Chief Flynn: “Help us save a life” by turning in those with illegal guns

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn made an impassioned plea during a news conference on Thursday, April 10th to get illegal guns off the streets.

The news conference was prompted by the non-fatal shooting of a two-year-old boy near 4th and Keefe late Wednesday. The child was inside of a home when shots were fired outside, penetrated the walls of the home and struck the child in the back. The child is being treated at a hospital.

Mayor Barrett said it is time for the citizens of Milwaukee to "step up and help out our police department." He said if anyone knows people with illegal guns, they need to turn those people in. "If you have a son, if you have a neighbor, a boyfriend who cannot legally own a gun," Barrett urged them to turn those people in to the police department.

Chief Flynn says the shooting of the child is a "tragic and horrific" situation. He indicated the department's investigation shows the shooting may have nothing to do with the family affected by the gunfire; it may be a circumstance of someone retaliating against someone who they believed was in the house that was fired upon.

Chief Flynn said between 80 and 85 percent of victims of crime have criminal records themselves. He also said more than 90 percent of suspects have criminal records.

Flynn is calling upon legislators and Gov. Scott Walker to take action and beef up the penalty for having a gun illegally.

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    • james

      Attention criminals, please stop being criminals. That is all.
      Thanks Dumb and Dumber. Totally, that is why Milwaukee is Milwaukee, no leadership skills what so ever, cheating flynn and barrett need to step down like yesterday.

  • cynic

    “Chief Flynn said between 80 and 85 percent of victims of crime have criminal records themselves. He also said more than 90 percent of suspects have criminal records.”

    So if the victims AND the suspects already have criminal records, then why aren’t either of them already in jail and not out shooting and getting shot at? It’s because the Milwaukee judicial system is a joke and a revolving door for low-lifes. Prosecutors add illegal firearm possession enhancers to the other primary charges, and then plea bargain them away thus reducing the sentences for violent criminals and getting them back to work asap.

  • bderk.

    yea okay Flynn, when we do call for help in regards to idiots threatening with guns, we get no response. yet you want us to turn folks in. I have complained to third district police in regards to threats made to my life and my kids ( shooting) yet we were told by your officers that they were unable to do anything, it was only a threat. I will do what I have to do to protect my family from idiots like what we have running around in Milwaukee. I work and live in this city and I will not be afraid to have my child walk to the store or bus stop!!!!

  • Steven

    wow Flynn go F yourself you commie scumbag!! yeah ok the black community is gonna snitch on themselves…really< lets blame guns??thats your arguement? hows that working out for you so far, you are NOT part of the solution, you are PART of the problem. THANK GOD!! for the 2nd !! when seconds count the MPD are maybe minutes away…sounds like you dumba$$es are going to have your hands full this summer, instead of asking for a help from the Gov, you might want to get some backup from the feds and start a curfew on the Nside of town

  • Captain Obvious

    I have nooo problem turning anyone in with an illegal gun, but i don’t hang around criminals so i’d probably be no help. I have a question though…for the people your asking to turn in others, what will you guys do to protect them? Because i’m sure if they snitch they will end up in a ditch and that’s probably why the police get no help from the community…to much violence, not enough help to protect them.

  • Concerned citizen


  • Tashsheba Monicas Lincoln

    You alls thinks wes bee snitchin likes the rev al sharptons? hells noe! Why we just gotta lets wandering dicky flynn and da milwk D A’s drop da charges of convicted felon in possessions of a firearms on each of us that gets caught!

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