Body found in Town of Ixonia is that of 23-year-old Milwaukee woman

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JEFFERSON CO. (WITI) -- The body found on March 29th in a cornfield in the Town of Ixonia has been identified as 23-year-old Alejandra Guzman-Flores of Milwaukee.

Alejandra Guzman-Flores

Alejandra Guzman-Flores

Alejandra was last seen by her family on October 5, 2013.

The body was found along a stretch of North Road — six-tenths of a mile south of County Trunk Highway CW.

The man who discovered the body didn’t want to talk with FOX6 News on camera, but says he spotted two crows flying over the area from his car. When he walked into the field, he saw the body. He says there was no clothing on the body except for sandals. He says the body looked like it had been there for awhile.

Friends of Guzman-Flores say the news of her death comes as a complete surprise.

"I was in shock when I heard all this. I mean, I wonder what really happened to her -- and how they found her, that's strange," a friend named "Carmen" told FOX6 News.

Carmen is a childhood friend of Guzman-Flores. She and other long-time friends say they weren't aware Guzman-Flores was missing.

Carmen says she last saw Guzman-Flores this past summer.

"After that, I didn't see her anymore," Carmen said.

Carmen says learning the body is that of Guzman-Flores is upsetting.

"I mean, I was sad. It was sad because she's so young and they don't know what happened to her," Carmen said.

Milwaukee police say Guzman-Flores' family had not reported her missing, but back in 2009, they reported her missing for four days.

FOX6 News spoke briefly with the family on Monday. They said only that they are grieving and are not ready to speak out.

If anyone has information regarding Guzman-Flores' death or had contact with her on or around October 5, 2013, you're strongly urged to call Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Detective Tim Behselich at 920-674-7314.

You may also anonymously call WeTip at 1-800-78-CRIME.


  • Renee Schmitt

    Perhaps she has a habit of disappearing for long periods of time and the family and her may not be close, as sad as that is but in certain families that is the case

  • Stef Sivertsen

    Did anyone even report Alejandra Guzman-Flores missing? How else would the press/public know she was missing to report on it? I wasn’t able to find any information on her other than her body being found.

  • MKE

    The family was under the impression she had move to California with her lover. It was something her father didn’t approve of so they did not talk. NOTHING TO DO WITH BEEN ILLEGAL OR NOT!

  • Mary

    Really Dave. Because of a name you ASSUME that it has to do with legal status. I was unaware that people from Puerto Rico needed permission to be here.

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    You know what, it is disgusting that you would make a comment like that at a time like this. This poor young girl is lost forever. Show her and her family respect at a time like this!

  • yanely

    it sad man I want to school with her and i didnt know that happen to her at all but i seem it on fb so i said to see wat happen and they told me that they found her and i was like was i was sad but i i said is that i hope they found who did it

  • Lupe Flores

    she was my cousin , & my uncle DID report her missing right when we had no clue where she was . Yeah , we had understood she was leaving to California & some people are being “dumb” thinking this had something to do with being illegal ! who would care about that now that she’s gone !

  • Laura S.

    My family owns farmland in Ixonia. Not the same farm where they found Ms. Guzman-Flores (at least, I do not think so…I have not heard anything yet), but it IS very desolate out there. You need a truck or ATV to get around on most of the property once you get past the “big house” and yard. During the winter, no one really ventures out into the cornfields…no reason to. Cornfields are flat and boring. No one really goes out there until spring. So, it is entirely possible that her remains were there for several months and no one knew. That is believable. Now the question is, what was she doing out there if she was from Milwaukee? That is a strange place to end up. Unless you actually know the area, it is basically the middle of nowhere and a tiny afterthought on the map. You have to know how to drive around very rural streets and not get lost (almost impossible, unless you are from there and/or familiar with the area). Start looking at people who are from the area (Oconomowoc, Okauchee, Watertown, Nashota, Pewaukee, ect…). This location is not random. The person who did this is familiar with the area and the fact that no one is going to find this woman’s remains until months later. My guess is that her body was left there during the winter (not buried = ground was frozen) plus heavy snowfall this winter….it HAD TO be someone who knew she would not be found for several months or otherwise they would not have left the remains exposed. This points directly to someone who has some connection to the area.
    My condolences to her friends and family. I hope they catch her assailant. If I can get any info from my family who owns land in Ixonia I will pass the news on to the proper authorities.

  • Gena

    Rip Alejandrita! <3 You will forever be missed ! & I hope they find the sick person who did this to you! I hope there conscious eats them alive!! You didn't deserve this but god is huge and he knows what he has planned for those who harm other people..

  • LUZ

    yo creo q tal vez la llevaro a ese sitio como lo vieron solitario ….son muchas preguntas sin respuestas…esa muchacha era huerfana…y sufrio mucho, tenia deprecion…y la sra q vive con su papa la maltrato mucho …si hubo desacuerdos fue culpa de su fam….si ella se iba de su casa es por q no aguantaba la situacion q estaba viviendo,mas su padre la havia echado de su casa a los 18 años….ahora q no digan lo q no es RIP ALEJANDRA

  • lorena

    Luz: Tu no tienes ningun derecho d estar hablando cosas q con tigo no tiene nada q ver…. cuando tu seas perfecta habla por lo mientras no hables sin saber por favor…

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