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Man arrested after dog stolen & burned; Beatrice needs your help

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On Monday, April 7th, FOX6 News introduced you to Beatrice -- a dog that had been stolen and burned over 90 percent of her body. A local charity is trying to do everything it can to help Beatrice and her owner as she recovers and her medical bills mount.

The horrific cruelty that Beatrice endured and is working to recover from has touched many people. That includes a local woman who created Animal Fairy Charities -- an organization set up to help animal welfare non-profit organizations.

"She reminds me of the little eighth wonder," Debra Lopez said of Beatrice.

Beatrice is a five-year-old mixed-breed dog whom, despite being burned over 90 percent of her body, still has the ability to light up a room.

"I took a look at Beatrice and I mean, I was amazed. She was so happy," Lopez said.

Soon after Beatrice arrived at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals, Lopez was brought in.

"I met Beatrice and her owner and I was floored. I could not believe somebody could do such a thing," Lopez said.

Beatrice was stolen from her very own backyard on March 13th. She was found 11 days later near Potawatomi Bingo Casino cold, with most of her body badly burned.

"I fell in love and I thought, you know, we have to find the person that did this, person or persons," Lopez said.

Lopez founded Animal Fairy Charities back in 2007. It's an organization formed to help animal welfare non-profit organizations.

"I thought we could help by putting out a reward for the perpetrators that did this," Lopez said.

Quickly, it grew into something much bigger.

"People just started calling and said 'how do we help Beatrice?'" Lopez said.

Lopez says money began pouring in.

"From California to Florida, New York, a lot in Wisconsin -- she's just touched so many people," Lopez said.

On Wednesday, Milwaukee police confirmed with FOX6 News a 21-year-old man has been arrested for stealing Beatrice.

"It's scary because research tells us there's a pattern. If people hurt animals that leads to also hurting people," Lopez said.

As the investigation continues, so does Beatrice's recovery, which is going to take at least a few months.

"I see people come together for animals who are abused, but I've never seen anything like this. I mean just phenomenal," Lopez said.

The person arrested has not yet been charged in the case.

Beatrice was said to be doing okay on Wednesday -- but she is said to be very tired.

If you would like to help Beatrice, please CLICK HERE.


  • Andrew

    I’m sure you’ll be following this story until jail time. Pictures and names of this upstanding citizen, please.

  • Barbara Jo Denman

    I cannot imagine the suffering that poor dog endured with 90% of her body being burned like that. Touching story… but my question is who in their right mind would let and animal suffer like that by keeping it alive under those conditions? I could NEVER let my beloved pets endure the pain of trying to keep them alive like that. It must have been unbearable. Why did they make her suffer like that? Sometimes you need to know when to let go. Very unfortunate, but why not let her go peacefully. Imagine the pain she was in.

    • Karen Burns

      Beatrice has such a strong will to stay alive. After surviving unthikable torture, I could not bear to have her euthenized. She seemed grateful to anyone trying to help her or paying attention to her. From the time she was taken to MADACC, she has been given pain medication. At MECA, and during her stays at home, she has been given pain medication around the clock. She is getting plenty of food and treats, as well as
      some excercise and other therapy. Her prognosis is good as long as she continues with her treatments. Her comfort is a priority.
      I was surprised when the news media picked up her story. I was willing to take on all responsibility for her care, but the donations, thoughts, and prayers are all appreciated.

    • Nicole

      They definitely had little Beatrice on some very good pain meds! I was at MADACC when Beatrice’s mommy came to pick her up!

  • Mary S

    Looking at the new photos of her – I can see it in her eyes that she has the will to live. She survived alone after the incident and she did not give up.

  • Ken S.

    Sadly, this type of abuse is committed by scum who only understand one feeling, RAGE. It’s an emotion easily satisfied by abusing those who cannot protect themselves. It starts with animals and leads to people. That’s not conjecture. It’s a fact. As an owner of 3 little dogs, the RAGE which would consume me had this happened to my pets could not be contained. There is NO LEGAL JUSTICE SYSTEM in place to protect these animals. These “punks” need to be dealt with through the only thing they understand, PAIN. I am the person those who commit these crimes prays they never meet. .They would endure a similar fate to the actions they perpetrated. No trial, no say, no chance, and with no remorse.

  • Tina

    Please keep on the investigation of Beatrice! This person needs to be locked up for EVER! GOD HELP BEATRICE !

  • Karen

    This person needs to pay BIG TIME needs PICTURE AND NAME.This person needs to feel that pain of suffering and be put in a fire like that sweet little puppy.Did it go in a car first or what?WE NEED ALL THE DETAILS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cathy

    Do to him what he did to her,, There is no justice! I wish for Beatrice all the love in the world

  • anonymous

    I am reading these comments and you people sicken me
    Are you guys even human
    Just because someone does one bad mistake means that he should get maximum sentence or death?
    What is wrong with you people?
    None of you is no better than he is
    And to follow this story means that your pathetic
    It was just a stupid dog, your acting like he committed murder
    Get a life, all of you

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