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English teacher has brilliant response to student’s profane letter

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(WITI) — An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) had the perfect response to a profane letter that was found taped to the door of their classroom, according to a posting on Reddit.

The 101-word letter sent from a student, tells the teacher, after some profanity, “I’m pretty much out.”

How did the teacher respond? By correcting all of the student’s mistakes.

The English teacher corrected the letter in red marker, noting every grammatical error.

At the bottom, the teacher concluded with this message: “*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”

See the letter below. Note: Some readers might find some of the language offensive.

Teacher corrects profane letter



      Really? if you have a student who doesnt want to learn – which is clearly the case here – how is that a failing of the teacher?

  • WhisperingMoon

    I would consider that a major fail of the parents of that child for not teaching that child to be respectful of the teacher. I would also consider that a major fail of the child who chose not to pay attention in school and learn the things that were being taught. After that then I would say major fail of the school system for allowing that child to pass to the next grade level when obviously that child was not ready to move on.

    • Jrsp

      This is what No Child Left Behind looks like. Definitely a misnomer as many children are left behind, not grade wise but education wise. Teachers are hamstrung by the law.

  • Sally Marquartt

    I’m going to agree with the replies to the comment…and add that this child might have some other issues. “You’re a pretty cool teacher…followed by F— you…” That screams neurosis. I’m going to suggest mental health help for the child.

  • Very Scary World

    It’s not our job to remember what it’s like “to be youth”.
    It’s our job to teach you how to live in the adult world. We’ve lived life, worked jobs, dealt with things you can’t begin to understand.
    In your short lived life, there are many things you still don’t understand, and one of those things is that one day you’ll be an adult. And if you have the attitude of this kid that wrote the letter, you’ll never make it.

  • William Hall VIII

    I won’t tell my little daughter at age 2 that she’s got to start working, that the best years of her life are over, and that it’s time to be an adult.
    This is obvious. And it relates.
    As an adult put in responsibility over children, your job is to help them grow confidently into the responsibility of adulthood. However, you are a blabbering hag unless you can relate. If you cannot enter the world of youth, you cannot outreach. You cannot inspire and cause revelations. You cannot light the fire or send out a message to hit home in their hearts.
    At 20, I realize I am still a kid. Even though I’ve been working since I was 16, I know my 4 years of experience in different jobs and meeting all these people may seem like a lot to me, but that it is nothing compared to even 10 years. One of many things I will always remember from High School and even middle school is the many suicidal people that I know, even at this age. Those that get overstressed and begin to act out. These aren’t bad children. These are children that feel estranged to adults, that don’t feel like you would understand. Because it’s “not [your] job”.
    Unlearn that entering adulthood is leaving youth behind. Learn the difference between an “attitude” and a reaction brought on.

    • Very Scary World

      You had a kid at 18? You are still child as you say. I have 2 girls, age 6 and 9. They both excel in school. I wasn’t putting the responsibility on the child, I was putting it on the adult, but the post I was replying to was a child acting like a spoiled brat, just like the one that wrote the letter.

      My children are stable because my wife and I decided that only one of us would work, the other would be there ALL THE TIME for the children. This gives them stability, comfort, a sense of importance. Yes, the letter is actually a fault of the parent, but the main reason is lack of discipline.

      I never would tell you to start teaching a 2 year old to be like an adult or get ready to be one, this story is about a high school kid. This is where you, being only 20, are short sited and self absorbed, you seen this as an attack at you, it wasn’t. I was getting at a point that too many parents want to be friends with their kids, that don’t work. You said “As an adult put in responsibility over children, your job is to help them grow confidently into the responsibility of adulthood. “, what do you think it meant when I said “It’s our job to teach you how to live in the adult world”, it’s the same thing, so don’t take this as an attack.

  • John Paul Goins

    tHE MOST IMPORTANT CURRICULUM THAT THAT EDUCATOR TEACHES WOULD BE THE STANDARDIZED TEST THAT THEIR JOB PERFORMANCE IS JUDGED ON. Don’t fool yourself for a minute by thinking that the instructor has time to actually teach English 4 curriculum….that comes in an optional second to ther required curriculum to “prepare” our students for the STAAR or TAKS or what have you. Your childrens’ teachers are hired and fired based on how the class falls within the test scores of the school and if the school ends up with an exemplary rating. Someone else said it–plain and simple–No Child Left Behind.
    Post secondary reaction? Remove some STEM courses from the Associate’s degrees and trim them down to NO MORE THAN 60 CREDIT HOURS, AND OUR BATCHELOR’S TO NO MORE THAN 120 HOURS. Let’s dumb them down too. Parents–I urge you to challenge your school to rise above! The new math is allowing our students to estimate their answers! There is no need for the specifics…please research your standardized testing! Download a home prep test and take it. IT WILL DISGUST YOU.

  • Graham Van Dixhorn

    Meanwhile, the article writer managed a grammatical mistake in his or her very first sentence. “An English teacher (singular) . . . taped to the door of their (plural) classroom.” Oops! Perhaps the student letter writer can get a job with Fox News Milwaukee?

  • Tom Milkowski

    Just browse some random Facebook comments. Many of them show just as much illiteracy as this kid’s letter … and many are written by adults, not necessarily kids! We have become a relatively dumb society.

  • Amy

    Tom, you are right about becoming a dumb society. I see it everyday on FB. People can’t spell but yet they graduate from high school and even college. It is a sad world we live in. As far as the kid being disrespectful, really let’s just make excuses for him. That’s what is wrong with our society. We can’t make the kids own up to what they do wrong. We have to make excuses for them. I grew up in a not so good life even after being adopted into what was supposed to be a “loving” family. I never had anyone make excuses for me. Oh, wait I was never a disrespectful brat that thought it was cool to disrespect adults or my teachers.

  • Lisa

    Seriously? A senior wanting to blow off the rest of his senior year is a cause for investigation in the home life? i think you may be the one who has forgotten what it is like to be a teenager.


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