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Excessive force case against former MPD officer in hands of jury

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Rodney Lloyd

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — FOX6 News has learned the jury has the case against a former Milwaukee police officer who was fired after accusations he used excessive force on a prisoner.

Officer Rodney Lloyd brought in Alejandro Lafreniere to the District 2 booking room after a domestic violence arrest.

“He would then use racial slurs at me. Call me ‘boy.’ There were times he would use obscene and despicable comments about my wife and family,” Lloyd said in court on Tuesday, April 8th.

Lloyd said he let those comments roll off his back — but then felt Lafreniere was threatening him.

“He would stare me down and lean forward and told me he was going to take me out,” Lloyd said.

The video shows Lloyd’s reaction to the perceived threat.

In the video, Lloyd is seen driving the man’s head into a concrete block wall.

The video also recorded sound. When the man asked Lloyd why he did that, Lloyd allegedly said it was because the man had earlier said something to the effect that he could take Lloyd out.

An Internal Affairs investigation concluded Lloyd had used excessive force. The information was sent to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office which then charged Lloyd.

In court Tuesday, there was a back-and-forth between Lloyd and the deputy district attorney prosecuting the case.

PROSECUTOR: “Did you intend for his head to hit the wall?”

LLOYD: “No sir, I didn’t.”

PROSECUTOR: “Did you intend to do him harm in any way?”

LLOYD: “No sir.”

PROSECUTOR: “Did you intend to use more than the necessary force to get him into booking?”

LLOYD: :No sir.”

PROSECUTOR: “Why didn’t you call for another officer?”

LLOYD: “There were no other officers around sir.”

PROSECUTOR: “Why didn’t you radio for help?”

LLOYD: “My radio was turned off and it would have taken too long. I would have to notify the district and have to wait for officers to respond to the district.”

The jury is expected to get the case very soon.

In a separate proceeding, Lloyd is appealing his firing from the Milwaukee Police Department.

Reports say Lafreniere did not have permanent damage as a result of the incident.

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