a loss. Sorry you have disgraced us all, and are all banished to Siberia..

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