Dog named “Beatrice” stolen and burned over 90% of her body

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- She was stolen, set on fire and left to die -- but somehow, she survived. Now, a five-year-old dog is fighting back -- and hopefully on the road to recovery.

WARNING: Some may find the above video disturbing!

The dog's name is Beatrice, and she is a five-year-old mutt from the Humane Society. Just a month ago, she was a loving and healthy dog -- but since she was found on March 24th, her life has been hanging in the balance.

"The first few days were kind of touch and go," Dr. Marla Lichtenberger said.

There is a smile in Beatrice's eyes that shows the sweetness of her personality.

"She's incredible. She's a great dog. Really friendly and just loves everybody," Dr. Lichtenberger said.

It was Beatrice's personality that may have caused her harm on March 13th. She was in the backyard of her Wells Street home with two other dogs.

"The other dog went absolutely crazy, so I ran back to the door and the other dog came in and (Beatrice) was no where to be found," Karen Smith-Burns said.

11 days later, she got a phone call.

"(Beatrice) was seen down at Potawatomi Casino where a concerned person called MADACC to pick her up," Smith-Burns said.

"She was found cold and with burns on all of her body," Lichtenberger said.

"They started an IV to give her fluid. Gave her some pain medicine and covered up her burns," Smith-Burns said.

Beatrice was then taken to the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals -- where Dr. Lichtenberger began to care for her.

"She's going to lose a large part of her skin. She's probably burned about 90% of her body," Lichtenberger said.

Beatrice's skin is falling off, and there are other issues due to the severity of her burns.

"She lost part of her ear because it was burnt until it was charred," Smith-Burns said.

"She's on pain medication. She's on antibiotics. I think our lesions are going to heal," Lichtenberger said.

Meanwhile, the search is on to find the person or persons who would do something like this.

"Animal Fairy Charities, which is a charity program for animals, is putting out a reward to find any information or any tips on the person that did this so we can stop this and find that person," Lichtenberger said.

Beatrice, remarkably, is expected to make a full recovery.

Smith-Burns is an emergency room nurse, who says she is doing everything she can to keep Beatrice comfortable.

If you have any information in this case, you're asked to call Milwaukee police.

If you would like to donate money to help Beatrice, CLICK HERE.



  • Levin Salonga

    Wow I was the person who saw her at the casino on my way to work… I was thinking she got hit by a car. Poor girl :(

    • Laura

      You were her saving grace! I cried when I saw this story on the news at 9pm. I sure hope that they find the sick disgusting monster that did this to her!

    • jacij37

      This dog belongs to my Bff’s mom…all her kids are grown and moved away so her beloved pets is all she has…thank you for helping Beatrice.

    • zan

      Levin, thank you for making the time on the way to work to stop and help this poor little dog. You have a good heart and a helpful soul. The world is full of nice and beautiful people, you are one of them. For every evil act that happens, there’s a light that outshines it. Thank you again. Love and happiness to you and yours.

  • Janice

    Thanks to the person who called for help for her. I hope and pray for Beatrice that she will fully recover. I hope they find who did this and give them life in prison with no parole. They should be responsible to pay for her ongoing medical care from their prison wages.

  • jacij37

    This dog belongs to my BFF’s mom… I feel completely helpless living here in AZ, not being able to help. I am into rescue here in AZ and iy just sickens me as to what people do to defenseless animals. We are supposed to be their providers, protectors and their voice….I pray to God the monster who did this is found and jailed for life. We need stronger penalties for animal abuse. Beatrice is in excellent hands bc my BFF’s mom is a seasoned nurse. Please share this story and help get justice!!!

    • michelle

      Please keep us updated on her recovery and if anyone is found and charged. Hoping for speedy recovery.

      • Karen Burns

        Beatrice is doing very well. She still has a few skin issues, but I am treating those as needed. The person accused of
        burning Beatrice was in court 1 week ago for a preliminary hearing. The charges were NOT dismissed.
        Thank you for your concern.
        Beatrice has a web page started by my daughter. It is called Beatrice-the dog who lived.

    • Karen Burns

      It is hoped that your dog will be safely returned to you. Please check with MADACC because they get many animals everyday. You might also want to check with some of the smaller rescue groups in case thay might have taken her in.

  • Levin Salonga

    Yeah when I found her all she wanted was someone to help her. She was so smart when I called her over and told her to sit, she didn’t move the whole time we waited for someone to come get her. I was thinking she got hit by a car since she had open cuts and smelled like oil. I’m happy to see she’s getting help… Let’s find whoever did this

  • Elton Smiley


  • Nikki

    To Brandon Cruz: Can you confirm details about how concerned individuals can help? Is there a specific way to send donations to help with Beatrice’s care?

  • Vladimir Putin

    Sounds like the work of a jealous psycho ex. People don’t just go around stealing and torching pets for no reason…

  • Jeanette

    SAD!! Someone knows who did this and they need to come forward!! Protecting the cruel, heartless person(s) that did this is just wrong!! Someone who treats an innocent animal this way would also treat a child or other helpless person this way. They need to be locked up. Community members need to stand against this nonsense. Its a great thing we also have wonderful, helping citizens.

  • Donna Campbell

    As much as I hate to think about it, in many cases it is kids/teens “having fun” and it truly breaks my heart!

  • TJ

    This article made me tear up. I hate seeing stuff like this! I can’t wrap my head around why people do this to animals! They do nothing but love unconditionally and to treat them like that makes me so angry! I hope they find the jerks who did that…

  • Mary S

    I wish the sweet girl all the best in her road to recovery. Love and kisses to her.
    Such a senseless thing to happen to an innocent pup.

  • karen Burns

    Thank you to all who have voiced your concern for Beatrice. Especially thank you to Levin, who got help for Bea. (I found out from a friend of a friend, etc. where you worked, but I did not know your name until you posted.)
    Beatrice is still recovering, but we are definitely having some ups and downs. It will be a long time until she is well, but she will never have the same body. Her personality still shines through. She will always be loved and have a good home as long as she lives.

  • Perra Peca

    Bless you, Levin, for stopping to help Beatrice. You saved her life! And Beatrice is lucky to have a mom like you, Karen. She will get better under your watchful eye…Thanks for making me aware of Animal Fairies, and the good work they do. But people, beware! There are criminals looking for easy ways to procure animals to abuse and torture, they will lure pets from yards (like Beatrice), and they will troll want ads and Craig’s List posing as people wanting to adopt pets (google puppy doe). The animal welfare laws are antiquated and do not reflect changing attitudes and awareness of animals’ sentience and rights and need to be changed (google wisconsin voters for companion animals)! Remember, people who abuse and torture animals will likely do the same to people someday… Anyone remember Jeffrey Dahmer? ‘Nuff said!

  • gloria

    Im appalled at how sic ppl are! I have 4 rescued dogs and they r my life.'(my children take a back seat! Bless u for yr love , I am sure Beatrice will return love and loyalty to the lucky one who gets to adopt her. Praying 4 a quick and full recovery,,! Wish it cld be me but S.A. is too far.!

    • Karen Burns

      Thank you for your concern. Beatrice has only two, relatively small, open patches left. Meanwhile, she is back to most of her old tricks. She will have to wear a shirt or sweater most of the time because the fur will not grow back over a large part of her body.

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